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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1640 Error with creating multiple "slider" paul bug critical ui.core
#1645 selectable demo - errerous selection codesquare bug major ui.core
#1666 Explicit position refresh for droppable objects paul feature major ui.core
#1672 Bad selectors on site rdworth bug major ui.core
#1690 Position bug of Selectables codesquare bug major ui.core
#1710 Tabs plugin for jquery ui does not display correctly in IE7 klaus bug major ui.core
#1715 Problem with JQueryUI dialog rdworth bug major ui.core
#1777 jQuery UI Tabs not working in Safari 2.0.4 klaus bug major ui.core
#1899 datepicker - bug in november iMarc bug major ui.core
#1910 Datepicker -> Input field locked from editing iMarc bug major ui.core
#1963 jQuery UI > Dialog > IE6 rdworth bug major ui.core
#1997 Dialog position relative to page length and not window height. rdworth bug major ui.core
#2005 sortable hoverClass appears above dragged item rdworth bug major ui.core
#2036 Safari 2.0.4 - ui.Tabs randomly does not update classes on tab switch klaus bug minor ui.core
#2135 Initializing with a bookmarked tab fails in IE 6 klaus bug minor ui.core
#2155 Range select and disabled dates grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker
#2220 UI Tabs: IE6 memory leaks klaus.hartl bug minor ui.tabs
#2236 First day of week bug grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker
#2238 Datepicker bug in jacnuary and december iMarc bug critical ui.core
#2331 Slider range: dragging range causes weird behaviour rdworth bug critical 1.7 ui.slider
#2348 Slider handles appear offset if minValue and stepping are used together eduardo bug major ui.core
#2387 Sortable "serialize" exception in Opera asbjornu bug major ui.core
#2392 ui datepicker 3.4 enable needs to reattach focus kbwood bug major ui.core
#2484 Slide within tabs klaus feature major ui.tabs
#2489 Nested Tabs with different styling dont work klaus bug major ui.core
#2520 [Resizable]Image move toward oppsited when mouse went out of the boundary eduardo bug critical 1.7 ui.resizable
#2533 datepicker disable/enable focus bug iMarc bug major ui.core
#2536 datepicker position issue bug minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#2547 Draggable bugs in IE and Firefox eduardo bug major ui.core
#2601 If a droppable is enlarged while dragging, can't drop in new 'space' paul bug major ui.core
#2622 Multiple draggables and droppables, dynamically loaded eduardo bug minor ui.core
#2629 Drag & Drop: Position isn't calculated well eduardo bug minor ui.core
#2668 Sortable functionality within scrollable div paul bug major ui.core
#2675 toJSONString button in dialog in JQuery UI 1.5b rdworth bug major ui.core
#2676 Error on window close after showing ui dialog: "jquery.event.special[...].teardown is null or not an object" Scott González bug major ui.core
#2678 [UI Slider] min:0, max:1 doesn't fully work joern bug minor ui.core
#2699 [Patch] ui.datepicker - Higlight custom dates grabanski enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#2718 draggable connectToSortable causes "no properties" error paul bug major ui.core
#2720 draggable, scrolling bug in ie7 paul bug major ui.core
#2725 Resizable: this in stop() method eduardo bug major ui.core
#2727 combining resize and dragging throws an error eduardo bug major ui.core
#2744 Strange behaviour of .length on a li set paul bug major ui.core
#2749 [UI Tabs] can't remove tab index 0 klaus bug major ui.core
#2750 [UI Tabs] removing the selected tab throws an error klaus bug major ui.core
#2760 Display problems of loading icons under IE6 klaus bug trivial ui.tabs
#2779 Draggable stop working in IE paul bug major ui.core
#2780 Sortables - Revert paul bug major ui.core
#2792 accordion right span not inserting correct joern bug minor ui.accordion
#2797 [slider] Slider Demos - "Multiple slides" - negative range? paul bug trivial 1.5.1 ui.slider
#2834 UI resizables eduardo bug major ui.core
#2838 There should be a method to remove all the tabs from ui.tabs klaus.hartl enhancement minor ui.tabs
#2839 Dynamic adding of a remote tab causes error klaus bug major ui.tabs
#2859 Datepicker 3.4.3 'change' commits changes to all datepickers grabanski bug critical ui.datepicker
#2872 In IE if the ui.sortable is inside ui.tabs then drag and drop of list items does not work in many cases klaus.hartl bug major ui.tabs
#2881 error when opening dialog paul bug major ui.core
#2918 DRAG object causes extra CLICK event in Mozilla - simple code example included paul bug major 1.5 ui.draggable
#2927 Sortables fails when display: inline is used. paul bug major 1.5 ui.sortable
#2944 SELECT-Tag shining through Dialog in IE6 Scott González bug major 1.5 ui.dialog
#2950 Draggables (functional demo): With revert option helper is positioned incorrectly paul bug major 1.5.2 ui.draggable
#2955 Accordion Bug, Textareas Scrollbar Jörn Zaefferer bug major 1.7 ui.accordion
#2979 Serialize Function Returns Nothing paul bug major ui.sortable
#2989 Sortables/Draggables ignores handle property paul bug major 1.5.1 ui.sortable
#2998 Problem with showOn: 'button' in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 grabanski bug major 1.5.2 ui.datepicker
#3006 Embedded flash movie in ui.dialog unclickable in Safari 3 Scott González bug major ui.dialog
#3014 Overlay Not Destroyed on Close Scott González bug minor 1.5.2 ui.dialog
#3027 draggable drop down lists in IE paul bug minor ui.core
#3030 Slider Centering paul bug major ui.slider
#3051 Too Much Recursion paul bug major ui.core
#3073 Odd Issue with Effects in a Div Not Submitting Variables paul bug critical ui.effects.core
#3075 Resizable Form Elements don't POST eduardo bug critical 1.7 ui.resizable
#3078 Containment dimensions calculation bug in msie 7 paul bug major ui.draggable
#3097 a sortable list in a dragable block doesn't work feature minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#3100 Datepicker autoopen without focus kbwood bug major 1.6b ui.datepicker
