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#15242 notabug Doesn't apply names to autocomplete/combobox elements, therefore will only validate first one sbaker7

Hi there,

Tested even on the demos on the jqueryui site; because no name is applied to the input field for the autocomplete, if there are multiple autocompletes in a form, it will only validate the first one. Needs to apply either id or name of the parent field to the input so it will validate more than one input box.

#15237 duplicate bug: Autocomplete 1.12.0 and 1.12.1 - suggestions slowing down until it hangs webbrowser mariotherealone

Hi guys.

I've notice serious problem with autocomplete.

It gets slower and slower with every suggestion even if I don't deliver data from an ajax call

@1.12.0 After few key downs autocomplete loads longer and longer (even if this is same data) @1.12.1 After few key downs autocomplete eats so many resources that even highlighting suggested items is very laggy. After few clicks you have to close webbrowser.

It works ok in 1.11.4 for example.

Tested on chrome Version 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit) Windows 10 Home


#15233 notabug Selectmenu strips all options but the visible one Lothar Bongartz,

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the following problem in a fiddle. On the page I use several selects. Quite often, I can't open up a selection. This happens out of the sudden and there is no certain way to reproduce it. The console doesn't show an error. When I inspect the element with the debugger, I can see, that the option-list contains the visible option only. For this reason, the dropdown list can't open - there are no other options to show. When this happens, all ui selects are affected. Even when I create a new selectmenu from scratch (within a new dialog), it comes with the problem right from the beginning.

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