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#15034 fixed Menu items are indefinitely-clickable Scott González Yegor

Menu and sub-menu items can be clicked indefinitely, and the menu won't hide as long as you click quickly enough.

In a likely scenario, the user can accidentally double-click an item in a sub-/dropdown menu and both clicks will fire the 'select' event, which is not how menus usually work, i.e. you can't use the same item without re-opening the menu.

Try it here:

#15032 notabug bug: Datepicker alternate field, un-populate Ruth-Cantoni


Datepicker, use of an alternate field. When a date is chosen, the alternate date field is populated. When the date field becomes empty (by clicking into the text input, selecting its whole text value and deleting it) then the alternate date field retains its previous value. I would expect it to become empty too. The browsers I've used to test are Safari 9.1.1 and Chrome 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit) on mac os x 10.10.5

Link to test case

#15031 fixed Impossible to select a numerical value using the numpad (numercial pad on the right side of the keyboard) Scott González romain-granai

Impossible to select a numerical value using the numpad.

Demo :

How to reproduce the issue :

Bug :

  • Nothing is happening

Result expected :

  • The related option is focused/selected as normal behavior of a select.
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