#3101 Slider on Firefox 3 and Safari has display problem paul bug minor 1.7 ui.slider
#3119 A draggable object is offset by a few pixels on revert in firefox when jquery.dimensions is included. paul bug major ui.draggable
#3120 Resize handles fail to appear after partial page update (ASP.NET AJAX) eduardo bug major 1.7 ui.resizable
#3124 Resizable element within Iframe jumps/shifts during resize eduardo bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#3127 Accordion + Slider Jörn Zaefferer bug blocker ui.accordion
#3135 Unable to select text in inputs inside dialog (similar to Ticket #3059 ) Scott González bug major ui.dialog
#3139 UI Tabs ajax call breaks when other ajax requests remove tabs element klaus.hartl bug major ui.tabs
#3163 Nesting Sortables is not working - connecting all groups of same class paul bug major 1.7 ui.sortable
#3181 Centering a Modal dialog box Scott González bug major ui.dialog
#3190 ui.dialog.js height / width function Scott González bug minor 1.7 ui.dialog
#3248 ui.dialog enhancement request for title bar area Scott González enhancement minor ui.dialog
#3249 <select> options not selectable in Safari when container is resizable eduardo bug blocker 1.7 ui.resizable
#3250 First drag event missed with ui.droppable.js file (only Firefox 3) paul bug critical ui.droppable
#3255 cannot select text in dialog content when modal, autoOpen, etc set Scott González bug critical ui.dialog
#3264 Destroying dialog with all of its contents Scott González feature minor ui.dialog
#3265 Tabs in dialog don't work Scott González bug minor ui.dialog
#3279 found a bug in datepicker kbwood bug major ui.datepicker
#3312 Datepciker issue on IE 7 grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker
#3317 destroyOnClose option for dialog? Scott González enhancement minor 1.7 ui.dialog
#3325 ui - not compatible with jQuery.noConflict() Scott González bug blocker 1.7 ui.core
#3331 Injection of span elements screws up list in IE7 Jörn Zaefferer bug major ui.accordion
#3436 Opening a dialog with no tabbable elements Scott González bug major ui.dialog
#3449 Problem With 14th Feb grabanski bug critical ui.datepicker
#3518 Date picker error when the text box's id=1 grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker
#3524 Dialog is not opening after closing it Scott González bug major ui.dialog
#3575 draggable behaviour with flash appearing broken under Safari paul bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#3594 selectOnAdd klaus.hartl enhancement minor ui.tabs
#3628 Resizable position: fixed is not supported bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#3632 Slider - if multiple sliders are created, values should be able to be changed for all of them bug minor 1.7 ui.slider
#3675 Draggables not showing correctly on drag bug minor ui.draggable
#3678 Load callback is not triggered when tabs('load', index) is used bug critical 1.7 ui.tabs
#3679 focus error on IE if disabled bug critical 1.7 ui.datepicker
#3694 Dialog with resizable/draggable: false bug major ui.dialog
#3700 display problems IE6+ nested tabs bug critical 1.7 ui.tabs
#3739 connectToSortable now fails if argument is string bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#3759 [jquery-ui] [ui accordion] alwaysOpen option for nested lists bug minor 1.7 ui.accordion
#3790 IE7 Opera bug major ui.tabs
#3791 Black background PNG-24 in IE7 bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#3797 Slider doesn't always return whole numbers bug major 1.7 ui.slider
#3809 Error positioning, does not appear in the center bug minor 1.7 ui.dialog
#3816 Droppable element not working correctly if scrollable bug critical 1.7 ui.droppable
#3817 links not working\events not firing on IE6 bug major ui.datepicker
#3832 Datepicker docs page does not work bug minor ui.datepicker
#3893 Slider positioning does not take handle with into account bug critical 1.7 ui.slider
#3904 Accordion effect not working in Google Chrome. bug blocker ui.accordion
#3907 problem with drag in Opera bug minor 1.7 ui.draggable
#3931 jquery datepicker display problem in IE 6.0 bug minor 1.7 ui.datepicker
#3932 JQuery Tab bug blocker ui.tabs
#3942 Slow down UI team; they make other libraries look bad bug minor [meta]
#3946 When using "activate", do not animate. enhancement minor ui.accordion
#3950 dialog + combo box UI error bug major 1.7 ui.dialog
#3953 resizable: se handle not visible in IE6 bug blocker 1.7 ui.resizable
#3959 scrolltop hasnt been added to helper bug major 1.7 ui.draggable
#3973 Dialog plugin doesn't work when jQuery UI 1.6 and 1.5 are loaded on the same page. bug minor 1.7 ui.dialog
#3974 jQuery UI Datepicker goes to Chinese after Clicking Next bug minor [meta] ui.themeroller
#3987 sortreceive event listeners contain too many arguments bug blocker 1.7 ui.sortable
#4021 page scroll when drag a sortable element in safari bug critical 1.7 ui.draggable
#4023 Accordion Demos - Negative Tab Index disables Keyboard Navigation bug minor 1.7 ui.accordion
#4048 a links fail to work bug major 1.7 ui.accordion
#4056 jQuery UI Effects - Color Animation bug minor 1.8 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#4058 For me do is confusing and has javascript error in IE7 bug minor 1.7 ui.accordion
#4083 Datepicker UI Opening at Random / Unexpected Locations bug major 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4103 datapicker documentation disappeared bug minor 1.7 [meta]
#4114 Double click in 'Effects' demo bug bug minor 1.7 ui.effects.core
#4125 Erro creating a dialog on div contain a table with more than 2 rows in IE bug major 1.8 ui.dialog
#4137 show effect won't work bug minor 1.7 ui.dialog
#4144 Draggable containment breaks in FF2, Safari, Chrome bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#4151 size problems bug critical 1.7 ui.dialog
#4152 Resizable grid shrinks one grid square every time you resize bug critical 1.7 ui.resizable
#4154 Large form select options scroll broken bug major 1.8 ui.dialog
