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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1553 Error in offset position when dragging element more than once paul bug blocker ui.core
#1632 dragging table rows doesn't quite work paul bug minor ui.core
#1643 sortable demo - disable text selection paul bug minor ui.core
#1647 boundaries for resizeables paul enhancement minor ui.core
#1648 UI Magnifier at 100% CPU paul enhancement minor ui.core
#1649 UI demo shadow - incorrect shadow size on resize/dnd paul bug major ui.core
#1670 Dailog Methods - minimize, maximize Scott González feature minor 1.5 ui.dialog
#1671 Calendar - follow naming conventions bug major ui.core
#1691 slider handles cover slider handles on the left paul enhancement major ui.core
#1737 $(foo).sliderMoveTo(dest, scale, changeslide, p) does not eval correctly paul bug critical ui.core
#1743 Paginator Module feature major ui.core
#1757 Slider - click should raise stop event paul enhancement major ui.core
#1770 sortable incorrectly reorders ordered list paul bug major ui.core
#1803 Accordion Bug joern bug major ui.core
#1809 Calendar: October problem solved - all days are displayed iMarc bug critical ui.core
#1858 $(".calendarRange").calendar({ dateFormat: 'YMD-' }); iMarc bug major ui.core
#1883 slider() cannot be applied to JQuery objects that are not yet in DOM bug minor ui.core
#1913 ui droppable - greedy:true option does not change behaviour as expected paul bug major ui.core
#1945 UI Datepicker iMarc bug blocker ui.core
#1965 Error with Datepicker and text field clones on Firefox iMarc bug major ui.core
#2000 Add time selection to UI Datepicker feature major ui.datepicker
#2006 dragged sortables aren't brought to top bug minor ui.core
#2011 Problem with Accordian in Netscape 7.1 joern bug major ui.core
#2043 Slider / SliderSetValues() paul bug major ui.core
#2063 Droppable accept function improvement rdworth enhancement major ui.droppable
#2074 datepicker does not display correctly using blueprint css framework grabanski enhancement trivial ui.datepicker
#2132 Draggables: "remove()" draggable element inside drop event paul bug critical ui.core
#2137 Draggables position:fixed; paul bug major ui.core
#2157 Sortable update callback called before extra DOM element is removed paul bug major ui.core
#2208 Accordion: Ability to disable individual panes feature minor 1.10.0 ui.accordion
#2212 Latest Sortable Demo -- Element losing place in IE7 codesquare bug major ui.core
#2213 Latest Sortable Demo - Inline child respects phantom parent boundary FF codesquare bug minor ui.core
#2262 iFrame problem while using UI Sortables makeSortable codesquare bug major ui.core
#2267 ui.datepicker: minDate maxDate iMarc enhancement major ui.core
#2347 Sortable : callback called before sort really stop paul bug major ui.core
#2399 UI sartable and Cookies Function paul enhancement major ui.core
#2409 jQuery UI Dialog incompatible with ASP.NET Scott González bug major ui.core
#2448 modal dialog in safari2 Scott González bug trivial ui.dialog
#2450 dialog over the div with scrollbars in firefox 2/mac Scott González bug trivial 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#2464 Resizable + Draggable <img> eduardo bug critical 1.5 ui.resizable
#2535 Move modal/overlay code from Dialog to ui.base.js, ui.overlay.js? Scott González feature major ui.core
#2549 [ui.DatePicker] Multiple periods with an attached classname kbwood feature major ui.datepicker
#2583 [Resizable & Draggable] Doesn't work in Opera when called before appendTo() paul bug minor ui.core
#2584 [Resizable & Draggable] Element jumps up & left after resize in Mozilla eduardo bug major ui.core
#2618 Draggable offset is incorrect in IE6 (in quirksmode) brandon bug major ui.core
#2630 [UI Dialog] if not draggable or resizable apply other class to dialog rdworth enhancement major ui.dialog
#2685 ui.droppable.js & overflow paul bug minor ui.core
#2696 Slider - possible bug with slider bar joern bug major ui.core
#2754 UI Sortable drag/drop does not create new nested lists paul bug minor ui.core
#2777 Sortables - zIndex not working on connected Sortables paul bug major ui.core
#2781 Sortables - Helper Vertical Position Issue paul bug major ui.core
#2809 Accordion: reverse accordion feature minor ui.accordion
#2875 UI : Draggable ui.instance undefined paul bug major ui.core
#2933 isMinDate, isMaxDate and isDateInRange getter functions feature minor 1.6 ui.datepicker
#2938 Access to current target paul enhancement trivial ui.sortable
#2957 issue in IE6 when drag using a custom helper on a table row paul bug critical 1.5 ui.core
#2982 Colorpicker widget factory enhancement major 1.7 [meta] ui.themeroller
#2991 Sortable: Growing table bug in FireFox paul bug major 1.5.1 ui.sortable
#2993 "minRange" option for ui slider paul enhancement major ui.slider
#2994 UI Sortables update method paul bug major 1.5 ui.sortable
#3005 effects.scale: Enable option "to". aaron enhancement major 1.5.2 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#3007 Click event missing for resizable with proxy eduardo bug critical 1.7 ui.resizable
#3031 dialog effect (ease) new hieght width Scott González feature minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#3055 hovering elements over other elements while sorting paul bug minor ui.sortable
#3062 properly work with dynamically added AJAXed tabs klaus.hartl feature major ui.tabs
#3091 Allow association with textbox for inline calendar grabanski enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#3103 datepicker's '{speed: ""}' doesn't work width downloaded files grabanski bug major ui.datepicker
#3104 Dialog (or draggable) glitch when html tags styled paul bug major ui.draggable
#3114 resizable on divs with position:absolute eduardo bug minor ui.resizable
#3128 Disabled Datepicker still pops up when buttonImage clicked in IE7 and cannot be closed grabanski bug major ui.datepicker
#3140 "select" objects doesn't work in Safari / Konqueror while inside a draggable div paul bug major ui.draggable
#3147 UI Datepicker usage limited to form inputs grabanski feature minor 1.7 ui.datepicker
#3150 No Containment on "stop:" for Resizable eduardo bug major 1.7 ui.resizable
#3160 Ability to specify dialog containment Scott González enhancement minor 1.6 ui.dialog
#3178 Sortable update callback fires twice if connectWith is on paul bug major 1.7 ui.sortable
#3184 tabs suggests klaus.hartl enhancement trivial ui.tabs
#3197 prevent exposure of internal methods grabanski bug blocker 1.7 ui.datepicker
#3213 add mousewheel to core paul feature major 1.6 ui.core
#3216 Problems with inner div with scrolls bar in dialogs with Opera 9.5x Scott González bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#3219 disable title bar Scott González enhancement minor ui.dialog
#3231 ui.dialog failed with Konqueror 3.5.9 Scott González bug minor ui.dialog
#3239 Unable to cancel click event on buttons created in dialog Scott González bug minor ui.dialog
#3241 ui.sortable + table + (cellspacing > 0) = problem paul bug minor ui.sortable
#3245 More events kbwood feature major ui.datepicker
#3246 Get the alternated formatted value grabanski feature major ui.datepicker
#3262 Draggable with cursorAt in percent paul enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#3269 placeholder does not have any styles added paul bug critical 1.7 ui.sortable
#3270 Datepicker doesn't allow dates before (I assume) 10 years ago grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker
#3271 UI Tabs : appendTo klaus.hartl enhancement minor ui.tabs
#3277 IE/Opera draggables bug paul bug major ui.draggable
#3278 Datepicker wipes out title strings grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker
#3322 DatePicker Position On Scroll grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker
#3448 Dialog - If window is wider than screen then opening a popup will jump scrolling position Scott González bug minor 1.7 ui.dialog
#3452 Gestion of stacked droppable. paul feature major 1.9.0 ui.droppable
#3469 Animation in progress methbod rdworth enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.progressbar
#3477 Themed markup for Grid filamentgroup feature major [meta]
#3478 Design for Project Tool rdworth feature critical [meta]
#3491 Sortables:temp. inline styles not removed prior to stop callback fcn paul bug minor 1.7 ui.sortable
#3499 selectWeek to accompany highlightWeek option kbwood feature minor ui.datepicker
