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#15029 wontfix Autocomplete focus in dialog Blipz

When using an Autocomplete field inside a Dialog, we can encounter some strange behavior where the focus event seems to conflict with the selection.


Steps to reproduce:

  • Click on the input field
  • Start typing "ja"
  • Select "javascript" with a mouse click (not the keyboard)

The click will not have any effect almost every time.

This problem has appeared since 1.12.0 (I guess it is related to commit 581bfb55bf4f4f614a6e0c0ac545cf1aa7d29d0a).

By the way, the documentation says:

By giving an Autocomplete field focus or entering something into it, the plugin starts searching for entries that match and displays a list of values to choose from.

but the focusing does not trigger a search (hence the forced event binding in the example).

#15028 notabug define is not defined Pat Long

I have installed jquery-ui via bower and I am only including a subset of the components: core.js, widget.js, mouse.js, sortable.js

After updating to 1.12 I receive the error:

core.js:3 Uncaught ReferenceError: define is not defined

#15027 notabug "dist" folder not created while doing a npm install santa

Hi Team,

Followed the steps, npm install jquery-ui --save

But, the extracted node_modules/jquery-ui/ doesn't have dist folder.

How do I access the core minified file?

Do I need to alway do import 'jquery-ui/themes/base/datepicker.css'; import 'jquery-ui/ui/widgets/datepicker.js';

to get a datepicker widget?

please correct me if am wrong? As a simple --> import 'jquery-ui'; is not working for me.

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