#4162 Clear/Close buttons not visible. bug minor 1.7 ui.datepicker
#4173 selects show up on top of the overlay in IE6 bug major ui.dialog
#4179 Invalid Windows Timestamp on generated files bug minor [meta] ui.themeroller
#4187 Strange behaviour with resizable and draggable bug critical 1.8 ui.resizable
#4191 Sortables bug major 1.6 ui.sortable
#4195 Strange Dialog Behaviour in I.E bug critical 1.7 ui.dialog
#4197 Drag child on IE bug blocker 1.7 ui.draggable
#4202 datepicker does not allow pre-existing element to be used as a button enhancement critical ui.datepicker
#4229 Actual Position of drop zone is fixed in safari. bug minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#4231 Sortable: not working if scrollbar on page (and scrolled down (once?)) Jörn Zaefferer bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4248 Side scroll slider demo not working with IE bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#4260 Jquery UI Docs are wrong about "connectWith" bug minor 1.8 ui.sortable
#4265 IE 6 display bug - active tab has border on bottom edge bug minor ui.tabs
#4270 Add a pair of rotate icons enhancement minor 1.8 ui.css-framework
#4272 Datepicker buttons don't work in IE6 bug critical ui.datepicker
#4279 effects ignores duration in tr and td elements bug major 1.8 ui.effects.core
#4281 ui,tabs bug minor 1.7 ui.tabs
#4290 Demo on IE7: Title bar / caption bar height changes when moving or resizing Dialog window bug major 1.8 ui.dialog
#4311 Not able to get the slider value when i move the slider handle bug major ui.slider
#4320 Select Ajax tabs based on current url feature minor ui.tabs
#4335 Sortable forcePlaceholderSize has no effect in Internet Explorer bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4339 Modal window incorrect sizes on drop bug minor ui.dialog
#4354 Add method for querying a tab's index position feature minor ui.tabs
#4367 Firefox accordion background stuttering bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#4368 jQuery resizable on Safari and Chrome causes select bugs bug major 1.9.0 ui.resizable
#4378 Month & Year Dropdowns are too big in ie8 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#4389 slider should pass information about which handle triggered an event enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#4390 Included sortables. Bug with elements positions in IE7. bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4393 Accordion: option animated bounceslide is identical to slide (no bounce) bug major 1.8 ui.accordion
#4395 Slider doesn't function at all in Firefox bug major 1.8 ui.slider
#4400 Tabs- Add bug major 1.7.1 ui.tabs
#4414 Accordion Incorrect link destination in Firefox bug major ui.accordion
#4418 Datepicker does not work when loaded later via Ajax bug critical ui.datepicker
#4422 Can I highlight/mark special days ?? enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#4454 Draggable Grid Option Demands "beforeStart" Callback enhancement minor 1.8 ui.draggable
#4466 Datepicker doesn't respond in IE7 bug major 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4478 Provide an option to disable browser autocomplete on datepicker enhanced inputs feature minor ui.datepicker
#4483 Droppable on fixed div incorrectly works on Google Chrome bug major 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#4490 IE 7: accordion is positioned fix on page bug major 1.8 ui.accordion
#4510 DialogBox Bug with firefox bug minor 1.8 ui.dialog
#4516 Feature Request: Custom trigger for datepicker feature minor ui.datepicker
#4527 Stacked overlays cause odd behavior in WebKit-based browsers Christopher bug major 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#4532 Tabs should have the ability to load via AJAX via POST requests enhancement minor ui.tabs
#4539 Modal Dialog Opening Offscreen After Scrolling Browser Window bug critical 1.8 ui.dialog
#4562 effects.bounce.js bug in Opera browser bug minor 1.8 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#4563 Dialog won't reopen if hide effect used on close? bug minor 1.8 ui.dialog
#4571 Webkit Draggable/Droppable bug major 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#4605 addClass with delay to button element not working bug major 1.8 ui.effects.core
#4608 jQuery UI Tabs Ajax Problem bug major ui.tabs
#4616 Optional/Customizable Title Bar on Dialog enhancement minor 1.8 ui.dialog
#4630 Dialog "dialogclose" handlers receive wrong parameters bug minor ui.dialog
#4637 Modal ui.dialog won't display right in IE8 if page longer than apox 500 lines bug major 1.8 ui.dialog
#4640 IE 8 Height Issue bug minor ui.dialog
#4643 Cannot access dynamicly added fields bug major ui.dialog
#4670 Tabs content using AJAX bug minor ui.tabs
#4680 Slider overflow in Internet Explorer with slide function bug major 1.11.0 ui.slider
#4683 jquery ui tabs error bug minor ui.tabs
#4690 Calling "option" before triggering show of datepicker causes datepicker to open bug minor ui.datepicker
#4699 DIV.ui-dialog-content's width grows on resize bug major ui.dialog
#4703 Sortable: nested sortables sometimes allow recursive drops kae bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4707 Datepicker 1.7.2 bug major ui.datepicker
#4724 resizable = false not working in dialog plug-in bug major ui.dialog
#4740 nested sortables creates multiple placeholders in IE bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4742 Webkit browsers (safari + chrome) can't do delayed draggable bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#4746 "stop" draggable event never gets called in safari bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4757 Datepicker bug critical ui.datepicker
#4763 Firefox crashing trying to display a dialog with a long content bug major 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#4768 jQuery UI core plus jQuery 1.3.2 causes crash in W3C box model check bug minor ui.core
#4778 bug bug minor ui.draggable
#4788 Tabs: ('.selector').tabs bug major ui.tabs