#3513 Images for Prev/next in DatePicker grabanski feature minor ui.datepicker
#3530 $.widget.prototype._trigger() should automatically add the options hash paul enhancement minor 1.7 ui.core
#3543 Multiple inline datepickers, change options of another datepicker, does not redraw/refresh grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker
#3549 Toggling draggable grid values with data() causes unexpected change in grid paul bug minor 1.6 ui.draggable
#3565 Dialog Overlay IE6 Scott González bug minor 1.7 ui.dialog
#3609 resizing table columns in ie6 bug minor 1.7 ui.resizable
#3613 Accordion: cookie persistence feature major 1.6 ui.accordion
#3615 clicking today doesnot parse today's date enhancement major 1.6 ui.datepicker
#3620 When yearRange rolls over, the resulting dates dont bug minor 1.7 ui.datepicker
#3640 Document meta components enhancement major 1.8 [meta]
#3659 ui.tabs - add a spinner_placeholder option klaus.hartl enhancement minor ui.tabs
#3670 Persian Translation for jQuery UI date picker plugin kbwood enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#3677 Javascripts re-execute on show/hide bug major 1.10.0 ui.effects.core
#3697 RTL slider with belloon bug critical 1.7 ui.slider
#3715 draggable: cursorAt could use an animation feature minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#3771 Request for hover callback for datepicker feature minor none ui.datepicker
#3793 Additional Malaysian Translation for jQuery UI date picker plugin enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#3796 "Today" button doesn't work correctly bug trivial ui.datepicker
#3800 Dialog: option to allow provision of alternative function to decorate target dialog elements enhancement minor ui.dialog
#3819 UI site demo-docs: Wiki syntax should be parsed entirely in the python script bug major 1.8 [meta]
#3834 During update (callback) placeholder still exists bug critical 1.7 ui.sortable
#3873 Sortable: not working in IE when elements contain applets bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#3876 create draggable on mousedown enhancement major 1.8 ui.draggable
#3880 Sortable: first drag of sortable item in IE 6 needs to be on text of element bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#3905 Accordion: Incorrect size when initialized in hidden div bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#3908 Sortables on li with list-style-image : Regression in 1.6RC5 (and SVN) from 1.6RC4: can't drop onto the list-style-image anymore bug minor ui.sortable
#3909 Sortables placeholders don't hold their original height anymore (regression from 1.6RC4) bug major ui.core
#3919 resizable knobHandles not showing up in specific case bug minor ui.core
#3922 Tabs: Horizontal scrolling klaus.hartl feature trivial 1.8 ui.tabs
#3923 Provide option to make tabs sortable klaus.hartl feature major 1.6 ui.tabs
#3924 Provide option to make tabs closable klaus.hartl feature major 1.6 ui.tabs
#3925 conflict between location.hash and class=ui-tabs-selected enhancement minor 1.7 ui.tabs
#3927 Provide option to allow simultaneous animations when switching tabs, i.e. crossfade, push klaus.hartl feature minor 1.6 ui.tabs
#3943 CSS files generate errors in Firefox error console bug minor ui.core
#3949 rangeSelect missing from rc1.6 Datepicker bug critical 1.7 ui.datepicker
#3985 Dialog auto width should consider the width of the dialog title enhancement minor 1.8 ui.dialog
#3992 Ensure that no plugins modify the options hash bug blocker 1.8 [meta]
#3999 Datepicker: Add clear button enhancement minor 1.6 ui.datepicker
#4000 Datepicker onChangeMonthYear problem bug minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4013 Selectable - Include option to act as CTRL/CMD key always pressed. luenyar feature minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4014 Need a system to pull demo blocks into jQuery wiki doc pages feature major 1.8 [meta]
#4034 css class ui-corner-* should support Safari and other CSS3 browser enhancement minor 1.7 ui.css-framework
#4045 Datepicker -- Today button enhancement feature minor none ui.datepicker
#4059 Dialog can only be initialized after document is ready in IE bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#4066 Dialog: Using iframe as dialog content leads to sizing problems in FF3 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#4071 Datepicker and ASP.Net validators. Error: 'length' is null or not an object bug major 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#4079 DatePicker allows change to readonly input enhancement major 1.6 ui.datepicker
#4104 Jquery 1.3.1 breaks droppable ? bug major 1.7 ui.droppable
#4116 $('#my_datepicker').datepicker("minDate", new Date()) is throwing an error bug major 1.7 ui.datepicker
#4140 Snap to Grid issues with browser zoom bug major 1.8 ui.draggable
#4157 add ability for multiple opened panes feature major ui.accordion
#4168 Event name collision with mootools bug major 1.11.0 ui.slider
#4171 Datepicker cannot set text input elements value if the input id attribute contains a period ('.') bug critical ui.datepicker
#4177 "Next" button should advance the view by 'numberOfMonths' months bug minor 1.6 ui.datepicker
#4183 Start selection dragging from selectable's parent feature major 1.6 ui.selectable
#4196 ThemeRoller Switcher Widget feature minor 1.10.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#4198 Datepicker: setDate is very slow on IE6 bug major 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#4211 draggable() and droppable() on SVG objects feature minor ui.draggable
#4213 TitlebarButtons enhancement minor 1.7 ui.dialog
#4215 demo-docs home page has weird right hand glitch in IE6 bug major 1.9.0 [meta]
#4246 Update jQuery UI plugins to 1.7 on the Adobe Dreamweaver exchange site bug major 1.8 [meta]
#4247 New Dialog Widget Option: Close Button enhancement minor 1.7 ui.dialog
#4249 revert element with change parent {revert: true} bug minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#4250 Add callback at beginning of effects feature minor 1.6 ui.effects.core
#4254 Datepicker: Localization error in uk locale bug major 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#4255 Drag - Drop not working properly in Firefox and Google Chrome bug critical ui.draggable
#4264 Add datepicker example to select a range of dates enhancement trivial ui.datepicker
#4280 Selectable behavior incorrect in OSX 10.5.6 with Safari 3.1.2 bug major 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4295 handles:{"e,n"} in ie6 doesn't work bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4297 Firefox draggable bug bug major ui.draggable
#4308 Handle goes outside of the body bug blocker ui.slider
#4329 Datepicker show/hide on hover/mouseout feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#4334 Real World Image Cropper demo is broken Scott González bug major 1.6 ui.resizable
#4343 Constrain Resize to Container not working in AIR bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4356 Accordion issue Safari 3.0 bug trivial 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#4361 IE7 stops anti-aliasing when sorting stops if revert=false and opacity is used bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4387 slider handles can be dragged over each other when there are more than 2 feature major none ui.slider
#4423 datepicker not displayed on first click with <body dir="rtl"> bug minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4424 Enable support for loading content from external HTML file enhancement minor ui.dialog
#4430 Crash with DatePicker and dynamic content bug major ui.datepicker
#4435 sortable 'ul' with relative 'li' position in Opera < 10.60 rdworth bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4437 dialog width:auto works incorrectly in IE6/7 bug major 1.8 ui.dialog
#4438 Helper is in the wrong position when body has position: relative and an offset relative to the document bug major ui.selectable
#4447 UI Icons are not even, causes misaligned buttons bug major none ui.css-framework
#4448 Need print CSS for site, especially demos and docs feature major 1.9.0 [meta]
#4452 zindex option when calling the date picker enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#4455 ui-tabs-disabled added to li inside of the panel bug minor 1.6 ui.tabs
#4456 Slider handles overlap datepicker popup bug minor ui.datepicker
#4458 It moves content out of <form> tag. enhancement major 1.7.2 ui.dialog
