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#9443 Can't move later added items to last position on initially empty floating sortable with {axis: x} option bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9445 over event not fired when connectwith is used bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9447 Dialog window dragging after initial page load mrahmani bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9449 Using JQueryUi interactions draggable and resizable on same object bug minor ui.core 1.9.2
#9450 first tab is considered "special" by design - it's a bug. bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.3
#9454 Datepicker getDate API call with 29 February bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9461 Draggable: cloned helper is off-position when scrolled bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9462 Sortover/sortout changes from jquery 1.9 (and inconsistencies) bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9466 jQuery UI dialog closes in IE 10 when clearing value of inner input field bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9474 Datepicker Keyboard Shortcuts Navigate Incorrectly with Bounded Multi-Month Options Set bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9476 JQuery UI 1.10.3 - Dialogs IE9 bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9482 context change when calling .datepicker("setDate",...) bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9488 Datepicker does not work with dates in the first century bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9513 Dialog - Form dialog on firefox bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9517 Dialog Drag problem (when the page is scrolled) bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9524 sortable 'tolerance' doesn't work as documented bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9536 Position: incorrectly calculates collision bounds when transformations applied bug minor ui.position 1.10.3
#9540 Resizable does not stop on 'west' side when mouse moves outside the containment bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9545 Bug using dialog module slides down the window dialog bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9548 Jquery ui dialog move-window bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9556 Dialog box repositions itself bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9560 jQuery UI Draggable + Sortable - drag object offset by offsetTop in non webkit browswers KirkSmith bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9568 Demo : Resizable - containment not working ( South and SE) bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9570 Error on radio and non-radio input sharing a name bug minor ui.button 1.9.2
#9577 jquery resizable not working properly at 90 and 270 angles bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9583 Revert to wrong position with rotated elements bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9589 drag title after page scrolling cause dialog shifting bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9591 jqueryui datepicker showing when clicking select with tooltip bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9595 Tooltip doesn't change on ajax call bug minor ui.tooltip 1.9.2
#9597 Tabs: After clicking on a tab, the status bar doesn't fade out in Chrome bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.3
#9599 floating object has offset to cursor while moving bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9600 Choosing the year 1AD...99AD in the year dropdown does not work bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9607 Jquery UI: Sortable: Can't add to bottom of linked list bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9613 Difference in ui.position depending on animate setting OliverSalzburg bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9614 Draggable Dialogs are not positioning accurately in scrollable content areas bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9615 Changing dialog focus causes iframe inside it to reload bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9617 Draggable detaches from mouse cursor bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9632 Autocomplete: combobox does not announce the options correctly dylanb bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9634 Selectable: not keyboard or screen reader accessible bug minor ui.selectable 1.10.3
#9639 Droppable: changing the scope does not update the ddmanager bug minor ui.droppable 1.10.3
#9653 user agent :focus style breaks tab metaphor bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.3
#9655 Droppable: Tolerance doesn't take draggable's axis into account joshgreifer bug minor ui.droppable 1.10.3
#9667 Resizable with helper loses 1px bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9680 position.collision 'flip' does not work with autocomplete romario333 bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9682 JQury ui 1.10.3 Memory leak with ie7 bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9685 draggable goes out of containment, a few pixels in each drag bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9687 jquery-dialog when parent has a scrolltop offset - jumps away in IE10 & FF bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9690 .ui-effects-wrapper doesn't mimic the style of the wrapped element bug minor ui.effects.core 1.10.3
#9692 jquery UI firefox only bug with dialog window position when dragged and window scrolled bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9698 jquery dialog iframe reload bug bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9699 Dialog position offsets during drag on Firefox bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9702 Draggable the element goes back to a bad position with revert and grid enabled bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9712 Jquery UI Tabs not working if setting base href in the head (all vers). bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.3
#9717 over/out events do not get triggered if connectWith is set and two+ sortables exist... (1.10.3) bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9722 Resizable replaces original positional values bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9725 Changing Focus on dialogs will cause a div scroll bar to scroll to the top position bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9729 The dialog downward shift when dragging liuchenya bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9732 Sortable: draggable to sortable over event not firing with multiple sortables bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9736 the dialog box gets pushed down when dragging it bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9740 Autocomplete doesn't keep its internal state consistent with jQuery val calls bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9753 multi handle slider bug trivender bug minor ui.slider 1.10.4
#9763 Dialog jumps outside the window, when I try to move it bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9765 Draggable: not following mouse when helper set to clone with scrollbar ItsVicc bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9767 v 1.10.2+ Problem with input fields on jqgrid dialogs bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.2
#9772 Auto width in dialogs does not take the length of the title into consideration bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9773 jQuery UI Sortable Placeholder appears off-by-one when dragging from connected sortable bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.2
#9791 smoothness theme problem with 1.10.4 bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#9802 slider cursor may never be released bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#9807 Draggable dialog box jumps when dragged in Chrome bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.4
#9813 Item remains sortable if even its class changes to no longer match the `items` selector options bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.4
#9828 Moving dialog box in UI 1.10.4 doesn't behave properly bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#9835 Dragging a dialog when page is not scrolled to the top cause hopping bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9836 Problem with DIALOG position when dragging. bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9851 Regression of background stripe issue with modal dialogs bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9900 jQueryUI tooltip remains on screen after element (with target="_blank") is clicked bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.4
#9907 UI tooltip not disappearing after moving the cursor away bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.3
#9910 Draggable and resizable element jumps around when scroll bar is present bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.4
#9922 JQuery UI Dialog Overlay Problem bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9936 Draggable dialog disappears when page is scrolled down bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9941 Draggable: Scrolling while dragging creates an offset between helper and cursor bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.4
#9962 Dialog Draggable Bug bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9965 Problem with disabled datepicker bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9967 Issue when scrolling down the page and dragging an element bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#9969 ui.autocomplete unaccommodated a clear method expressly. bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.4
#9976 Dialog: move out of viewpoint boundry danparn bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9985 Input doesn't blur with mouse module bug minor ui.mouse 1.10.4
#9993 Using draggable of parent jquery from within iframe bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.4
#9999 showCurrentAtPos > 0 - clicking on the date, changes months bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.4
#10030 Memory leak using JQueryUI-1.10.3 in IE 8 bug minor [meta] 1.10.3
#10031 Smoothness theme colour change bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#10033 Some theme images still wrong in 1.10.4 bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#10041 Opening a Dialog Produces a Darker Strip of Mask Behind Dialog bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#10042 Dialog: "unspecified error" when using ie9 and iframe bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#10044 Dark hive theme: bg texture different from themeroller bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#10046 In Firefox, positioning problem when trying to click and drag dialog downward bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#10048 Connected sortable with small height not triggered when pointer not over it sandr bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.4
#10055 The Sortable Portlet Demo is buggy bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.4
#10061 Tooltip: doesn't position correctly when scrolled off page bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.4
#10066 Jquery UI Dialog go off screen when drag/move. bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#10069 wrong calculation of dialog content width and height with css theme "start" nico bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.4
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