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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3106 Sortable: serialize throws error if sortable contains tabs. kape bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#3655 Sortable: Connected sortable intersection detection issues wundbread bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#3732 Demo: Resizable ghost 'title bar' changes height Marc Diethelm bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4027 Selectable: On Mac OSX should be Command+Click and not Control+Click epascarello bug major 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4123 Problem dragabble/droppable ie link Optionen designerno1 bug minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#4218 using draggable after animate in ems not working inside elements with overflow scroll Sam Hasler bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#4236 Selectable: anchor in selectable is not clickable how bug major 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4258 Datepicker: doesn't close on click date in internet explorer 6 zauber bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#4305 Sortable: Revert placeholder calcing position Zebulon bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4314 Sortable: DOM height() not calculated properly after updating, while dragging tehmeph bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4477 Sorting works improperly mg bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4494 droppable("disable") behaves differently in Google Chrome than other browsers sgraffite bug minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#4508 Sortable grid vertical cursor position issues RowanBeentje bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4521 Selectable improvement: excludedFilter jriera feature minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4802 Sortable: jump when moving element ben_cms bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4823 Droppable tolerance "intersect" did not work properly when in exact grid fjosefsson bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#4884 IE: Jumping out of focus on click Jaggi bug major 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4946 Portlets prefer to go where they were taken from, rather than where they are being dragged. ramblinman bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4967 Selectable: Using distance > 0 causes webkit browsers to select text IanLewis bug minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4986 Draggable disable text selection of input btlagutoli bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5012 sortable in "overflow: auto;" block won't refresh connectedList's cached position othree bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5016 Selectable: invert selection reader feature minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#5018 Bug in Internet Explorer 8 when sorting list in a list AD1ctive bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5090 Sortable under Sortable - Display error on IE. Blunk bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5189 Draggable has a few issues when connecting to more than one sortable Kronuz bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5231 resizable: shrinks a little when starting to resize slowly in IE8 garcia.narbona bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5322 Sortable: helper position is messed up when axis is used paul bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5355 cssPosition in sortable Rwhitbeck bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5378 Nested draggables (with opacity set) in IE: helper not visible after dragging Lockhead bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5407 helper text in draggable gets small in IE edwinboersma bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5479 Cannot override z-index on datepicker kwooda bug major 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5483 Links in sortable dont work in firefox for linux Ehsan bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5492 DatePicker: when used in IE6 has ADA issues byronlai bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5499 resizable breaks option selected values in <select> tinu8805 bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5504 resizable + margin not working diou bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5508 jquery ui dialog containing script tags hallem bug major 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#5521 ui.sender not correct durring connected drags TrailTrackers bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5554 Button: Provide an "activate" event/callback ddegasperi feature minor 1.11.0 ui.button
#5587 Resizable not working with Overflow:hidden on Windows XP IE Browser danielye bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5630 datepicker maskedinput bug frabiacca bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5646 GoogleChrome errorpage by open the datepicker x-f bug major 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5648 Dialog: [IE] Modal dialog's overlay in small RTL documents creates scrollbars Slick bug major 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#5656 peculiarity with right-aligned sortable items fajeuqwrhf bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5728 IE7/8 Datepicker returns you to the top of a page ajacksified bug major 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5751 datePicker 1.82 & 1.73 in safari 4/x -5.x/Flash 10.1 shifts all flash content on page left when initialized frostywd bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5788 UI Datepicker .dialog(..) with custom position throws error in MSIE. [email protected] bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#5823 onChangeMonthYear not working properly with minDate and maxDate remington bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5843 Datepicker: stays open if you tab out quickly [email protected] bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5845 IE Text Selection While Dragging (Dealyed / Distance Start) rogerkng bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5888 multiple datepicker with yearRang option set in one form causes error JMW1 bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5959 "offsetParent[0] is undefined" error in sortable kamity bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5977 jQuery UI Sorting Freezes WYSIWYG Editors PF1 bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6014 datepicker ui popup moves on window resize Nicholas Llewellyn bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#6050 Additional null check on _drop JonKragh bug minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#6134 resizable and containment loti bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#6171 Calendar displays over text box in some cases in firefox jerredmccurdy bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#6200 Selecting another month by using selectOtherMonths does not work. Uzza bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#6207 jQuery UI Resizable 1.8.4 _mouseStop gets wrong left, top-values in safari tomcatharry bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#6208 Sortable: CSS Content Inside Drag LI aamirrajpoot bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6233 DatePicker: i18n file for Ireland olliehaughey feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#6240 Sortable placeholder when dragging a connected element avsomeren bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6263 Datepicker is opened in wrong position in IE6 when body has "position:fixed" in style maxbarbul bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#6878 Droppable: Incorrect handling for rotated elements fireknight bug minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#6898 Calling destroy on draggables causes orphans in IE8 aws bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#6921 Sortable: JS errors when using toleranceElement danimal bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6985 Sorting Plugin IE bug vstyle bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6987 Datepicker incorrectly shown during alt tab jcdekker bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7033 Sortable: Scroll Offset Issue AKotawala bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7052 Sortable: dragged element disappears (or shifts) if height: auto; in IE orolo bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7075 Firefox is very slow with very big sortable lists larz bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7110 Multiple calls to effect.scale should be based on the original % Corey Frang bug minor 1.10.0 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#7227 Jquey drop down calender/datepicker crash the IE 8/9 when navigation bar turn off khairulnizam bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7262 Webkit bug: sortable table cells do not return into the right positions after sorting krasu-desu bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7267 DatePicker in maxDate use 23;59:59:999 aruizna bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7297 Datepicker - month/year dropdowns require two clicks to open correctly. paddyboyd bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7359 IE issues with "delay" and "distance" kaikomai bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#7396 Selectable _create() slow on IE6 with large number of selectees lachlank feature minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#7407 Cancel and event queue interact badly on IE jdmarshall bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7413 Sortable: .sortable('toArray') has trailing empty entry in IE8 jdk bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7443 Issue using sortable on an element with a border (FF only) jranck bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7447 Sortable triggers click bakaburg1 bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7454 Datepicker loading slow in firefox prasanna523 bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7519 mouseup pb with IE9 PIR2 bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#7529 Button() checkbox problem with blanks space between words) and / in a string jorg76440 bug minor 1.11.0 ui.button
#7569 Regarding jquery bounce effect sunny85indore feature minor 1.10.0 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#7591 Resizing a DIV inside a TH in a table's THEAD with no TBODY and Dn'D applied, fails alerizzo bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#7712 Dragging image clone issue when there is a vertical scrollbar xerenader bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#7717 Datepicker overlaps textbox after inputing new date marwin22 bug minor none ui.datepicker