#4460 memory leak in ie 6.0.2800 bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#4461 Draggable and droppable not functioning when placed inside a container with negative z-index bug major 1.8 ui.draggable
#4465 Add validDates option feature minor ui.datepicker
#4472 IE specific CSS enhancement minor ui.css-framework
#4479 Datepicker currentText -> text is formated to a date bug minor ui.datepicker
#4481 beforeShowDay breaks dialog when element is inline bug minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4499 Sortable : IE Bug (filter property affects overflow on sortable item) bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4519 getDate without dateFormat bug minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4528 highlight specific dates in datepicker enhancement minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4530 disabled & special days feature minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4531 e.originalTarget not set for WebKit and Opera on start/stop handlers bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4538 HTML overwrite - such as dialog default div structure enhancement major 1.8 ui.dialog
#4547 IE6: CSS for icon does not work properly bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#4555 Clickable trough disable enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#4560 Investigate the technical requirements of allowing multiple sections open at once feature trivial 1.8 ui.accordion
#4567 changeYear setting results in truncated list of options in the drop-down bug major 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4587 jQuery Tabs Do Not Update Browser's Location Bar feature minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#4588 Tab repositioning on window resize issue bug minor 1.8 ui.tabs
#4598 Dialog: Modal dialog cannot be brought on top of non-modal dialogs feature minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#4606 Dialog: dialog('disable') does not disable OK/Cancel buttons inside dialog feature major 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#4607 Fixed panelId for ui.tabs enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#4610 Holidays highlight in ui.datepicker enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#4612 localization.html demos bug minor [meta] ui.demos
#4614 Status message not going away in Firefox when using Datepicker together with FCKeditor bug minor ui.datepicker
#4641 Datepicker doesn't take the yearRange into account when rendering bug minor ui.datepicker
#4658 Accordion header text should be wrapped in a SPAN bug minor 1.8 ui.accordion
#4665 jQuery UI 1.7.2 - Opera(9.63) issue with Form submitting through a dialog . bug major 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#4696 Bug with revert and grid : the element goes back to a bad position bug major 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#4697 droppable area shrinks when animated bug minor ui.droppable
#4700 Dialog behaves badly if it is created from relative element in Opera bug major 1.8 ui.dialog
#4705 Option to bring draggable to front on click enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#4713 Disabling themeswitcher cookies feature minor 1.10.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#4714 Themeswitcher: onSelect behavior feature minor 1.10.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#4715 Themeswitcher: Selecting themes to allow feature minor 1.10.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#4725 cannot deselect selectable on firefox 3.0.12/mac os x bug minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4726 Minimum range for sliders enhancement minor ui.slider
#4734 Select controls are broken on initial tab bug major 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#4735 Dialog: Unable To Resize Dialog In IE6 bug major 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#4755 Default date goes to 1900 instead of 2000 bug minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4809 Create secific, keyword-rich TITLE tags for each page to improve SEO feature major 1.9.0 [meta]
#4813 Re-order the panels after sorting enhancement major ui.tabs
#4814 'Today' doesn't show properly in button panel bug minor ui.datepicker
#4818 Tabs: spinner option doesn't "just work" bug trivial 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#4819 Pass full options into Draggable and Resizable enhancement minor ui.dialog
#4834 Tab anchor tabTemplate with multiple SPAN failing enhancement major 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#4841 Dialog over pdf document embedded in iframe does not display correctly rotoflex bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#4842 draggable droppable ignore change scope bug minor 1.9.0 ui.droppable
#4847 DatePicker: does not popup properly in IE6 feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#4851 show(explode) on image bugs out if not cached bug minor 1.8 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#4858 Sortable + revert + IE6 + scrollbar = weird behaviour bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4860 ui.core.js should create $.ui only if it doesn't exist bug minor ui.core
#4862 Request for choosing time as well in the date picker component feature major ui.datepicker
#4866 showWeek goes to 53 for subsequent year bug minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4868 Themeswitcher cookie needs a path option feature major 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#4875 Sortable: fails if li element has overflow set to auto bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4901 Allow multiple draggable feature minor ui.draggable
#4920 Sortable works incorrect if contains divs with style "float" bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4936 Suggestion enhancement major ui.sortable
#4948 Datepicker does not work in FF & Safari with "body { overflow:scroll }" bug minor ui.datepicker
#4954 Add functionality for ui-accordion-group back in feature minor ui.accordion
#4957 Create function to normalize values to jQuery objects Scott González feature major 2.0.0 ui.core
#4965 Pull up selector-escaping from tabs into ui.core enhancement critical 1.8 ui.core
#4975 Dialog: Cannot modify zIndex option after init bug major 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#4982 Week end config enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#4991 [PATCH] enhancing simulate.js to accept jquery as drop target enhancement minor ui.core
#4996 datepicker: beforeShowDay class applies to TD and child A overrides it bug minor ui.datepicker
#5015 Optional displaying the Close button enhancement minor ui.dialog
#5017 UI Resizable does not work with Table on Mozilla browsers bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5033 Do not close datepicker until close button is clicked. graywh feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5037 IE7 ui.slider bug bug major 1.9.0 ui.slider
#5045 Multiple Tab Rows Break bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#5050 Draggable: overconstrained image inside overflow:auto div doesn't clip properly bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5063 Wire Frame Dialog Dragging feature major ui.dialog
#5066 Themeswitcher collapse bug in Firefox bug minor 1.10.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#5081 Use themeroller icon for datepicker button image enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#5096 Draggable does not scroll in IE6 bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5116 resizing div makes another div jump in ie6 bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5135 slider: minConstraint, maxConstraint, enforceConstraints enhancement minor ui.slider
#5137 Re-positioning of dialog after resize event enhancement minor none ui.dialog
#5172 Allow cancelling of all autocomplete events feature minor ui.autocomplete
#5181 No test for Constraints when Array passed : Patch included bug minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#5197 Sortable: using a large or complex placeholder in IE8 causes drag to stop prematurely bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5240 Arrow keys don't work on datepicker field in Opera 9.64+ Eyeless bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5254 Input, button and anchor buttons aren't consistent in IE7 bug major 1.11.0 ui.button
