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#3914 New effect - "scrollview" - scroll a dom element smoothly into view feature minor 1.10.0 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#7701 Dialog: Custom icon in the dialog titlebar feature minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#8821 mousewheel support in datepicker feature minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8871 [Feature request] Provide a way to include legends/labels on jquery ui slider feature minor 1.10.0 ui.slider
#8889 Month/year navigation feature minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8900 Bootstrap Theme Integration feature minor 1.10.0 ui.css-framework
#9205 Autocomplete feature idea - and code feature minor none ui.autocomplete
#9296 Add options trackOffsetY and trackOffsetX feature minor none ui.tooltip
#9397 Add sortable option to show original position feature minor none ui.sortable
#9651 New option to set limit on items displayed feature minor none ui.core
#9670 Modal dialog enhancement to prevent scrolling of parent window feature minor none ui.dialog
#9774 JQuery UI Resizable snap to element feature minor none ui.resizable
#10047 New "blur" event for dialogs? feature minor none ui.dialog
#10115 Adding a clear button in autocomplete feature minor none ui.autocomplete
#10596 Up down key navigation change feature minor none ui.autocomplete
#10607 snapTolerance not being taken into consideration if the snappable objects are hidden and shown during drag event bug minor none ui.draggable
#10647 Provide callback option which is fired once when the min/ max limits are met bug minor none ui.resizable
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