#4792 Sorting - adding left: top: css propertyes bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4806 Draggable: Script error bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#4816 A disabled greedy droppable child prevents a drop on the parent element bug major 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#4817 More than 1 tab panel on a page broken bug major ui.tabs
#4822 Bug While displaying tabs with "sup" html tag bug major 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#4825 sortable doesnt handle td/th elements correctly bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4829 Dialog doesnt show up in Firefox if we use Buttons and effects together bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#4832 CSS issue IE8 bug minor ui.dialog
#4835 IE8: load() together with ui.dialog creates full-hight dialog bug minor ui.dialog
#4855 datepicker wrong position in firefox near right page side bug major 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4859 addClass and removeClass with delay gets stuck when absolute/relative position of element changes bug minor 1.8 ui.effects.core
#4867 Dialog with image content auto width/height has wrong position on first launch bug minor ui.dialog
#4871 ahref link click first href bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4873 fix documentation for date picker - alt date format bug minor [meta]
#4904 Sortable: Error "this.helper.0 is null or not an object" when dropping object bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4910 greedy property doesn't work when using .bind syntax bug major ui.droppable
#4914 height is not the same for IE and Firefox browesers bug minor ui.dialog
#4919 Embedded media runs in inactive tabs in Google Chrome bug minor ui.tabs
#4923 Pressing Return (keyCode 13) overwrites manually inserted input in DatePicker bug major 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4924 Broken toggleClass(...) method bug major ui.effects.core
#4927 Date Pick Restrictions feature minor 1.8 ui.datepicker
#4932 .add'ing a tab with a bad url causes odd behavior bug minor 1.8 ui.tabs
#4938 Issue with Tabs/Cookie bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#4952 accordion neste lists bug major 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#4953 Sortable supressing first click after sort on IE bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4958 Nested List Sorting connectWith Not Working bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4966 after redirect in onSelect the datepicker collapses in Safari bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#4971 Droppable: inside tabs issue bmihelac bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#4974 Resizable box jumps when position is 0 mikesherov bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4976 Switch between tabs w/o AJAX, without in-page divs, but with plain old links bug major ui.tabs
#4979 overlapping control with z-index:9999; bug critical ui.datepicker
#4992 Dialog - Modal - Not Vertically Centering In Viewport bug minor ui.dialog
#4993 ui.sortable option helper (clone) doesn't work bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4994 Draggable: Add support for dir="rtl" inamjameel feature minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5002 "open" event handler doesn't receive ui parameter bug minor ui.dialog
#5019 connectToSortable fails if sortable is applied before element was appended to document bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5029 Enter key does not submit modal dialog form in IE with hidden submit input bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#5032 datepicker option showMonthAfterYear has no visible effect bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#5038 dialog close event not captured if specified in options bug minor ui.dialog
#5040 Safari jQuery UI sortable loses behavior when showing/hiding container elements bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5042 jquery tab problem in google chrome bug major ui.tabs
#5047 draggable in IE7+ freezes after stop: bug blocker ui.draggable
#5062 dialog and jquery 1.4 not working correct bug major ui.dialog
#5067 modal dialog and jquery 1.4 not working correct bug minor ui.dialog
#5073 UI Dialog Resize Area Rendering When Resize Disabled bug minor ui.dialog
#5077 The height of an dialog change when dragging if the dialog contains no buttons bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#5089 Extra parameters in autocomplete enhancement major 1.8 ui.core
#5106 Wrong params in callback bug critical 1.8 ui.autocomplete
#5107 Autocomplete: issues with the viewport bug minor 1.8 ui.autocomplete
#5112 Draggable dialog weird behavior if screen scroll bug critical ui.dialog
#5121 DatePicker dateFormat and defaultDate bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#5127 Reopening Remember Position bug minor ui.dialog
#5132 Slider: Incorrect values returned bug blocker 1.8 ui.slider
#5151 UI datepicker's defaultDate UI is confusing - please add some kind of todayDate option enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#5160 Dropdowns within Tabs are slow in Firefox, IE, etc bug major ui.tabs
#5162 hide() using a slide effect with direction "down" not working bug major 1.9.0 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#5164 Footer missing on most of the UI site bug blocker 1.8 [meta]
#5202 Animated class change effect causes error on ALL IE versions bug major ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#5203 Animating colors does NOT work in ANY browser bug critical ui.effects.core
#5212 Dialog wont reposition position bug minor 1.8 ui.dialog
#5229 .sortable( 'cancel' ) cancels whole item drag bug minor ui.sortable
#5232 slider returning incorrect values with slide method bug major ui.slider
#5241 Radio buttons with icons padding issue bug major ui.button
#5243 selected checkbox in buttonset missing right border bug minor ui.button