#5255 dateFormat/altFormat accept week number and year (iso 8601) feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5281 Button is positioned incorrectly in IE7 getimoliver bug minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#5299 Optional title div via widget option feature minor ui.dialog
#5300 Dialog Ajax Content feature minor ui.dialog
#5301 Dialog: Add a numeric string to dialog width option feature minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#5306 Would be nice to get themeName as arg in onSelect callback for the themeswitcher feature minor [meta] ui.themeroller
#5334 ui-helper-hidden get overwritten on initialization of button bug minor ui.button
#5337 Demos: Themeswitcher doesn't change icons. bug major 1.9.0 [meta]
#5381 UI site: Autocomplete demo broken bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#5410 optgroup enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#5427 Modify "today" Date RiPr feature minor none ui.datepicker
#5439 select event not fired on tab initialization feature major 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#5446 public function for querying a date's 'selectable' status feature major none ui.datepicker
#5462 display value of progressbar in center of it and a symbole feature minor ui.progressbar
#5476 Wrong year bug minor ui.datepicker
#5485 ajax tabs event (tabsshow and tabsload) order and trigger bug major 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#5486 Dialog destroy method doesn't return element into it's initial position in DOM bug minor ui.dialog
#5505 Please, give us possibility not to use z-index for datepicker feature major ui.datepicker
#5533 Position fails when no top value is set for absolute in IE bug major 1.9.0 ui.position
#5548 Themeswitcher doesn't allow you to go back to a non-gallery theme bug major 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#5550 Day is wrong prior to 10/15/1582 bug minor ui.datepicker
#5561 DatePicker Truncation in IE6 daveroberts bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5574 Extend DatePicker with a NotifyUpdate event. feature major ui.datepicker
#5589 Buttons: display issue in FF2 when source element is anchor, checkbox, or radio bug blocker 1.9.0 ui.button
#5603 Button with icon not displayed correctly in Firefox when button has css height. bug major 1.11.0 ui.button
#5611 Autocomplete: append item list to input instead of body enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#5614 ThemeRoller Bookmarklet - Support multiple versions feature major [meta] ui.themeroller
#5620 Sortable along y-axis with parent containment fails to put large item at the bottom of list when dragging bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5643 Add option to remove X from upper right corner of dialog enhancement minor ui.dialog
#5644 Button: Buttonset radio buttons ignore readonly attribute bug major 1.11.0 ui.button
#5647 Effects on MathML elements bug major ui.effects.core
#5659 CSS Framework: Don't show icon when only ui-icon class is present bug minor ui.css-framework
#5674 Select first item when list opens feature major ui.autocomplete
#5683 icons don't work on input type submit bug minor ui.button
#5687 Cancellable beforeClose event in the Autocompletor enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#5708 Datepicker: Add option to control if the year is displayed feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5709 Slider: Allow negative ranges feature minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#5717 A tab set with nested tabs breaks with tabs('add',...) bug minor ui.tabs
#5729 Separator support for jquery.ui.autocomplete / complete only part of input enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#5730 Dialog destroy option to destroy self.element enhancement minor ui.dialog
#5758 Button: Span for button text is applied even if present feature minor 1.12.0 ui.button
#5771 Selectable: Meta AND Shift key should allow multiple non-adjacent selections enhancement trivial ui.selectable
#5784 UI-tabs : selectNextTab, selectPreviousTab, showTab, hideTab feature minor ui.tabs
#5804 Class animation: Add support for transformations feature minor ui.effects.core
#5813 Specify where panels are inserted to DOM enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#5849 Drag contained event enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#5908 1.8.3 breaks html in autocomplete suggestions bug minor ui.autocomplete
#5914 dialog should get its buttons from the DOM enhancement minor ui.dialog
#5918 Using HTML in Autocomplete enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#5926 Sortable: Relatively positioned elements disappear after sort in IE7 bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5933 Autocomplete: Doesn't work with IME (input method editor) bug major 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#5942 Bug in dragging on Opera 10.x. bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5947 UI.Dialog (Basic and Modal) are showing as selected in Opera 9.x bug major ui.dialog
#5950 Create an option to disable the focusing code in enhancement minor ui.dialog
#5957 More expressive (background-)image names enhancement minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#5958 Datepicker: Allow the use of a function to determine the altField element(s) feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#5961 It's can't get the value in radio buttonset, if use ui.effects, in IE Browser bug minor ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#5979 $().button() with an image inside not working in IE7/8 bug minor 1.11.0 ui.button
#5988 ThemeRoller bookmarklet doesn't work in Minefield bug minor [meta] ui.themeroller
#5996 add() callback called after show() bug minor ui.tabs
#5997 It should be possible to use tabs without the fragment identifiers enhancement minor ui.tabs
#6010 Add option to suggest single words only feature minor ui.autocomplete
#6031 Java applet inside tab loses state in non-IE browsers Robin Smidsrød bug major 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#6043 Add "match at beginning" to autocomplete enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#6048 Add ability to highlight some days feature minor ui.datepicker
#6063 Button: Labels with implicit controls are not converted to buttons. bug minor 1.11.0 ui.button
#6066 Accordion: Fix ARIA semantics feature blocker 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#6068 Accordion: IE9 B gives null references on paddingTop and paddingBottom bug major ui.accordion
#6087 autocomplete allow html enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#6099 Dialog options conflict with augmented javascript Object bug minor ui.dialog
#6103 Dialog wont reposition position bug minor ui.dialog
#6108 Need droppable to be able to accept itself enhancement minor ui.droppable
#6118 Support for non-linear incrementation enhancement minor ui.slider
#6133 Enhancement for jQuery Combobox enhancement minor [meta] ui.demos
#6144 tabs ajaxOptions should extend $.ajaxSettings bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#6161 Accordion: Ability to hide individual headers/panes feature minor ui.accordion
#6162 Accordion: Allow fillSpace to work when the accordion has siblings feature minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#6180 Size of Dialog broke in 1.8.1 with core 1.4.2 Internet Explorer 7 and perhaps others bug minor ui.dialog
#6204 Datepicker i18n: Clean up files bug blocker 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6213 Datepicker: no option for jumping years feature minor none ui.datepicker
#6214 Text in select dropdowns inside tab area doesn't fit initially in IE 8/9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#6217 Dialog: IE6 doesn't respect auto height with dynamic content bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#6219 plugin access error when create a new widget inherited from 'draggable' bug major ui.draggable
#6222 Position breaks under zoomed webkit bug minor 1.9.0 ui.position
#6234 Position: Elements with top or left set to "auto" are positioned incorrectly in Opera bug minor 1.9.0 ui.position
#6241 add a tokens option feature major ui.autocomplete
#6264 Datepicker's onSelect not fired when setDate() is called. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6266 case insensitivity does not work in FF 3.5 for non-latin characters bug minor ui.autocomplete
