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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14994 Please move issue tracking to GitHub bug minor ui.core 1.11.3
#14995 Still using long deprecated jQuery features bug minor ui.core 1.11.4
#15000 .sortable( "refresh" ) does not set .ui-sortable for new element bug minor ui.sortable 1.11.4
#15001 No official v1.12.0 build on bug minor [meta] 1.12.0
#15002 Where is the concatted file jquery-ui.js? bug minor ui.core 1.11.3
#15004 Widget can no longer be required with require('jquery-ui/widgetname') bug minor ui.core 1.12.0
#15009 Download page is broken bug minor ui.core 1.12.0
#15010 1.12.0 bower distribution is missing minified versions for all modules in the /widgets folder bug minor ui.core 1.12.0
#15020 I don't know how to use sortable with the npm v1.12.0 gajuro bug minor ui.sortable 1.12.0
#15022 ui-icon-carat-* silently renamed to ui-icon-caret-* bug minor ui.css-framework 1.12.0
#15024 Controlgroup: Incorrect corner classes if hidden during initialization bug minor ui.controlgroup 1.12.0
#15027 "dist" folder not created while doing a npm install bug minor [meta] 1.12.0
#15028 define is not defined bug minor ui.core 1.12.0
#15032 bug: Datepicker alternate field, un-populate bug minor ui.datepicker 1.11.3
#15045 Resizable: Resizable is not working from 1.8.4+ version tranquilodf bug minor ui.resizable 1.12.0
#15049 Calling refresh several times makes it slower and slower TimePerformance bug minor ui.selectable 1.12.0
#15053 jQuery UI Nested Sortable not drop the element Bhumi Shah bug minor ui.sortable 1.11.3
#15054 documentation for jquery autocomplete bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.11.3
#15056 Modifier keys cause highlighted autocomplete to search with currently highlighted option. bug minor ui.widget 1.11.4
#15057 Dialog position flip doesn't work when pass coord manually Nickqwer bug minor ui.dialog 1.12.1
#15058 button widget does not add ui-state-default and ui-state-hover for input buttons TheWitness bug minor ui.button 1.12.1
#15081 autoFocus=true causes one UX issue PierreFrancoisOptile bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.11.3
#15088 selectmenu not compatible to IE 7 bug minor ui.selectmenu 1.12.1
#15105 ui-selectmenu css class has hardcoded width bug minor ui.selectmenu 1.12.1
#15114 Bug in jquery autocomplete change event bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15126 Month and year in datepickers dropdown are not refreshing on MM-yy format bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15127 jQuery 3, NPM, Jquery UI bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15128 datepicker default localisation chinese bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15130 Autocomplete: keyboard navigation with source object bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15131 dialog changes background-color of elements in page to transparent and does not change them back on close or destroy coderZev bug minor ui.dialog 1.12.1
#15133 Combobox Selection is not readable when the combobox has ascented characters Madasamya bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#15135 Accordion widget fails AX_COLOR_01 test bug minor ui.accordion 1.12.1
#15137 The Themeroller Converter Site Not Responding bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15138 checkboxradio label property didn't work if there is no label tags for the associated radio button. bug minor ui.checkbxoradio 1.12.1
#15141 tooltip not open on change event bug minor ui.tooltip 1.12.1
#15147 Dialog no longer works with detached elements bug minor ui.dialog 1.12.1
#15150 progressbar.value() doesn't work when passing non-integer value (like: float) bug minor ui.progressbar 1.12.0
#15151 1.12.1 nuget package includes CSS for v1.12.0 bug minor [meta] 1.12.1
#15153 pathname of tabs widget presents in the browser statusbar on hover bug minor ui.widget 1.12.1
#15154 Autocomplete, change event doesn't fire when clear field after selection but still keeping the focus on it bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15156 When extending menu widget, calling this._super() on focus event causes error bug minor 1.12.1
#15161 Bower and Google CDN files are different bug minor [meta] 1.12.1
#15171 ThemeRoller seems to have issues with multiple open tabs bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15172 Support a custom resource base path in ThemeRoller feature minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15173 Support spaces instead of tabs in ThemeRoller feature minor [meta] 1.12.1
#15174 Minify theme images feature minor [meta] 1.12.1
#15176 Refresh method doesn't work properly if element or his parent is hidden bug minor ui.controlgroup 1.12.1
#15183 jQuery-UI gives errors on page load in Chrome and Firefox (Ang4) bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15186 Tooltip removes my <input name="title"> JorisDebonnet bug minor ui.tooltip 1.12.1
