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#15020 notabug I don't know how to use sortable with the npm v1.12.0 gajuro gajuro

With v1.10.5 all I do is:

$ = require('jquery')
require "jquery-ui/sortable"

With v1.12.0 I've tried:

$ = require('jquery')
require "jquery-ui/ui/widgets/sortable"

It doesn't work.

#15019 fixed Widget instance does not return undefined for empty jQuery collection Scott González Victor Homyakov

Current versions of jQuery UI return following values for widget instance:

  • When widget is initialized: widget instance
  • When widget is not initialized: undefined
  • When jQuery collection is empty: empty jQuery collection

This is a bit misleading because as stated in, if the element does not have an associated instance, undefined is returned. I ran into that problem in single-page application, while I was simply checking for non-undefined widget instance before calling widget methods. In case when DOM element is missing, additional check is required.

#15017 duplicate Checkboxradio: Checkbox icon disappears when not hovered Scott González

If you check a checkbox, the checkmark shows up, but then disappears when the pointer is no longer hovering over the button. The checkmark re-appears when hovered again.

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