#7720 moving large widgets over small droppable area Oleh bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7784 Sortable: sortable items not positioned correctly when inside of a relatively positioned element and page is scrolled aaronchi bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7812 Ability to Select Week and Month ldadams feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7988 Selectable should not recheck the command/control key on drag rrotter bug minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#7990 Selectable: unselecting event fires on clicked item rrotter bug minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#8023 Resizable: Bug with scroll of ancestors tysauron bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#8024 Datepicker keyboard accessibility anand5387 bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#8035 Error when dragging and sorting neoniks bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#8097 Jquery ui date picker carlx444 bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#8112 Show/Hide with "Slide" Animation - Height Issue streetlogics bug minor 1.10.0 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#8175 Sortable stops working after dragging to another frame jonasthern bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#8197 start drag fails in ie7+8 when started on a element and distance set immoserver bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#8284 slidecreate event - ui.value is undefined enumag feature minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#8355 Draggable: iframeFixes are in the wrong place if the iframe moves atrigent bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#8445 jQuery datepicker doesn't work properly due to the presence of a text input Cupidvogel bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#8451 Bad positionning calendar div on IE 9 bchapoton bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#8506 Resizable does not properly calculate width / height when box-sizing is different kenaniah bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#8629 Collision detection (flip/fit) still does not work when window has been scrolled eventhorizon23 bug minor 1.9.1 ui.position
#8631 closestHandler not always assigned jvm bug minor 1.9.1 ui.slider
#8663 compatibility with responsive design svewap feature minor 1.10.0
#8666 Firefox evaluates "+ ++" as "+++" resulting in invalid operand shazamfu bug minor 1.10.0 ui.core
#8674 Adding a case option to intersect larsstorm feature minor 1.10.0 ui.droppable
#8678 Stack overflow at line 443 in IE8 daredevel bug minor 1.10.0 ui.widget
#8685 Tabs: Get the active panel in tab Mamen feature minor 1.10.0 ui.tabs
#8688 Styling an h3 tag with padding now alters Accordion heading padding [email protected] bug minor 1.10.0 ui.accordion
#8691 scaling in slider shraddha53 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.slider
#8732 Datepicker: Regular expression not terminating. menslow bug minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8743 tiles in maps dont show correctly with jquery ui based theme Matsglobetrotter bug minor 1.10.0 ui.css-framework
#8774 Dialog: Input fields cannot be interacted with using custom CSS theme on modal dialog arrie1992 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#8781 Global box-sizing: border-box breaks drag-and-drop in IE8 brandmitchell bug minor 1.10.0 ui.draggable
#8790 Disable keyboard shortcuts in menu Patrik feature minor 1.10.0
#8797 Bug on jquery.ui.core.js with safari 5.1.7 rmetayer bug minor 1.10.0 ui.core
#8808 Spontaneous Ajax in tabs neoniks bug minor 1.10.0 ui.tabs
#8863 Tooltip freezed Revencu bug minor 1.10.0 ui.tooltip
#8868 ToolTip Display when near bottom of screen jdmckinstry bug minor 1.10.0 ui.tooltip
#8874 Datepicker should prevent default when handling "prev", "next" events usernov30 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8884 Dialog is not displayed the first time (sometimes) in chrome and internet explorer tudordumitriu bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#8890 ui.draggable bug in IE 9: object null or undefined when element is dropped michl bug minor 1.10.0 ui.draggable
#8897 Dragging items in a 'sortable' does not drag the right objects. raphael.mankin bug minor 1.10.0 ui.sortable
#8918 Submenu not displaying on top in IE Joe T bug minor 1.10.0
#8924 ui.dialog: focus lost from dialog when opened the second time anuragohri92 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#8945 Incrementing the NEXT spinner to the max value. Chris_43 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.spinner
#8966 Jquery ui widget copy in IE7 and IE8 grathad bug minor none ui.widget
#8967 Resizable, ui.size.width diff than ui.element.css('width') gonzalog8 bug minor none ui.core
#8972 tabs panel height (with style 'fill') is not correct if its parent style are display='-webkit-flex' and =webkit-flex-direction='row' or 'row-reverse' deng.hui5 bug minor none ui.tabs
#8973 tabs panel height (with style 'fill') can't response to window resize event deng.hui5 bug minor none ui.tabs
#8974 Tabs: panel overflow is hard coded to auto for heightStyle: fill deng.hui5 bug minor none ui.tabs
#8981 jQueryUI 1.10 - Dialog Widget Carsten_Groth bug minor none ui.dialog
#8986 First tab changes content bjorn_02 bug minor none ui.tabs
#8988 button initiated multi-times if multi-instance of jsp append to same html page deng.hui5 bug minor none ui.button
#9014 Opening a Dialog from a image hotspot in IE Compatibility mode hargravejason bug minor none ui.dialog
#9035 Prevent datepicker from putting focus on input control leszeg feature minor none ui.datepicker
#9045 beforeShowDay custom class Xaero bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9050 Problem with new option() behavior, cannot see what nested property changed dbarnes feature minor none ui.widget
