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#15040 worksforme Cannot customize css of a single autocomplete combobox pull-down list dbeusee

I have several autocomplete comboboxes on my site, some of which are using a different font. But when the list comes up, it is using the default size which can only be customized with class combobox-context-menu. jquery-ui does not add the name or id of my SELECT element to the list, so I have no way to customize just that list. I would like jquery-ui to add my name and/or id so that I can have custom css for just that list and not all others. Currently it uses something like ui-id-2. I have no way to determine this id. I'd like it to take the id of the SELECT element and add -ui-ul to it (or something like that). So for instance, if I have id="newcc" on my SELECT element, the UL element generated by jquery-ui should use id="newcc-ui-ul".

#15036 duplicate jQuery CheckboxRadio Does Not Work With Cloned Dialogs robinwilson16


I have just tried out the new jQuery CheckboxRadio controls which work fine on their own and even in a jQueryUI Dialog control.

However when you clone the jQuery Dialog these controls do not work correctly (other jQuery controls do) and I can find no workaround. Basically you cannot check or uncheck them and if checked already then when you hover over the button you see an up arrow rather than a checkmark as you would normally.

I have created a jsFiddle to demonstrate the problem here:

If you uncomment the two lines and comment the 2 below so the dialog is not cloned the code works as it should (switching the one for the dialog and the checkboxes).

Also if you switch only the checkbox lines then you end up with two checkboxes appearing for each one and although they appear checked and unchecked they are not actually updating the underlying checkbox correctly.

#15035 duplicate npm package does not contain minified files Filip Hurta

The bower package contains them so I expect this is bug.

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