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#5018 invalid Bug in Internet Explorer 8 when sorting list in a list AD1ctive AD1ctive

Hey everyone!

I've created a site with a sortable list using jquery ui. The list, however, doesn't only consist of one list but may have a child list, e.g.:


When dragging a row in a sublist, the row of the parent list is being dragged as well. This only occurs in Internet Explorer. A demo can be found here:

Thanks for your help! ;-)

#7452 notabug dragstart event is triggered for disabled draggables AD7six

As shown in this image:

the dragstart event of a disabled draggable is still triggered.

For completeness (and in the event the image is deleted in the future) this code:

    .bind('dragstart', function() { alert("You started dragging"); } );

Will display an alert if you attempt to drag #draggable.

I'm not sure if this is by design, but it was certainly unexpected. So, either a documentation fix, me-education, or a code change appears to be in order :)

#4781 duplicate Patch: force draggable's containment property to update during drag AJI

The containment property for a draggable cannot be changed while the element is being dragged. This patch resets the containment during the drag.

Use case: a draggable element mimics a slider on a horizontal graph that can be stretched. When the draggable reaches one end of the graph, the graph widens. The slider is custom contained to the left half of the graph.

If the slider element widens the graph, its containment area will appear to shrink.

With this patch, client code can recalculate the containment area during the drag so that the containment area is maintained at half of the total width.

Patch for ui.draggable.js.

        _mouseDrag: function(event, noPropagation) {

            /// PATCH START ///
            var o = this.options;
            //Set a containment if given in the options
            if (o.containment)
            //Recache the helper size
            /// PATCH END ///

            //Compute the helpers position
            this.position = this._generatePosition(event);
            this.positionAbs = this._convertPositionTo("absolute");

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