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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#9590 Dynamically adding input field breaks auto-complete's accessibility for screen readers cottrell bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9719 Tooltip: Disabling twice permanently removes tooltip bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.3
#12745 Drop testing on 1.10.1 mzgol bug minor [meta] git (not yet released)
#13997 Widgets have inconsistent visual style bug minor ui.spinner git (not yet released)
#14094 Spinner uses incorrect markup for buttons bug minor ui.spinner git (not yet released)
#14682 High CPU Usage on chrome/mac because of tooltips bug minor ui.tooltip 1.11.3
#14899 Buttonset fails accessibility testing. bug major ui.core 1.11.3
#15112 update build system to use latest version of grunt Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek <[email protected]…> bug minor [meta] 1.12.1
#15270 Datepicker - Memory leak bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15284 XSS Vulnerability on text options of jQuery UI datepicker bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15358 download jquery latest version Link not working bug minor ui.core
#15388 JQuery UI Plugin issue bug minor ui.core
#10880 Tooltip: Move box-shadow style to ui-widget-shadow class feature minor ui.tooltip 1.11.2

Resolution: notabug (87 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#5403 :data selector fails to return results when the data is set to empty string bug major ui.core 1.8
#7406 Themes: Individual files are included in wrong order bug minor ui.css-framework 1.8.13
#7584 Date range with beforeShowDay causing last day of month to have ui-state-hover class nicklevett bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.14
#8594 bottom line of selected item in autocomplete dropdown is invisible if backgound image applied to <a/> element deng.hui5 bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.9.0-rc.1
#8965 Spinner Control Stepping Issue bug minor ui.spinner 1.9.2
#8970 Numbers rounding off issue bug minor ui.core 1.9.2
#8976 Localization Example Doesn't work bug minor ui.datepicker 1.9.2
#8985 Manifest file name bug minor [meta] 1.10.0
#8991 datepicker date in calendar does not file event onclick with IE8 bug minor ui.core 1.10.0
#8992 Autocomplete combobox example is broken bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.0
#8996 Autocomplete with custom _renderItem() is broken in 1.10.0 bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.0
#9007 Dialog: Title element don't accept html entities bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.0
#9008 Dialog: Titlebar close button shows title attribute "close" on mouse hover kienz bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.0
#9009 Using buttonset() with particular selector lead to wrong behavior and JavaScript error RedXIII bug minor ui.button 1.10.0
#9011 Accordion calculates padding/height wrong with jQuery 1.9.0 bug minor ui.accordion 1.9.2
#9018 Tooltip: content updates are not re-positioned egodust bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.0
#9019 Tooltip Title and HTML bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.0
#9020 Nested accordions don't work with header option specified bug minor ui.accordion 1.9.2
#9021 Dialog resizing handles are not visible bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.0
#9026 Datepicker: click event fired when selectOtherMonths is true but showOtherMonths is false bug minor ui.datepicker
#9027 :focusable selector in IE bug minor ui.core 1.10.0
#9028 When cancelHelperRemoval is true, the placeholder is not removed linus.yan87 bug minor ui.sortable 1.9.2
#9036 Sortable: $.contains() give the wrong arguments. nyanhan bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.0
#9038 Localize Calendar example broken in your demos bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.0
#9047 Events missing from jQuery UI API bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.0
#9055 Visibility bug with accordion bug minor ui.accordion 1.10.0
#9058 Incorrect Google CDN CSS bug minor ui.css-framework 1.10.0
#9071 Selectmenu: webkit based browsers require 2 clicks to open bug minor ui.core git (not yet released)
#9072 Overlay on top of dialog nrandal bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.0
#9073 Can't call method "widget" on extended autocomplete bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.9.2
#9081 position plugin does not consider margins aNt1X bug minor ui.position 1.10.0
#9083 tooltip does not render html (new bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.0
#9088 Key href bug minor 1.10.0
#9089 Documentation missing for formatDate method bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.0
#9095 Modal Dialog display behind Overlay when using .parent().appendTo(); bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.1
#9105 Datepicker should not rely on unique element id bug minor ui.datepicker 1.9.2
#9108 Dialog not working in IE9 bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.1
