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#5189 invalid Draggable has a few issues when connecting to more than one sortable Kronuz Kronuz

Then you connect a draggable to two sortable lists, at least three things happen that shouldn't:

Firstly, a stop event is sent whenever you drag out of the sortable (even when you drag to other sortable), which is inconsistent with the way sortables work.

Secondly, the sortables start losing the "revert" animation when you drag the draggable item out of the sortables.

Finally, if you drag the draggable around to more than one sortable before dropping the item into one of those sortables, you get a "revert" animation that goes to the draggable's point of origin before "reverting" back to the dropping place in the sortable.

These problems happen too when you use version 1.7 (I believe)

I've put together a test case here:

#5231 invalid resizable: shrinks a little when starting to resize slowly in IE8 garcia.narbona garcia.narbona


Sample page zip:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. mousedown on the resize handle
  2. move very slowly just one or two pixels SE

expected: element resizes one or two pixels SE

actual: element resizes one or two pixels NW

This is especially bad when combined with the grid option because each if it happens just once you're no longer aligned to the grid.

#5322 invalid Sortable: helper position is messed up when axis is used paul paul

When the axis option is used, the _mouseDrag ignored either setting left or the top property of the helper right now. This worked for draggable, but in sortable, we forcefully set the helper position to "absolute", so this causes a change in position.

Fix is to rather than ignoring the setting, set the position to this.originalPosition.

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