#5282 Button is going through "clicked" animation, even though it is only being held down. bug minor 1.8 ui.button
#5298 ui.position generates wrong position in scrolling environment bug critical 1.9.0 ui.position
#5309 No such interface supported. Tab bug minor ui.tabs
#5312 html error feature minor ui.autocomplete
#5313 Modal Dialog's background shadow disappears in Firefox when page scrolls bug critical 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#5331 Nested Accordian in FireFox has scrollbar bug minor ui.accordion
#5344 Button: priority secondary doesn't look disabled when disabled bug minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#5345 Improve YSLOW report enhancement minor ui.core
#5353 Autocomplete - POST option for remote request enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#5354 onAfterChangeMonthYear addition to datepicker enhancement minor ui.datepicker
#5356 When focus is getting out of autocomplete list, the input value should resume default bug minor 1.8 ui.autocomplete
#5360 [IE] JS error when moving with keyboard from autocomplete list to the field bug major 1.8 ui.autocomplete
#5369 Jquery UI Custom Download page bugged when all itemes are deselected bug major [meta] ui.downloadbuilder
#5372 Mouse click not always triggering click event in Firefox/3.0.12 (ui.autocomplete) bug minor ui.autocomplete
#5389 Basic Dialog Demo: Dialog jumps down if left open and you click on the 'options' tab bug minor [meta] ui.demos
#5409 a draggable and resizable element can be dragged outside the containment element bug minor ui.resizable
#5424 Options after initialisation enhancement minor ui.dialog
#5425 In the version query-ui-1.8 the dialog buttons lose the styles. bug major ui.dialog
#5447 Close button, title and arrangement by groups in autocomplete enhancement trivial ui.autocomplete
#5450 Cannot drop items onto a empty list for connected sortable list inside a overflowing div bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5451 Tabs Cache bug major ui.tabs
#5463 ev.originalEvent is undefined in slidechange bug major ui.slider
#5465 Quickly switching ajax tabs results in empty page with cache enabled bug major 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#5470 Double click sortable -- chrome [duplicate of #5004] bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5489 autocomplete zIndex bug major 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#5497 transfer show effekt doesn't work correkt bug minor ui.effects.core
#5503 Sortable dynamic canceling does not work bug minor ui.sortable
#5507 IE8 bug -> jqueryUI1.8, Sortable -> Portlets bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5514 Wish: allow a custom state per day in the calendar (via a callback) feature minor ui.datepicker
#5516 Dialog is not displayed on the screen under chrome - problem with overlays bug minor ui.dialog
#5534 Calling .button() with icons on a <button> element makes button really wide bug minor ui.button
#5535 ui.tabs not rendering as tabs bug critical ui.tabs
#5537 Draggable: position relative draggable jumps on first drag in Opera bug major 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#5539 Unable to change background texture for overlays when building custom theme in ThemeRoller bug minor [meta] ui.themeroller
#5552 form elements in dialog bug minor ui.dialog
#5558 Draggable: Selecting the text within the delay draggable demo causes the draggable to drug until you left click wgoldman bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5564 Unable to remove() ui.draggable (sortable item) immediately after the drop callback. bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5565 slider initial disable not works bug minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#5570 Problem when dialog are resizable and the content overfow bug minor ui.dialog
#5582 .progressbar() don't work well in IE8 bug blocker ui.progressbar
#5584 does not seem able to be able to take into account width of handle when positioning feature major 1.9.0 ui.slider
#5601 Tabs get wrong height when near a float bug major 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#5613 dialog widget feature feature minor ui.dialog
#5667 Datepicker bug in graphics? bug major ui.datepicker
#5672 All IE Freezes due to guid is null or not an object bug critical ui.core
#5675 Range-Sliders .slider('values', n) delay bug major ui.slider
#5677 dialog, negative offset not working bug minor ui.dialog
#5681 sortable is extremely slow in ie8 in some cases bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5682 Position moves off screen when used with .show() & .hide() in IE bug major ui.position
#5688 dialog has incorrect height with buttons and height=auto bug minor ui.dialog
#5702 Short disappearance of scrollData in IE bug minor ui.button
#5712 ui.selectable.css is absent on server bug blocker 1.9.0 [meta] ui.downloadbuilder
#5713 Browser autocomplete not disbled in IE bug minor ui.autocomplete
#5714 Draggable 'stop' event malfunctioning in FF and Chrome bug major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5724 Dialog position wrong in chrome 5 bug major ui.dialog
#5736 'icons.header' is null or not an object bug minor ui.accordion
#5745 UI download not downloading bug critical 1.8.3 [meta] ui.downloadbuilder
#5747 Radio button height not uniform when some labels have subscript bug minor ui.button
#5749 Delay error in Chrome bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5765 datepicker doesn't inherit z-index from input bug minor ui.datepicker
#5773 Sortable causing checkbox state to stick in IE8 bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5780 Negative values for slider bug major ui.slider
#5782 Clicking on slider with negative values causes error 'closestHandle is undefined' bug major ui.slider
#5786 Hidden form fields are being stripped from dialogs in Firefox 3.6.6 bug minor ui.dialog
#5787 Google Chrome radio buttonset() with large fonts displays poorly bug minor ui.button