#9109 contains files more than once bug minor [meta] 1.10.1
#9110 Tooltip Widget breaks in IE youngjl1 bug minor ui.widget 1.10.1
#9117 Download Builder - Widget Tabs bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.1
#9123 Menu widget position option behavior not consistent with position utility method bug minor 1.9.1
#9139 Dialog demo html fails on Internet Explorer bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.1
#9142 Modal and Position not working ... (IE9/Win7) bryn bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.1
#9143 Close Button out of position bryn bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.1
#9145 Tooltip: Disabled tooltip opens after content is changed bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.1
#9146 select drop down does not work as Tab name in non-WebKit browsers bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.1
#9148 Chrome link status bar gets stuck bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.1
#9149 $(...).jtable is not a function in Jquery 1.9.0 PlugIn bug minor ui.core 1.9.0
#9152 Theme Roller Does Not Save Properly. bug minor ui.css-framework 1.10.1
#9154 502 Bad Gateway nginx/0.7.67 bug minor ui.core 1.10.1
#9160 Autocomplete: Combobox does not call change event bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.2
#9161 1.10.2 autocomplete drop down renders behind jqgird form jbb43 bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.2
#9168 Theme Roller: State "Error" is missing bug minor ui.css-framework 1.10.2
#9171 jqueryui dialog, select multiple, onclick an element off the screen, wrong element selected bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.2
#9179 Accordion doesn't open active panel bug minor ui.accordion 1.10.2
#9180 effect "highlight" displays hidden elements dmack bug minor ui.effects.* (individual effect) 1.10.2
#9183 Accordion Plugin for Wordpress 3.5.1 bug minor ui.accordion 1.10.2
#9186 modal Dialog appended to ui-tabs-panel: Error: Cannot call method '_focusTabbable' bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.2
#9193 jQuery UI CDN missing jQuery UI 1.10.2 base theme CSS bug minor [meta] 1.10.2
#9195 undocumented hack used in example penguin_brian bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.2
#9196 configure to disable unless modifier key is pressed bug minor ui.selectable 1.10.2
#9200 Modal Dialog incompatible with jquery-validate ohcibi bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.2
#9206 ThemeRoller not working bug minor ui.core git (not yet released)
#9211 `heightStyle: 'fill'` does not works properly with vertical tabs meden bug minor ui.tabs 1.9.2
#9212 Buttonset button margin shouldn't be applied to the last button in the set emlun bug minor ui.button 1.10.2
#9214 Track does not work when manually opening Tooltip mattblang bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.2
#9217 dialog resize handles not showing bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.2
#9220 Incorrect click event propagation for button when based off checkbox bug minor ui.button 1.10.2
#9228 Datepicker Calendar showing when it shouldn't bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.2
#9229 datepicker minDate and maxDate with new Date(...) does not behave the same as with "+12d" bug minor ui.datepicker 1.9.1
#9231 The change event, on the spinner not working properly bug minor ui.spinner 1.10.2
#9234 Modal dialogs display behind overlay when using appendTo option bug minor ui.core 1.10.2
#9248 jQuery UI Tabs Activate event has undefined ui parameter bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.2
#9251 datepicker fails with same id elements bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.2
#9261 Element without interactivity when a new tab is created christianbalz bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.2
#9262 Progressbar: Inaccurate width of value bar when box-sizing:border-box; is in use bug minor ui.progressbar 1.10.2
#9266 _off _on chaining not working. bug minor ui.widget 1.10.2
#9267 When will 1.10.3 be released? bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.2
#9270 Shake effect both option doesn't work bug minor ui.core 1.9.1
#9271 Dialog: modal prevents focusing on absolutely positioned elements bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.2
#9273 Dialog: the "appendTo" option should move the overlay if any paftek38 bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9280 JQuery-UI Theme with defined css scope won't work thomi_ch bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9282 Menu items show a gap with a sublist on click bug minor 1.10.2
#9284 Lack the option for specifying CSS selector of tab contents Ian Y. bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.3
#9285 Removing href attributs of a elements in tablist causes unexpected problem bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.3
#9294 Draggable, Resizable : issue with Developer Tools in Chrome dam bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
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