#15187 Triggering an event manually is not possible with selectmenu bug minor ui.selectmenu 1.12.1
#15190 Unable to enforce a date range for two mutually connected date pickers bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15192 Clean code bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15194 jQueryUI modal dialog doesn't block RETURN or ESCAPE keyup event bug minor ui.dialog 1.12.1
#15199 input widget, content argument DOM based XSS bug minor ui.tooltip 1.12.1
#15200 Checkboxradio widget, label attribute DOM based XSS bug minor ui.checkbxoradio 1.12.1
#15201 Button widget, label attribute DOM based XSS bug minor ui.button 1.12.1
#15207 Custom theme generation is broken bug minor ui.css-framework 1.12.1
#15209 Can't compile JQuery-UI from Github sources bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15218 Internet Explorer - Slowness with lots of input bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#15221 Button disabled when initialized with falsy 0 bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15223 Calling button API with bootstrap uses bootstrap button API bug minor ui.spinner 1.12.1
#15225 Accordion header remains focused after collapse bug minor ui.accordion 1.12.1
#15227 Opacity of element is no longer take into account bug minor ui.draggable 1.12.1
#15230 ui-state-focus not added to autocomplete popup-menu bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15233 Selectmenu strips all options but the visible one bug minor ui.selectmenu 1.12.1
#15242 Doesn't apply names to autocomplete/combobox elements, therefore will only validate first one bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15259 Downloads are vulnerable to a MITM attack bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15278 stop jQuery UI dialogue box scroll top when close bug minor ui.dialog 1.12.1
#15294 Security Vulnerabilities bug minor ui.core 1.11.4
#15312 Date-picker wont stick with only month and/or year change bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15349 jQuery UI missing direct <script src="..."> URL bug minor ui.core 1.12.1

Resolution: wontfix (29 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#15029 Autocomplete focus in dialog bug blocker ui.autocomplete 1.12.0
#4387 slider handles can be dragged over each other when there are more than 2 feature major ui.slider 1.7.1
#4447 UI Icons are not even, causes misaligned buttons bug major ui.css-framework 1.7.1
#5446 public function for querying a date's 'selectable' status feature major ui.datepicker 1.8
#6781 Effects: New jQuery-ui effects.text jstroem feature major ui.effects.* (individual effect) 1.8.7
#14900 Tooltip placement in IE 8-11 is wrong when using jQuery 1.12 bug major ui.tooltip 1.11.4
#3771 Request for hover callback for datepicker feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8
#4045 Datepicker -- Today button enhancement feature minor ui.datepicker 1.6rc6
#5137 Re-positioning of dialog after resize event enhancement minor ui.dialog 1.7.2
#5427 Modify "today" Date RiPr feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8
#6213 Datepicker: no option for jumping years feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.5
#7069 Effects: New effect - Split jstroem feature minor ui.effects.* (individual effect) 1.8.10
#7224 Add filter button icon feature minor ui.css-framework 1.8.11
#8157 Animation: Prevent numeric values from becoming negative feature minor ui.effects.core 1.8.18
#8746 Tooltip: Both Jquery tooltip and standard title shown in IE < 10 bug minor ui.tooltip 1.9.1
#8968 Datepicker: month unselectable in popup window in IE8 bug minor ui.datepicker 1.9.2
#8982 Dialog containment should be reset when using new "appendTo" option bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.0
#8990 jQuery UI compatibility with component.js feature minor [meta] git (not yet released)
#8997 Implementation of private methods feature minor ui.widget 1.10.0
#9002 Spinner: Space between spinner buttons in Opera bug minor ui.spinner 1.10.0
#9012 Split :tabbable and :focusable into its own file nix_nix feature minor ui.core 1.10.0
#9060 please provide a closeOnClickOutside option feature minor ui.dialog 1.10.0
#9062 ui-menu widget configurable delay feature minor 1.10.0
#9068 Ability to have a transparent overlay on non-focused dialogs, useful for iframe dialogs feature minor ui.dialog 1.10.0
#9119 resizable div with scrollbar : wrong icon position bartours bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.1
#9204 Dialog: Add option to completely disable focus on open bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.2
#9226 animated addClass with many children is slow BenEllis feature minor ui.effects.core 1.10.1
#9256 Tooltips for disabled elements feature minor ui.tooltip
#9306 Wish that accordion worked with table, using thead and tbody feature minor ui.accordion 1.10.3
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