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Resolution: worksforme (19 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#15075 Custom Selectmenu with _renderItem crashes when calling "refresh" bug minor ui.selectmenu 1.12.1
#15122 tooltip not coming in firefox 50.0.2 bug minor ui.tooltip 1.11.4
#15177 jQuery autocomplete example bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15180 Position plugin writes to $.ui whether it exists or not bug minor ui.position 1.12.1
#15181 autocomplete error "Uncaught ReferenceError" with JSONP if subsequent request returns first bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15211 jQuery UI Selectable unbinds click events from anchors bug minor ui.selectable 1.12.1
#7020 Theme: Widget header backgrounds should be top instead of center aligned feature minor ui.css-framework 1.8.9
#9031 Tooltip Delay Option feature minor ui.tooltip 1.10.0
#9052 switchClass should animate descendants feature minor ui.effects.core 1.10.0
#9252 Setting the widget's defaults feature minor ui.tabs 1.10.2
#9528 Two (or more) weeks ahead view feature minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9672 resizable handle glyph only supports SE corner feature minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9673 resizable handle alignment feature minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#10745 JQuery UI autocomplete drop menu z-index problem feature minor ui.autocomplete 1.11.2
#14887 add formatted date on hover option to the datepicker widget feature minor ui.datepicker 1.11.4
#14936 NPM missing translation files feature minor ui.datepicker 1.11.4
#14997 Resizable: Support flexbox feature minor ui.resizable 1.11.4
#15040 Cannot customize css of a single autocomplete combobox pull-down list feature minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.0
#15307 Option to show tabs when created feature minor ui.core 1.12.1

Resolution: patcheswelcome (32 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#8164 Memory Leak using IE8/9 with datepicker and frameset bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.18
#8596 Mouseover a button can make container expand in IE bug minor ui.css-framework 1.8.23
#8964 Datepicker: Memory leak in IE7 DysprosiumDy bug minor ui.datepicker 1.9.2
#8987 Empty white space in Chrome extension popup bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.0
#9042 Menu: In IE ui-icon-carat overlaps text when menu items are too wide kuz bug minor 1.10.0
#9059 Tabs: Table display issue in IE7 bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.0
#9064 Error when loading jQuery UI library from a Firefox extension bug minor ui.core 1.10.0
#9209 Error in jQueryUI when testing with Zombie bug minor ui.core 1.10.2
#9386 Creating button set causes error if other type of input with same name found LordHamwich bug minor ui.widget 1.9.2
#9411 Can't drag overlapping slider handles even if it's clicked directly Corke bug minor ui.slider 1.10.3
#9425 Sortable: cancel method called during sort fails if revert option is set bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9441 jQuery UI dialog hides behind the YouTube iframe in Win7 IE9, IE10 bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9555 Datepicker seems to leak an HTMLDivElement into a detached DOM tree kpturner bug minor ui.datepicker 1.9.2
#9567 UI Dialog position not working in IE9 when margin:auto jacobwsmith bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9918 Autocomplete above focusable list moves focus from autocomplete results to list (JAWS) dylanb bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.4
#9937 Dialog with iFrame and tab key focus franantares bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9996 Tooltip: Mouse-based fade in shows tooltip element before animation starts in IE8 bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.4
#10068 Sortable's Cancel method cancels last sort even after sort completes bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.4
#10470 Datepicker: Incorrect dates in Chrome on Ubuntu melsaeed bug minor ui.datepicker 1.11.0
#10556 Sortable Accordion Crashes the TinyMCE Editor bug minor ui.accordion 1.11.1
#10671 Pseudo-class :active gets suppressed by ui.sortable in Firefox bug minor ui.sortable 1.11.2
#10672 jquery custom combobox css conflict with jquery mobile 1.4.4 css bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.11.2
#10731 Draggable not respecting axis:"x" within table bug minor ui.draggable 1.11.2
#12177 Tooltip is not appeared if it overlaps cursor position on element (Firefox) bug minor ui.tooltip 1.11.4
#13022 event "stop" not fired (XboxOne+IE / Ubuntu+Firefox) Baebeca bug minor ui.slider 1.11.4
#14694 snap gets offset when container is scrolled during drag bug minor ui.draggable 1.11.4
#15005 Once you touch an element, hover stays on element even after interacting with other elements bug minor ui.draggable 1.12.0
#15008 Reopen 7037 performance of dialogs on large HTML bug minor ui.dialog 1.11.4
#15111 Accessibility: Visual Focus Indicator is inconsistent on IE 11 bug minor ui.tabs 1.12.1
#15189 Problem with big numbers bug minor ui.resizable 1.12.1
#7791 Accordion Tabindex should be customizable feature minor [meta] ui.a11y 1.8.16
#9822 en-IE regional setting for datepicker feature minor ui.datepicker 1.10.4

