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#15026 duplicate Datepicker - Date disaplyed is not the date chosen herders

This is an interesting bug

When viewing the the textbox calendar shows Aug 1950 as the date in the drop downs, when I choose a date the date chosen is the day and month selected but the year is this year. When changing the month the same behaviour, although when changing the year the year renders properly

Thanks for your consideration

#15025 wontfix Include dist/ in git repo Steven Chadwick

Please include the latest build in jquery/jquery-ui. I am using npm to install jquery-ui as a frontend dependency, and do not have the option of building it myself during installation. Most other front-end libraries include the latest release in their repos (jquery, bootstrap, lodash, moment, etc..)

#15024 notabug Controlgroup: Incorrect corner classes if hidden during initialization chatis


I use controlgroup in collapsible accordion... The first opened accordion work well and the corner are runded for controlgroup..

But when I open an other one, controlgroup aren't collapsible anymore..

I have creat a test here :

You can check that this is not working well

Thanl you

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