#6269 Option to make Autocomplete behave more like 'Google suggest' enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#6654 Allow a tabs() option to specify the container which will hold panels feature minor ui.tabs
#6655 Position: Allow positioning across iframes feature minor ui.position
#6663 position offset enhancement minor ui.position
#6669 Datepicker _selectDate invalid restore focus bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6697 new setClass effect (with use cases) feature minor 1.9.0 ui.effects.core
#6700 dialog moves with a delay bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6718 Slider handle shows min value when min and max are identical bug minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#6719 Autodelete for Dialogs enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6722 Provide data-widgetName-options way to pass in options enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.widget
#6725 Optional Keyboard Events Setting enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6743 Accordion: Add .ui-accordion-heading class enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#6745 Tab Add not returns the added li Element feature minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#6759 validDays - list of selectable days feature minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6781 Effects: New jQuery-ui effects.text jstroem feature major none ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#6788 Button checkbox/toggle state is visually indeterminate enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#6789 DatePicker _selectDate doesn't have to use $(id) enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6800 When the date is formatted without the year, the year value gets corrupted. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6819 Add an event equivalent to autocompleteselect that works for free text feature minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#6829 Ability to use setDate date with any date not just "Today" enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6844 Draggable: support CSS tranforms feature minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#6845 add today text to left of datepicker button enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6871 Draggable: helper won't revert to original position if the original item was removed during the drag mikesherov bug minor 1.11.0 ui.draggable
#6882 Dialog: Java applets appear in front of the dialog bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#6912 buttons dont work in overflow div in IE7 bug minor 1.11.0 ui.button
#6913 Buttons display incorrectly when inside an animating panel IE7 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#6917 Datepicker min/maxDate don't prevent typing in dates outside this range bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6922 Interactions with cloned helpers are broken with jQuery 1.5 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.sortable
#6936 Accordion's content panel spills out to the side in IE 6 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#6941 Dialog: More control over modal behavoir... feature minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#6951 Inline script executing on FIRST drop. bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6952 UI Position, target.offset() returns object with read only properties. Position attempts to change these and returns exception in Firefox 3.6 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.position
#6953 Autocomplete listbox on resize of browser window bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#6963 Tabs: Hidden tabs can be read by screen readers bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#6972 Datepicker: Add date details into day cell class enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6977 why don't you think about the ui layout enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.core
#6980 Draggable DIV jumps in Safari&Chrome after Ctrl+/- bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#6990 autocomplete cursor position lost in all major browsers bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#6991 Theme Switcher Tool is not non-pollution friendly jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#7000 Draggable: does not detect nested, removed Draggable when element is removed during drag bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#7003 Option to Limit Text in Autocomplete to Valid Choices feature minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7004 Add Type-Ahead function to autocomplete enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7010 Accordian animation laggy and jagged with css3 box shadows bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#7042 Autocomplete: Default autoFocus to true feature blocker 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7047 Framework Icons enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.css-framework
#7048 Autocomplete searching text enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7050 Upgrading to jquery 1.5.1 causes IE8 to fail bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7068 draggables start and stop events should still fire when no dragging has occurred enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#7069 Effects: New effect - Split jstroem feature minor none ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#7076 Set Z-Index on Click also feature minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#7077 Button: Inconsistent button height in IE6 Necroman bug minor 1.11.0 ui.button
#7079 gotoCurrent doesn't work if dateFormat doesn't have day bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7096 Configuration options callbacks enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.core
#7100 jquery.color feature minor 1.9.0 ui.effects.core
#7101 Themeswitcher does not work in IE 7 or 8 danheberden bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#7105 Improving Internal Effects API - Part 3 Corey Frang enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.effects.core
#7111 Dialog Close button has no title. David.Sullivan feature minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7114 images size problem with GTMetrix bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7119 Accordion Active function small error bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#7121 Sortable: Document and support the object version of the placeholder option feature minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7167 Draggable: dropOnEmpty option or Sortable: repurpose same feature minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#7171 Reference only jquery as x,y instead of x.y.z in demos and tests enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.core
#7195 ThemeRoller Bookmarklet not working jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#7196 ThemeRoller Bookmarklet close icon not shown jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#7208 Autocomplete set maximum results enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7222 Show/Hide Titlebar enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7223 Some Validation errors in jquery-ui-1.8.9.custom.css bug minor 1.9.0 ui.css-framework
#7224 Add filter button icon feature minor none ui.css-framework
#7228 Add Oridinal Suffix to Date Picker Formatting feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7234 iPad Safari truncates tab content on lengthy documents bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7235 Button: Add dynamic label to simplify buttons from checkboxes feature minor 1.11.0 ui.button
#7246 PLEASE DO NOT USE GOOGLE CODE enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.css-framework
#7248 Themeswitcher: Error with SSL jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta]
#7273 Table header style on datepicker collision enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7274 Combobox example expanded to make interaction more like other comboboxes enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7355 Focusing should be disabled with an option [again] enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7358 Adding step / incremental autocomplete option feature minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7376 Tabs: native onclick event is triggered with jQuery 1.6 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7391 Update i18n code to use double quotes instead of single feature minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7392 border-right on middle button on buttonset() enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#7405 Add date format hint to localizations saje feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7411 Split build.xml file into macrodefs in separate files enhancement minor 1.9.0 [meta]