#5790 slider goes outside range (in associated text box) with pagedown or pageup bug minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#5791 can't download themes bug blocker ui.css-framework
#5797 callback to $('.ui-dialog).fadeOut() gets triggered twice bug minor ui.dialog
#5802 Reopening closed dialog, height shrinks bug minor ui.dialog
#5805 Custom id for remote tab enhancement minor ui.tabs
#5806 ui.autocomplete: open event doesn't pass UI param bug minor ui.autocomplete
#5809 Reopening closed dialog, height shrinks bug major ui.dialog
#5819 parrents tabsshow-event triggerd by childtab bug minor ui.tabs
#5827 IE8 crash with Bounce and parent animate bug minor ui.effects.core
#5835 Autocomplete: Key UP and DOWN does not move cursor in Textarea bug minor ui.autocomplete
#5852 Tabs: Memorisation of incomplete URLs does not work in Firefox bug minor ui.tabs
#5853 dragging li between nested ul in IE behave unlike FF bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5898 $('button').button("enable") re-creates the button bug minor ui.button
#5905 Tabs widget ajax mode doesn't work in Chrome bug major ui.tabs
#5906 Slider not working in safari bug major 1.9.0 ui.slider
#5929 text option for button does not work bug minor ui.button
#5948 Sortable list in dialod box bug minor ui.sortable
#5968 Google Maps loosing mouse events inside modal dialog bug major 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#5980 dialog with show: 'fade' doesnt work with 1.8.4 bug critical ui.dialog
#5981 DatePicker scroll to top after selection bug major ui.datepicker
#5989 regional (l18n) obliterates dateFormat bug major ui.datepicker
#5990 Binding click handler to buttonset button prevents GUI state from updating icfantv bug major ui.button
#5993 the droppable cursor enhancement minor ui.droppable
#5998 buttonset("refresh") causes JS error in IE bug minor ui.button
#6002 Accordion width problem (CSS) bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#6005 UI Tabs Documentation bug minor [meta]
#6021 Handles ignores atributes concerning width and height bug minor ui.resizable
#6032 sortable table bug in Webkit (Safari/Chrome) - Mac bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6049 Link in sortable (portlets) - IE8 bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6053 Button with primary icon displays incorrectly bug major ui.button
#6065 closeText does not appear bug major ui.dialog
#6071 jQuery droppaple out event fails to trigger bug major ui.droppable
#6076 Tab's active and highlight classes not removed on first click of another tab (only when the initialised selected tab is not the first one) bug major ui.tabs
#6081 Datepicker submits page when embedded in a dialog in IE 8 bug minor ui.datepicker
#6095 Safari dialog doesn't center bug major ui.dialog
#6112 Permalink/Update function for custom themes in Themeroller bug minor [meta] ui.themeroller
#6113 Custom query parameter enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#6122 Optional width for multiple datepicker enhancement blocker ui.datepicker
#6130 Tabs Demo Overview: Section 3.5 ("...immediately select a just added tab") no longer works. bug minor [meta] ui.demos
#6139 Autocomplete: Item width changes on hover bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#6151 Resizable: Quickly moving stops resizing but still fires resize callback be.davestein bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#6159 Buttonset borders have gaps bug minor ui.button
#6163 zIndex() is not a function bug major ui.core
#6166 Cross Server Autocomplete Not Working in IE 8 bug major ui.autocomplete
#6168 Tabs misordering bug with unusual markup bug minor ui.tabs
#6179 Deleting draggable div causes remaining draggables to change position bug minor ui.draggable
#6182 Result of expression 'this.helper' [null] is not an object bug critical ui.sortable
#6188 Dialog: buttons option should be an array so that the developer can put the in the correct order bug major ui.dialog
#6194 Minified 1.8.5 error in Safari bug major ui.core
#6195 defaultdate doesn't work when set after initial setup for divs. bug minor ui.datepicker
#6199 Unable to create multiple autocomplete with Google Chrome bug major ui.autocomplete
#6202 Possible Internet Explorer 6+ Dialog Bug bug major ui.dialog
#6205 jQuery 1.4.3 breaks tabs bug critical ui.tabs
#6211 Autocomplete loses text on selection with JQuery 1.4.3 bug major ui.autocomplete
#6232 Accordion widgets should nest. feature minor ui.accordion
#6249 Manual entry of date leads to inconsistant years bug minor ui.datepicker
#6260 Containment "parent" stops working with sortable tables kmb bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6636 autocomplete menu positioned too high bug minor ui.autocomplete
#6639 ui.autocomplete does not encode params prior to getJSON call enhancement minor ui.autocomplete
#6640 The Dialog plug in in J-Query get the incorrect width & height for Firefox web browser. bug critical 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6649 Autocomplete replaces quotation marks with &quot; in field bug minor ui.autocomplete
#6658 IE bug when defining UI dialog buttons in an array bug minor ui.dialog
#6660 Connected lists ignore hidden overflow shaun bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6664 problem add one draggable to many containers bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#6668 Accordion: input behaviour bug minor ui.accordion
#6683 CSS: Review uses of .ui-helper-hidden-accessible bug major 1.9.0 [meta]
#6686 Issue with setting height of dialog object bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6693 Wrong localization for DatePicker pt-BR enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6699 Concatenated CSS file has wrong order (resizable, dialog) bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6703 .LINK() DOES NOT WORK WITH AUTOCOMPLETE bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#6705 no change event fired bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#6716 dialog box rendering behind the iframe bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6724 jQueryUI does not honour DOM/CSS hierarchy bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#6770 Collision doesn't work correctly in Internet Explorer. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.position