#9056 Autocomplete: Menu resizing should respect position.of option xinix00 bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9100 Dialog box moves when trying to close box when scroll position not at top andystannard bug minor none ui.dialog
#9102 unsortable → sortable → unsortable = sortable Why? tamtakoe bug minor none ui.sortable
#9104 jquery ui 1.10.0 min license comments breaking mvc bundle jxmiller bug minor none [meta]
#9114 Dialog Effect Complete event not firing PangbornIdentity bug minor none ui.dialog
#9131 Draggable: Wrong posistion in chrome vunbpp bug minor none ui.draggable
#9141 Datepicker fails on internet explorer 10 indrawadan bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9155 IE8 crashes on Windows 7 bradly bug minor none ui.core
#9164 Datepicker FR-CA localization - make casing of month and day names consistent cwenz bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9187 Margin right should increase in button module johnchinnathambi bug minor none ui.button
#9203 Search cancelled when triggered on select (regression from 1.8) BigBeaule bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9207 Issue with DatePicker ovrijburg bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9208 Sortable-Widget - Deactivation (disable) after mouse-capturing sebastian-marinescu feature minor none ui.sortable
#9210 Sortable throw weird events when dragging from draggable:connectToSortable Bago bug minor none ui.draggable
#9237 Datepicker not closing when in iFrame, using Firefox browser bongobongo bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9260 Button disable not working on iPad Dennis bug minor none ui.button
#9274 Position: Feature test causes white flash on all page loads [email protected] bug minor none ui.position
#9276 Display inline, no active state on todays date lfnaves bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9290 Search all with minLegth garnayden bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9328 Resizing a scrolled area whein bug minor none ui.core
#9337 Greedy droppables do not clear highlighting when deeply nested child becomes active if the immediate parent droppable was not active mwadams bug minor none ui.droppable
#9360 Tabs and iPhone mattias.nilsson bug minor none ui.tabs
#9383 Secondary mouse button activates datepicker robintel bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9388 jQuery UI sets 'position: relative' on elements that were made draggable before being added to the DOM Kerrick bug minor none ui.draggable
#9393 dialog widget issue with jquery load aquan bug minor none ui.core
#9396 modal window bug with IOS6 aolvera bug minor none ui.dialog
#9432 Draggable on absolute elements (jQuery.ui 1.10.3) - Bug + fix piratax bug minor none ui.draggable
#9436 jQuery UI Datepicker Month & Year Menus Only Work Once ryanburnett bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9438 Datepicker position broken wizx20 bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9440 Regarding height issue for accordion roshandeorukhkar bug minor none ui.accordion
#9473 Dialog does not appear on center in Opera flasht bug minor none ui.dialog
#9492 Select menu in dialog doesn't adjust properly in Chrome on Windows jdeisenberg bug minor none ui.dialog
#9493 IE is opening a list of options on page refresh nasty bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9498 Resizable: multiple handles for same direction not supported barhorn feature minor none ui.resizable
#9502 blind effect is not honoring div widths cedricbrasey bug minor none ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#9503 External source for autocomplete doesn't allow get elements in URL BobvH bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9506 datepicker erroneously marks weekday as weekend with "ui-datepicker-week-end" CSS style cemmerven bug minor none ui.core
#9509 no negative position left exist on resize event xerel bug minor none ui.resizable
#9530 Layout problem with calendar widget [email protected] bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9535 resizable() does not take scrollposition of containment into account PaulSinnema bug minor none ui.resizable
#9539 1.11.0 (git) -- Recent ui.mouse change on git breaks ui.draggable on iPad johnnyshields bug minor none ui.mouse
#9549 Displaying a single non selectable item raises js error s_welte bug minor none
#9551 Some accessible issues of Tabs Ian Y. bug minor none ui.tabs
#9562 Scrollbar cann't be seen with overflow content and resize handle cherryhood bug minor none ui.core
#9569 ui-dialog - title size in Chrome when float:left attribute is used on other elements in the page hdrenollet bug minor none ui.dialog
#9576 dialog shows up in upper left corner after typing date in input field alberni bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9578 Dialog: Overlay background incorrect in android browser groupboard2 bug minor none ui.dialog
#9581 Datepicker in modal month/year dropdown is not working karim_fci feature minor none ui.datepicker
#9618 DatePicker aferlim bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9636 Cloned helper doesn't recognize the windows scrollposition devcon bug minor none ui.draggable
#9645 autocomplete (autocomplete.js) view broken mvp bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9674 (resizable) alsoResize will also resize height when you only have a east handle rene___ bug minor none ui.resizable
#9677 Overlapping menu issue Sebastien_TraceParts bug minor none ui.core
#9684 On body:overflow:auto, Chrome scrolls down automatically for long sortable lists muisit bug minor none ui.core
#9704 Back button (history) broken for tabs with 1.10.3 cwant bug minor none ui.tabs