#7414 Slider: adding rangeDrag feature to slider feature minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#7441 datepicker should update input box on month/year selection from dropdown enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7444 Ability to get handle position in slide() event enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#7457 ThemeSwitcher doesn't load theme previews (403 error) jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta]
#7471 Tabs: Add height option to match accordion feature minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7472 Dialog button keyboard shortcuts enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7479 datepicker: support for Broadcast Calendar enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7493 ui.tabs: load event does not work as expected bug minor git ui.tabs
#7508 Show suggestions on focus? enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7539 doc tabs on position page don't work jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta]
#7561 Use launchpad to improve and extend datepicker localizations feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7582 Form select initial display cut off in IE9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#7586 autoSize calculated wrong when Input type is new HTML5 search bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7594 Datepicker, changeYear: true, yearRange should adjust to manually entered date on input field. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7603 Autocomplete: support canceling a search in progress enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7604 Using sortable together with a click handler does not work in Safari bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7633 Add option to exclude date ranges. feature minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7636 Datepicker var calling enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7653 Addition of "url" option on Dialog feature minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7654 Datepicker doesn't fire change event on the input element when onSelect is set. bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7659 Suggestion for overlay improvement in jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.css enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7668 Docs: Add note regarding the cancel option of sortable enhancement minor 1.9.0 [meta]
#7670 IE6 crashing when using window.location.reload for callback bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7693 DatePicker clear button feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7699 Derived Widgets Don't Inherit "Static Methods" From Base Widget askohen enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.widget
#7700 accordion for vertical feature minor ui.accordion
#7704 uiDialog.draggable: override containment and scroll options feature minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7705 Autocomplete: option to select search method feature minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7715 Option to specify the tab list selector Skaffen enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7719 Add lostfocus event to ui.dialog cjaxsn feature minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7735 disableSelection breaks ability to focus text inputs in browsers that don't implement the nonstandard onselectstart bug minor 1.9.0 ui.core
#7739 Datepicker: allow maxDate restriction based on number of occurrences feature minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7744 Button: add automatic disable to avoid multiple clicks enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#7763 zIndex > 999999 and modal = true "disables" checkboxes in FF bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7775 Good news i found a way to make datepicker globalization feature minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7785 script in tabs content executed twice when using .tabs("add",...) bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7805 Dialog: Height parameter ignored when the selected element is a table bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#7809 Slider: Left handle keyboard not working for a range slider with jQuery 1.6.2 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#7811 Selecting Multiple Dates feature minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7814 Button: Exception - htmlfile: Unexpected call to method or property access. bug minor 1.11.0 ui.button
#7831 parseDate() regression since #7244 fix feature minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7877 Resizable should have a "snap-to-100%" option feature minor 1.9.0 ui.resizable
#7879 Resizable should have a reset-method or the destroy-method should also reset the dimensions enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.resizable
#7903 Slider range bug in Opera bug minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#7904 Sortable: Cursor is not reset after sorting in IE9 bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7911 Button: icon only button in dialog causes horizontal scrollbar in Opera bug minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#7923 Datepicker over a scrollbar doesn't work in Opera bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7933 slider: snapping of value to floor/ceil rather than always nearest step enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#7997 Make scope explicit in callbacks enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.droppable
#7998 Allow event name in dialog buttons "click" enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8020 Accordion behaves differently in Firefox if active or not on first display gunnicom bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#8021 Tabs: Ordered List bug in IE 9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#8022 vml:fill color2 overwritten when using effect show/hide/toggle rossi bug minor 1.9.0 ui.effects.core
#8027 the cookie set by persistent tabs triggers false positive in mod_security bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#8041 Spinner: Remove number type bug minor 1.9.0 [meta]
#8075 Can we have an option to make the dialog always overlay the "top" window? feature minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8111 For range min and max, return the min or max (using ui.values) with the slider value in event handlers enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#8139 Add "header" option enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8141 Cache raw un-merged options from instantiation in widget for more complicated post-processing fooblah enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.widget
#8146 [datepicker] Cannot choose time (hh:mm:ss) enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8149 correction to ThemeRoller - does not work on pages other than the demo page mdeweerd bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#8157 Animation: Prevent numeric values from becoming negative feature minor none ui.effects.core
#8184 Slider stops working after moving cursor from iframe in IE7 and IE8 bug minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#8208 Autocomplete option text flows into next line when using a scrollbar bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8211 Including delete feature in Autocomplete bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8213 finding tab by title feature minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#8226 Set .ui-widget-header a style jquery-infrastructure feature minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#8229 jquery ui's datepicker issue in IE7 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8233 Autocomplete _create assumes zIndex vFragosop bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8240 No easy/good way to have an inline datepicker WITH a textbox feature minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8250 Left/Right button style request xtss33 enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#8251 only IE8 bug if adding html or text in .ui-slider-handle on the event slide bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#8252 Dialog: Change selectedIndex on a combo on jquery ui dialog after open dialog(with animation) does not work on IE bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#8266 Google Translate breaks datepicker bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8280 Consider adding support for Number object for value property tkelley353 enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.progressbar