#6773 slider #change event not firing bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#6776 problem dialog click on dialog. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.core
#6787 Jquery UI dialog breaks hooked up change events when the dialog closes - IE only - Dialog must be Modal bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#6791 After 2nd usage bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6793 On Init() HTML Container is display: block bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6803 Cannot set Modal after init() bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6804 Scale effect on dialog window causes browser to scroll to the top bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6809 DatePicker Bug: wrong days/weekdays structure in whole 2011 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6848 Dialog uses position:absolute bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6854 Accordion: Support negative numbers for active option feature blocker 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#6864 Accordion : activate method doesn't take into account the current state (active or hidden) of the content part bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#6866 setDate adds or subtracts dates from today rather than parsing it correctly bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6890 datepicker position on iPad bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6893 Accordion: animated: "bounceslide" broken bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#6906 z-index issue in IE6/IE7 with floated sortable bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6927 .ui-dialog .ui-resizable-se bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#6930 Inline datepicker not displayed in chrome if parent container is hidden bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6932 Bug with Multiple instances of Daterange in same page bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6940 Removing helper with link acting as link click in Chrome bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#6942 Sortable has glitches when working with elements that are "display: inline-block" bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6960 ui.mouse - scrollbar buttons do not indent in firefox bug minor 2.0.0 ui.mouse
#6962 jQuery UI sortable doesn't sort when it's handle is outside the container element bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6965 datepicker example does not put 'next' and 'prev' buttons next to current month bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6992 Allow uploading of generated custom themes for editing. jquery-infrastructure enhancement minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#6996 Change year drop down list in IE 8 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#6997 Sub accordion does not expand correctly Alexandre Martins bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#7020 Theme: Widget header backgrounds should be top instead of center aligned feature minor none ui.css-framework
#7037 Dialogs are very slow with complex contents zeke feature minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#7056 IE8 freezed when double click in an iframe which has two or more dialog bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7061 Slider does not work in IE9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#7080 Autocomplete should place dropdown above text field if there is no space below field bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7084 Draggable with parent containment and margin bug minor ui.draggable
#7087 Page freezes in IE9 RC when attempting to reopen a previously closed dialog window bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7095 Accordion header image new line problem bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#7113 Modal Dialog continously extends page in IE, v1.9m4 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7165 Modal Dialog partially works in ie9 rtm bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7175 ThemeRoller jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#7177 Accordion auto-height problems with margins and borders bug minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#7202 Small design error jquery-infrastructure bug trivial 1.9.0 [meta]
#7203 No warning that not including the CSS breaks jQuery UI bug trivial 1.9.0 ui.core
#7205 jquery ui autocomplete internet explorer 8 error bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7214 Custom Theme generator (Themeroller) does not work with Chrome 10 jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#7215 DatePicker on iExplorer bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7221 containment breaks sortable bug minor 1.9.0 ui.sortable
#7230 jquery ui.autocomplete bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7240 Autocomplete: Single Qoute's not searchable bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7252 Opera 10.11: JQueryUI::Button with text=false bug minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#7260 Autocomplete filter each instance enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7268 Cursor not moves in SAFARI Browser. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7272 Combobox demo: XSS vulnerability bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7277 Autocomplete autoFocus not working for IE bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7288 DatePicker jumps months when going to the Next/Previous month bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7295 Dialog can be moved out of range of window. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7311 DatePicker ui-datepicker-div shows at bottom of page bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7312 jQuery UI 1.8.11 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#7313 Ctrl+End move focus to datepicker field [email protected] bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7314 ThemeRoller does not include Button, Radio Buttons, or AutoComplete bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.downloadbuilder
