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#8981 invalid jQueryUI 1.10 - Dialog Widget Carsten_Groth Carsten_Groth

Opening Dialog Widget Sample with IE9 creates

Message: Unknown. Line: 9782 Item: 3 Code: 0 URI:

#8945 invalid Incrementing the NEXT spinner to the max value. Chris_43 Chris_43

I found a non-reproducible, recurring, disappearing bug.

I have a line of spinners in table cells. How and then, when I clicked outside of the just changed spinner, the next one in the line would increment, observably one (fast) step at a time, until it hit the max value. I was debugging my code at the time. My code is now running correctly (I hope...) and it hasn't happened since everything else got cleaned up.

I have been a 'code slinger' (off and on) since 1960. I feel your pain.


#4527 worksforme Stacked overlays cause odd behavior in WebKit-based browsers Christopher Christopher

When nesting dialogs in WebKit-based browsers and you close a dialog stacked on top of another, you get odd behavior: you can click on the buttons, but any <input>'s are not clickable and <select> elements will not open (but seem to register that they are being clicked on).

This could potentially be a browser issue, but maybe the z-indices being backwards has something to do with it. Mine become backwards because the generated dialog elements are only generated once and the z-index never changes, but the newly generated overlays are incremented, so it will eventually even become higher than the z-index of the topmost dialog, even though you can interact with the topmost dialog.

If you close all the dialogs and reopen them, then they will all become clickable again, even with backwards z-indices.

Tested in Safari 4 Beta and Google Chrome on Windows XP. Works as expected in Firefox 3.0.10.

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