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#1709 fixed Compressed Accordion Contains JS errors joern michaelcaplan

The JS compressed accordion as downloaded from the UI page as a separate plugin contains a JS error:

$.ui[w] has no properties .../ui.accordion.js Line 14

$(".accordian_nav").accordion is not a function https://... Line 29

This is not an issue with the non compressed version

#1711 fixed Shift-Key behaviour in resizables buggy paul c_t

Hi all,

I was discovering this bug when investigating on the issue I described in Bug .

When the shift-key is pressed the width-height-ratio of a resizable is preserved on resize. However there were problems with the N, S, NE and NW handles. I was able to fix them, see the appended patch.

I still think it would be nicer if the resizable would expand to top and bottom when W or E handles are dragged and expand to left and right when S and N handles are dragged. At the current state the point of reference is the upper left corner. So dragging the S or N handles just resizes to the left and dragging the E or W handles just resizes to the bottom....

To acchieve the beforementioned behaviour I guess a cleanup and review of the calculations would be very helpful.

Cheers, Christoph

#1712 fixed aspectRatio option for resizables paul c_t

Hi All!

I have written a small enhancement for the resizables (see attachment).

Now there is one additional configuration option aspectRatio. You can either set this to 'preserve' or to any floating point number defining an aspect ratio between width/height .

If set to preserve the aspect ratio is calculated from the initial width and height of the resizable element.

Pressing the shift-key now simply enables the aspectRatio: preserve option temporarily.

I'd love to see this enhancement in the next release!

Cheers, Christoph

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