Resolution: plugin (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#10607 snapTolerance not being taken into consideration if the snappable objects are hidden and shown during drag event bug minor ui.draggable 1.11.1
#10647 Provide callback option which is fired once when the min/ max limits are met bug minor ui.resizable 1.11.1
#9205 Autocomplete feature idea - and code feature minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.2
#9296 Add options trackOffsetY and trackOffsetX feature minor ui.tooltip 1.10.3
#9397 Add sortable option to show original position feature minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9651 New option to set limit on items displayed feature minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9670 Modal dialog enhancement to prevent scrolling of parent window feature minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9774 JQuery UI Resizable snap to element feature minor ui.resizable 1.10.4
#10047 New "blur" event for dialogs? feature minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#10115 Adding a clear button in autocomplete feature minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.4
#10596 Up down key navigation change feature minor ui.autocomplete 1.11.1

Resolution: invalid (38 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#7717 Datepicker overlaps textbox after inputing new date marwin22 bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.1
#8966 Jquery ui widget copy in IE7 and IE8 grathad bug minor ui.widget 1.9.2
#8967 Resizable, ui.size.width diff than ui.element.css('width') gonzalog8 bug minor ui.core 1.9.2
#8972 tabs panel height (with style 'fill') is not correct if its parent style are display='-webkit-flex' and =webkit-flex-direction='row' or 'row-reverse' deng.hui5 bug minor ui.tabs 1.9.2
#8973 tabs panel height (with style 'fill') can't response to window resize event deng.hui5 bug minor ui.tabs 1.9.2
#8974 Tabs: panel overflow is hard coded to auto for heightStyle: fill deng.hui5 bug minor ui.tabs 1.9.2
#8981 jQueryUI 1.10 - Dialog Widget Carsten_Groth bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.0
#8986 First tab changes content bjorn_02 bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.0
#8988 button initiated multi-times if multi-instance of jsp append to same html page deng.hui5 bug minor ui.button 1.9.2
#9014 Opening a Dialog from a image hotspot in IE Compatibility mode hargravejason bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.0
#9045 beforeShowDay custom class Xaero bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.0
#9056 Autocomplete: Menu resizing should respect position.of option xinix00 bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.0
#9100 Dialog box moves when trying to close box when scroll position not at top andystannard bug minor ui.dialog 1.9.2
#9102 unsortable → sortable → unsortable = sortable Why? tamtakoe bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.1
#9104 jquery ui 1.10.0 min license comments breaking mvc bundle jxmiller bug minor [meta] 1.10.0
#9114 Dialog Effect Complete event not firing PangbornIdentity bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.1
#9131 Draggable: Wrong posistion in chrome vunbpp bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.1
#9141 Datepicker fails on internet explorer 10 indrawadan bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.1
#9155 IE8 crashes on Windows 7 bradly bug minor ui.core 1.9.2
#9164 Datepicker FR-CA localization - make casing of month and day names consistent cwenz bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.2
#9187 Margin right should increase in button module johnchinnathambi bug minor ui.button 1.10.2
#9203 Search cancelled when triggered on select (regression from 1.8) BigBeaule bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.2
#9207 Issue with DatePicker ovrijburg bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.2
#9210 Sortable throw weird events when dragging from draggable:connectToSortable Bago bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.2
#9237 Datepicker not closing when in iFrame, using Firefox browser bongobongo bug minor ui.datepicker 1.9.1
#9260 Button disable not working on iPad Dennis bug minor ui.button 1.10.2
#9274 Position: Feature test causes white flash on all page loads [email protected] bug minor ui.position 1.10.3
#9276 Display inline, no active state on todays date lfnaves bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9290 Search all with minLegth garnayden bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.0
#9328 Resizing a scrolled area whein bug minor ui.core 1.10.2
#9337 Greedy droppables do not clear highlighting when deeply nested child becomes active if the immediate parent droppable was not active mwadams bug minor ui.droppable 1.10.3
#9360 Tabs and iPhone mattias.nilsson bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.1
#9383 Secondary mouse button activates datepicker robintel bug minor ui.datepicker
#9388 jQuery UI sets 'position: relative' on elements that were made draggable before being added to the DOM Kerrick bug minor ui.draggable 1.9.2
#9393 dialog widget issue with jquery load aquan bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9396 modal window bug with IOS6 aolvera bug minor ui.dialog 1.9.2
#9432 Draggable on absolute elements (jQuery.ui 1.10.3) - Bug + fix piratax bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9436 jQuery UI Datepicker Month & Year Menus Only Work Once ryanburnett bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
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