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#6736 fixed Effects: Bugs with dir=rtl and position.right ALLPRO

The slide effect - .hide('slide') / .show('slide') - does not work under these conditions:

1) BODY or container-element has: dir="rtl"

2) Effect-element has: position: absolute;

3) Effect-element has: right: 5px; (any value)

In this circumstance: On hide() the element's size fluctuates slightly and then it disappears; The reverse happens on show().

If EITHER the 'rtl' or 'right' values are removed, everything works fine.

This affects ALL versions of jQuery and UI, including jQ 1.4.4 and UI 1.8.6. I tested only in IE7/8 and Chrome - it is identical in both browsers. I assume other browsers will react the same way.

Here is a demo page that shows the issue...


A 'left' position is assigned when this effect starts. At the same time, the 'right' position should be removed (after saving it). When the animation completes, reset the right position to its previous value.

The demo page simulates this fix. It can be enabled & disabled using the button at the top of the page.

As far as I know, this CSS modification could be applied without problem under ALL conditions, for all animations, since the effects module always calculates everything *from the left*.

#9382 notabug Widget array member property (non-option) shared between instances AMA3AMA3

When a widget is defined having an array as a (non-option) member, the member is shared between instances. When defined as null and then assigned to an array in _create, each instance gets its own.

Happens w/jQUI 1.10.3 in IE10, FF21, Chrome 27 and Opera 12.15. Also happens in the jsfiddle using jQUI 1.9.2.

This is somewhat similar to #8645 but does not involve options; therefore, I believe that this issue should be treated differently.

#10146 invalid jquery date picker hangs on multiple clicks ANK170989 ANK170989


i have used below mentioned code .but my problem is that the datepicker gets hanged on multiple clicks means if i continueously goes on htting calender image datepicker gets hang

$(function() {


minDate: 0, showOn: "button", buttonImage: "../Includes/Images/cal.png", buttonImageOnly: true,



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