#9730 when triggered drop and greedy = true, if DOM changed, drop event occurs again to others trasyia bug minor none ui.droppable
#9745 Item dragged below last row of floated items doesn't append to end of list muglug bug minor none ui.sortable
#9784 .resisable does not keep correct ratio when using "e" handle realtek bug minor none ui.core
#9788 Date picker swapping month and day for Canada users gudikavitha bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9810 _formatDate function returns invalid Date object when called from within _setDate function rohel bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9824 Can not do resizable in a resizable div gcaufy bug minor none ui.resizable
#9842 buttonset methods fail when dom is modified causing 'cannot call methods on button prior to initialization' exception jamie_pate bug minor none ui.button
#9847 iframeFix breaks click functionality Paradox bug minor none ui.draggable
#9854 more than one datepicker, set date to wrong input with same id. [email protected] bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9899 jquery.ui.position's offsetFractions test performs a full-page layout recalculation mattbasta bug minor none ui.position
#9914 Selectable: fix mousedown on hierarchical selectable items epowers bug minor none ui.selectable
#9917 jQuery UI Dialog - modal shadow incomplete ? JRC bug minor none ui.dialog
#9935 $.Widget.prototype._setOption takes time to disable widget nabilELMEKKAOUI bug minor none ui.widget
#9940 Datepicker on modal - incorrect position calculation omarhimada bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9959 accordion script link issues in IE9 webwmn53 bug minor none ui.core
#10003 Weired behavior with the range slider in Chrome and IE9 philfala bug minor none ui.slider
#10037 Scrolling messed up in mozilla/webkit when body overlfow:scroll noyearzero bug minor none ui.sortable
#10038 Sortable placeholder (vertical align) noyearzero feature minor none ui.sortable
#10054 Resizable fails to enlarge an element, but will shrink it glenatron bug minor none ui.resizable
#10060 Performance issue in Internet Explorer using an accordion DevMH bug minor none ui.accordion
#10073 clear `previous` and `term` after changing source safareli bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10079 Issue with accordion header content overflow when window resized ng35208 bug minor none ui.accordion
#10092 Tooltip: Clearing of title attribute while tooltip is open gets reverted on close ijcheung bug minor none ui.tooltip
#10120 Themeroller interfers with Autocomplete [email protected] bug minor none ui.core
#10136 DatePicker not working in modal popup page [email protected] bug minor none ui.datepicker
#10137 Sortable not working from right to left dileep bug minor none ui.sortable
#10146 jquery date picker hangs on multiple clicks ANK170989 bug minor none ui.datepicker
#10222 Jquery Autocomplete is working in IE11 but is not working IE8 and IE9 vineet kumar bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10432 `scrollParent` context error when use iframe in 1.11.0 siyang bug minor none ui.core
#10433 iconselectmenu('open') can't navigate with cursor in popup bugtester bug minor none ui.selectmenu
#10460 Resize missing when apply dynamically balajilsm bug minor none ui.resizable
#10528 bug: Datepicker: If numberOfMonths is > 1, a width is set on the element zeek feature minor none ui.datepicker
#10546 Draggable: if draggable.cancel option not empty text input becomes no focus zerkalenkov bug minor none ui.core
#10584 Jquery range slider handle not correctly working in IE9 and IE10 sumanegi bug minor none ui.slider
#10645 ui.datepicker problem with newest version of chrome (37.0.2062.124 m) blondinkabrain bug minor none ui.datepicker
#10648 Resizable: Add a cancel() method tj feature minor none ui.resizable
#10650 Datepicker overwrites manually entered dates. sbaechler bug minor none ui.datepicker
#10666 $.ui.ddmanager.current not released on droppable _destroy eshcharc bug minor none ui.droppable
#10700 date picker jkjr bug minor none ui.core
#10708 jqueryui droppable: over event triggered before out droppable domnulnopcea bug minor none ui.droppable
#10716 Losing format during values change Gnorro bug minor none ui.slider
#10735 repeat show datepicker when datepicker created in the modaled dialog lining041038 bug minor none ui.datepicker
#10740 Resizable div vanishes when dragged edmozley bug minor none ui.draggable
#10954 tooltip appearing at [0,0] when the element disappears amik bug minor none ui.tooltip
#11514 ui dialog work unsuited in ie8 distinct bug minor none ui.dialog
#12493 Accordion not working properly sachin26 bug minor none ui.accordion
#12658 Bug #8464 reappears in latest version abhi150290 bug minor none ui.datepicker
#12865 Format is switched when activated before page is completely loaded grrigorr bug minor none ui.datepicker
#12875 Autocomplete- Want to hide cross (X) symbol on IE, for onkeyup event [email protected] bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#12948 Date picker method destroy doesn't remove generated DOM id serga84 bug minor none ui.datepicker
#14245 ui.a11y autocomplete arian compliance disic bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#14634 Sortable: Uncaught HierarchyRequestError cmruser bug minor none ui.sortable
#14684 Sortable: null reference when dragging to top of list mwilson64 bug minor none ui.sortable
#14732 Sortable scroll reverse when pulling an sortable item down only on Chrome mehrdadab bug minor none ui.sortable
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