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#10069 duplicate wrong calculation of dialog content width and height with css theme "start" nico nico

It seems that problem occurs with theme "start" because I could not make a jsFiddle showing it. My dialog is very simple, At the click of the user I load content from the server.

HTML code :

<div id="dialog"></div>
        <a href="" class="dialogify" title="Configuration de l'application">Configuration</a>

JS code :

        autoOpen: false
    $(".dialogify").on("click", function(e) {
        var title = this.title;
        $("#dialog").dialog("option", "title", "Loading...").dialog("open");
        $("#dialog").load(this.href, function() {
            $(this).dialog("option", "title", title);

The issue is that each time I resize the dialog, the content of the dialog loses space. The workaround I found is to set the following CSS :

#dialog {
    padding: 3.5px;

Then the content of the dialog is correctly resized.

#8244 duplicate with jQuery 1.7.2 - iframe inside jquery dialog reloads content multiple times Zwonimir

Hi all! I discovered this bug and somebody else on the net has the same problem but he didn't solve it:

i have an iframe inside a jquery dialog, and the dialog has some flashy animations when showed and hided:

$('#dialog_div').dialog({ autoOpen: false
, modal: true, show: 'clip', hide: 'clip', width: 600, height: 350});

$('#dialog_iframe').attr('src', 'content.aspx');

the problem is that the page "content.aspx" loads two times when I open the dialog and two times when I close the dialog with the command "$('#dialog_div').dialog('close');".

I found that the problem is the animation applied on the dialog, because if I remark the options "show: 'clip', hide: 'clip'," of the dialog the iframe fires only one time when I show the dialog.

Thanks! Zwonimir

#4922 fixed window.location.reload() doesn't work in dialog's close callback when it's triggered by ESC in Firefox bohdan.ganicky


  close: function() {

expected behavior:

  • when I press ESC on focused dialog, dialog is closed and page is reloaded
  • when I click close (X) button on dialog's header, dialog is closed and page is reloaded

actual behavior:

  • dialog is closed but page IS NOT reloaded when I press ESC in Firefox
  • dialog is closed and page is reloaded properly when I click close (X) button on dialog's header


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