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#4967 invalid Selectable: Using distance > 0 causes webkit browsers to select text IanLewis IanLewis

When setting the distance parameter to something greater than 0, webkit based browsers will interpret the movement from the point where the mouse was clicked until the distance was reached as selecting text.

#4986 invalid Draggable disable text selection of input btlagutoli btlagutoli

Hello friends, I identified a problem in the class ui-draggable.js, she is disabling text selection within a textarea input and ex. I have a textarea and I want to select all the text that in, if I call this class do not have time, so I tried using the command $ (. "selector"). draggable ( 'destroy'), but I still can not select the dntro text of textarea.

#5012 invalid sortable in "overflow: auto;" block won't refresh connectedList's cached position othree othree


Both connect sortable list are in an "overflow:auto;" div block.
If I scroll down and drag "20" in left list to the right list (scroll up).
While mouse move over the right list.
It looks like that mouseover event didn't occur (because of cached position don't refresh).

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