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#3829 fixed examples broken (all demos use 1.3) 4pcbr

Here is smthng wrong at the doc page:

When first div is dropped, second don't append any text/

The reason is core 1.3 release ?

#7494 notabug IE9 Issue : Jquery modal dialog is navigating to incorrect virtual directory path 8over8development

Hi All,

I hope you may be able to help and more importantly i will be able to accurately describe the issue we are having...

We have 2 pages 1 containing a call to open a dialog to the 2nd page, the 1st page is a grid page displaying details of an entity and the 2nd page is a lookup screen for users.

Page 1 calls from a button click to a javascript function [function addBuyer()] which opens Page 2 as the user lookup. When the buyers have been added the popup Page 2 then does the following:

dialog.returnValue = buyers; dialog.close();

This then fires a function we have on the parent opening page [function onDialogClose()] which performs a refresh on page 1 to display the most recent table of users. In this javascript function there is a call to navigate using document.location to a page [ApprovalGroupMaintain_AddUser] within the same directory as Page 1 in order to add the users (information passed in the url string and encoded). This is where the problem arises in IE 9 in that it is attempting to find the action page [ApprovalGroupMaintain_AddUser] in the directory of Page 2 rather than as expected in the directory of the parent page (Page 1).

Hopefully that is clear enough, the file paths are as follows for a little more clarity:

Page 1 C:\WebRoot\VirtualDirectory\SystemAdmin\ApprovalGroups\ApprovalGroupMaintain.aspx [Parent Page] Page 2 C:\WebRoot\VirtualDirectory\Team\Search\BuyerSearchPopup.aspx [User Lookup Page] Action Page C:\WebRoot\VirtualDirectory\SystemAdmin\ApprovalGroups\ApprovalGroupMaintain_AddUsers.aspx [Action Page]

We are using jQuery version [jquery-1.4.1.min.js] with [Dialog.js] and jQuery UI version [jquery-ui-1.7.2.custom.min.js]...

Hope someone can help...



#8598 worksforme Bridge function always returns false or this in jquery.ui.widget.js. ABrel

Please,look in jquery.ui.widget.js at $.widget.bridge function and the following code inside it: if ( methodValue !== instance && methodValue !== undefined ) { returnValue = methodValue; return false; } That code makes any function call to widget through bridge to return false or this(instance). I suggest to return returnValue instead of false or comment out the return here.

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