#8283 Widgets should be accessible via ancestor names also fooblah bug minor 1.9.0 ui.widget
#8298 DatePicker button off when using position absolute dave.juery7 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8313 JqueryUI certificate does not exist. jquery-infrastructure enhancement minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#8316 dialog() docs; needs a 'dynamic' example. enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8324 "CSS Scope" definistion not work with dialogClass mostowfim bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8330 Datepicker: hide datepicker on blur event gabriel.sobrinho enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8335 Draggable: reports different coordinates for SVG element in Firefox and Webkit bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#8359 Add "beforeOpen" event to Dialog enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8368 Dialog buttons layout is broken in Chrome newest development version rosenfeld bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8369 Auto align (top, left) for draggables feature minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#8370 Auto align/snap for resizable feature minor 1.9.0 ui.resizable
#8371 Remove Deep Naming in Download Package jquery-infrastructure enhancement minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.downloadbuilder
#8372 show date as title text on image button enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8388 Safari: iframe with streamed document overlay tab component Zwonimir bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#8390 ComboBox is a Widget, not a Code Example enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.core
#8398 Add Get All Themes option to enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.core
#8401 Dialogs size is incorrectly calculated in latest Chrome dev rosenfeld bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8414 Draggable should provide a "cancel" method. brennan.roberts feature minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#8420 Datepicker: calculateWeek doesn't take firstDay setting into account bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#8423 Datepicker: displaying multiple months shows an extra row of dates on months subsequent to a "long" month bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#8439 Autocomplete plugin disables custom 'window.onbeforeunload' listener bug minor 1.10.0 ui.autocomplete
#8440 Initialization based on <input type="range" /> element feature minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#8447 Borderless dialog feature minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8452 Draggable objects jump around when dragging at zoom levels other than 100% in Chrome bug minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#8538 "Slide" effect jerks in Chrome when page is zoomed in or out bug minor 1.9.0 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#8542 bug: Widget _on shoud ignore extended Object.prototype bug minor 1.9.0 ui.widget
#8548 Need more options looping/iterating behavior of autocomplete feature minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8589 Position breaks when using window as centering parent in zoomed viewports bug minor 1.9.0 ui.position
#8606 Sortable: IE 10 offsets go awry when page is scrolled bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#8608 During focus event, link classes are hidden in IE7 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8611 Tab navigation slow in dialogs with large DOM feature minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#8618 Resizable: Gives unexpected results when used on a rotated (using css) element bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#8633 IE10 issue mazzoo bug minor 1.9.1 ui.sortable
#8635 "no results" message feature minor 1.9.1 ui.autocomplete
#8636 Option to force selection from the list feature minor 1.9.1 ui.autocomplete
#8645 Array option in widget isn't cloned bug minor 1.9.1 ui.widget
#8648 jquery-ui datepicker displays wrong characters when document charset is ISO8859-1 bug minor 1.9.1 ui.datepicker
#8657 Enter value in Spinner feature minor 1.10.0 ui.spinner
#8673 Tabs: setting data in beforeLoad doesn't work Mamen bug minor 1.10.0 ui.tabs
#8676 Accordion chandan bug minor 1.10.0 ui.accordion
#8677 Tabs: input text truncated when width is set inside tabs in IE10 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.tabs
#8698 different values for snapTolerance by direction feature minor 1.10.0 ui.draggable
#8707 jQuery icons do not center on buttons inside jQuery menu crowcoder bug minor 1.10.0
#8708 Tooltip: Display on option elements in WebKit bug minor 1.10.0 ui.tooltip
#8721 Widget subclass abstraction feature minor 1.10.0 ui.widget
#8746 Tooltip: Both Jquery tooltip and standard title shown in IE < 10 bug minor none ui.tooltip
#8764 Tooltip does not disappear if the the element the tooltip is on opens a dialog weasel423 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.tooltip
#8766 datepicker weeknummers and firstDay bug minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8767 DatePicker's Today button gives user no feedback bug minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8776 Spinner for numbers feature minor 1.10.0 ui.spinner
#8784 trigger search from select within jquery ui autocomplete not working bugtester bug minor 1.10.0 ui.autocomplete
#8786 display issue when using autocomplete in IE7 palloquin bug minor 1.10.0 ui.autocomplete
#8806 Flash Content in ui.panel is reloaded in Google Chrome! The old bug is back! varex bug minor 1.10.0 ui.tabs
#8817 datepicker div is cut off by iframe with pdf in ie and chrome bug minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8826 Widget: ._on() equivalent of .one() nix feature minor 1.10.0 ui.widget
#8833 default dateFormat better to be 'dd/mm/yy' feature minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8837 Dialog: Select Unclickable in Windows Firefox 16 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#8839 Sortable: IE7/8, stack overflow occurs when run a jQuery.sub after sorting elements. bug minor 1.10.0 ui.sortable
#8843 Disable cache bug minor 1.10.0 ui.tabs
#8878 Autocomplete: change event not fired on menu selection bug minor 1.10.0 ui.autocomplete
#8880 Autocomplete problem with alert function bug minor 1.10.0 ui.autocomplete
#8888 Add code metric checks to .jshintrc feature minor git [meta]
#8904 Should jQuery UI's test harness be independent of MAMP feature minor 1.10.0 ui.core
#8938 Invalid vertical scrollbar when AutoComplete + Bgiframe + fixed Height in IE6 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.autocomplete
#8940 Draggable: Incorrect calculations with HTML padding and/or BODY width or margins bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#8968 Datepicker: month unselectable in popup window in IE8 bug minor none ui.datepicker
#8982 Dialog containment should be reset when using new "appendTo" option bug minor none ui.dialog
#8990 jQuery UI compatibility with component.js feature minor none [meta]
#8997 Implementation of private methods feature minor none ui.widget
#9002 Spinner: Space between spinner buttons in Opera bug minor none ui.spinner
#9012 Split :tabbable and :focusable into its own file nix_nix feature minor none ui.core
#9060 please provide a closeOnClickOutside option feature minor none ui.dialog
#9062 ui-menu widget configurable delay feature minor none
#9068 Ability to have a transparent overlay on non-focused dialogs, useful for iframe dialogs feature minor none ui.dialog
#9119 resizable div with scrollbar : wrong icon position bartours bug minor none ui.resizable
#9204 Dialog: Add option to completely disable focus on open bug minor none ui.dialog
#9226 animated addClass with many children is slow BenEllis feature minor none ui.effects.core
#9256 Tooltips for disabled elements feature minor none ui.tooltip
#9306 Wish that accordion worked with table, using thead and tbody feature minor none ui.accordion
#9362 Enable widgets to automatically extract their own options from an attribute on the element. feature minor none ui.widget
#9399 Dialog: IE8 black screen on remove with iframe or swf object inside dialog colandchan bug minor none ui.dialog
#9402 IE9 Tabs with Select boxes problem bug minor none ui.tabs
#9406 minified images feature minor none ui.core
#9408 Dialog: Overlay for modal not removed when dialog opened on focus bug minor none ui.dialog
#9414 Autocomplete: return the search term in response event? ronmichael feature minor none ui.autocomplete
#9468 Dialog width:'auto' does not work in JSFiddle bug minor none ui.dialog
#9497 Datepicker: setDate +d/+m/+y doesnt take current value into consideration feature minor none ui.datepicker
#9522 Make ui.autocomplete bfcache friendly liangent bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9550 string evaluation for active option feature minor none ui.accordion
#9554 Cloned button will not disable bug minor none ui.button
#9564 Tabs Div scrolling prasmick feature minor none ui.core
#9616 Clicking on a dialog does not bring it to the front bug minor none ui.dialog
#9643 modal dialog close on overlay click feature minor none ui.dialog
#9661 Widget Factory _on() could make it easier to apply multiple handlers feature minor none ui.widget
#9695 Autocomplete: should not allow to select a disabled item of its menu with the ENTER key paftek75 bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9697 Autocomplete problem with CJK IME golbin bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9700 Dialog: Enter key does not submit form in IE8 with more then one input field and submit input bug minor none ui.dialog
#9728 Slider: Scroll Demo - screwed up on window resize bug minor none ui.slider
#9742 [Combobox][IE10+] autocomplete listing cannot be opened with large data bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9756 Sortable: Allow calling refresh during drag NiGhTTraX feature minor none ui.sortable
#9758 Droppable: over/out events not being sent with overlapping elements benth bug minor none ui.droppable
#9787 Tabs: Not Working in iframes in IE7 bug minor none ui.tabs
#9796 Autocomplete: Search triggered on initialization if input contains an umlaute bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9816 [IE9] IE9 crash with dialog and hide() bug minor none ui.dialog
#9837 Autocomplete: JAWS is knocked out of forms mode when duplicate input value is passed ethan bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9840 Tabs on bottom code is almost right bug minor none ui.tabs
#9850 The i18n packages set up every culture as default bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9879 Slider jumps forward when using CSS 'zoom' bug minor none ui.slider
#9943 Ui.dialog close API should have a force mode, non cancelable with events aravindbaskaran feature minor none ui.dialog
#9966 Autocomplete change fails to pass selected Item if alert is opened inside of the select callback Melvin.Ross bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9968 jQuery ui.Sortable - Need to trigger an event once delay completed before/without move the item HariPa feature minor none ui.sortable
#9970 jquery tabs break on div style bug minor none ui.tabs
#9977 Problem with modal dialog opened when focusing on text input michelgeny bug minor none ui.dialog
#10032 indicate in 'close' or 'beforeclose' that initial focus element no longer exists bug minor none ui.dialog
#10062 Fix JQuery Sortable to Operate Harmoniously with Meteor UI (Blaze) sotarules feature minor none ui.sortable
#10102 IE7-8: input that was added latest is used by all previous DPs bug minor none ui.datepicker
#10112 autocomplete does not search when a map is assigned to it feature minor none ui.core
#10125 delayed mouse event only fires on mousemove (use case: sortable) feature minor none ui.mouse
#10296 jquery tabs "isLocal" returns not correct bug minor none ui.tabs
#10352 Allow to selectively enable/disable tooltips on children elements. feature minor none ui.tooltip
#10465 jQuery-ui datepicker method “getDate”, when using div as container, returns date even if user hasn't selected anything (should return null) bug minor none ui.datepicker
#10524 Tooltip on select makes the drop down list to hide options when using flex box on Firefox 31. bug minor none ui.tooltip
#10526 .disableSelection - different in Chrome and Firefox bug minor none ui.core
#10542 Autocomplete: up/down arrow do a select on Ubuntu (maybe others?) fscherma bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10588 Modify cursorAt option to be more generalised feature minor none ui.sortable
#10623 A way to access original options object on widget's creation sparkybg feature minor none ui.widget
#10630 Radio/Check buttons not changing programmatically feature minor none ui.button
#10638 draggable element make it snap to the vertices around it with a high snapTolerance feature minor none ui.draggable
#10664 Add possibility to make tab contents not visible rather set display to none feature minor none ui.tabs
#10665 Selectmenu: does not preserve tabindex bug minor none ui.selectmenu
#10694 ui.draggable doesn't work with Firefox bug minor none ui.draggable
#10711 Copyright note needs first year in addition to current year bug minor none [meta]
#10741 use github issues please feature minor none [meta]
#10743 Selectmenu select option visibility not propagated during refresh() execution bug minor none ui.selectmenu
#10744 Feature Request - add max-height option to selectmenu API feature minor none ui.selectmenu
#11089 Datepicker: allow date+delta format for minDate and maxDate feature minor none ui.core
#11191 easy-pie-chart & jQueryUI Conflict bug minor none ui.core
#11223 Tabs not working in firefox with authentication in the URL bug minor none ui.tabs
#11415 Draggable refresh position after reverting back bug minor none ui.draggable
#11666 Snap is affected by hidden targets bug minor none ui.draggable
#12380 Tooltip Should Not Trigger on Click simon.ferndriger feature minor none ui.tooltip
#12761 [Chrome] anchor tag containing svg inside div is not visible (tabbable) bug minor none ui.core
#12769 Element doesn't fit in the containment when snapping near to border bug minor none ui.draggable
#13473 Can we display selected values in different boxes in Autocomplete- Multiple value feature minor none ui.autocomplete
#14180 Selectmenu: Page jumps when clicking on selectmenu in IE8 tn bug minor none ui.selectmenu
#14594 delay requires additional mouse event to work properly bug minor none ui.sortable
#14742 FF. mouse scrolling produces item dragging. denis bug minor none ui.draggable
#14885 Anchor in menu item breaks styling Adrian Klaver bug minor none
#14900 Tooltip placement in IE 8-11 is wrong when using jQuery 1.12 bug major none ui.tooltip
#14941 The jquery ui examples don't have an example for if HTML is being pulled in through $.ajax feature minor none ui.core
#14982 Autocomplete support for "mentions" (highlighted references to pre-existing entities) (solution available) feature minor none ui.autocomplete
#14999 Can *.min.* have fewer comments bug minor none [meta]
#15013 Hidden tab can be navigated to via keyboard mkrajew bug minor none ui.tabs
#15015 jquery-ui + browserify not work bug minor none ui.core
#15025 Include dist/ in git repo feature minor none [meta]
#15029 Autocomplete focus in dialog bug blocker none ui.autocomplete
#15063 HTML5 dialog element issue with jQuery UI draggable bug minor none ui.draggable
#15108 button: compatibily on input checkbox broken Bago bug minor none ui.button
#15120 Jquery dialog box needs better customization options feature minor none ui.dialog
#15134 Accordion widget fails AX_IMAGE_01 test Rich Morin bug minor none ui.accordion
#15178 Feature request: Please provide localization for en-in locale in datepicker feature minor none ui.datepicker
#15202 tabs with eq, not id feature minor none ui.tabs
#15206 jQueryUI Sortable placeholder issue on zoom css property in body bug minor none ui.sortable
#15279 Support for private fields and methods within widgets feature minor none ui.widget
#15292 consistency on return types for "instance invocation" compared with "plugin invocation" feature minor none ui.widget
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