#7331 Suggestions scrolling minor fix bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7367 Themeroller is not Working jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#7394 CSS framework doesn't support IE8 opacity jgv feature minor 1.10.0 ui.css-framework
#7402 Ajax Tabs Throws error with jQuery 1.6.1 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7410 Missing docco breaks builds bug minor 1.9.0 [meta]
#7417 buttonset() Missing error. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#7418 jQuery UI DatePicker bug in IE9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7419 Allow AutoComplete to select first item from result on a specific key press enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7420 Search call is not triggered on certain typing events in an autocomplete field bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7422 Autocomplete submit behavior not consistent across all browsers bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7426 Horizontal slider displays a blinking vertical line in handle on Firefox 4.0.1 after sliding bug minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#7440 mouseHandled not being reset properly in WebKit browsers (chrome & safari) bug minor 1.9.0 ui.mouse
#7448 When draggable "stop" method calls an animation's "stop" method, an infinite error message occurs. bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#7451 Datepicker does not trigger Validate once date is selected bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7474 UI Modal Dialog - multiple modal dialogs don't allow keyboard input IE7 / IE6 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#7491 No CSS File in download zip jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.downloadbuilder
#7526 URL method of Tab's doesn't work as expected bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7531 Link broken on bug minor 1.9.0 [meta]
#7532 jquery dialog box - close icon sometimes hidden bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7547 absolute element in second containment can't be resized vertically bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#7548 Tab Creation Error in IE9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7549 radio input buttonset fails to work in IE9 after page scroll bug minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#7556 Possibility to Save a Custom Theme created by Themeroller jquery-infrastructure feature minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#7559 loading default tab via anchor bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7567 sortable loses "id" attribute in "stop" introduced in jquery-ui 1.8.13 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#7572 Draggable's Stack Option starts the Z-index count at 0 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#7587 Binding an event in function causes endless loop in IE8.0 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7596 Draggable helper="clone" option causes cursor to lock in IE9 bug minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#7628 Datepicker fails in IE9 when <base> tag is set bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7643 Clears the selection in all controls jesus.altamir bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7658 yearRange erroneous behaviour bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7671 datepicker doesn't update the text input correctly in Chrome bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7672 Datepicker does not work in IE6 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7677 Radio Buttonsets do not update checked attribute onclick in IE7 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.button
#7678 throw error when i run tabs('destroy') bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7684 jQuery UI Tab yields IE8 Security Warning bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7707 Tabs: Incorrect documentation for 3.6 ...follow a tab's URL instead of loading its content via ajax bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7728 Opening a few dialogs and closing one of them causes the remaining to move partially offscreen. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7729 Chrome doesn't load images from tabs bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7730 datepicker not working when placed at the bottom of the page bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7736 Focus with mouseover erases the suggested part of the input field boyanpenev bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7746 Be able to give buttons IDs on dialog enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7798 Slider jumps forward when using CSS 'zoom' bug minor 1.11.0 ui.slider
#7821 (1.8.16) Date picker containers is not hidden after initialized bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7822 currentPage/isLocal doesn't take into account base href bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7837 Slider Value Off By One When Changing Directions bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#7875 TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'elem.nodeName.toLowerCase()') [jquery.js:1904] bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7882 Sortable list connected to a list in a "position:fixed" does not drag properly if the two lists overlap bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7883 &quot; Blocks dialog box bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7886 autocomplete: scrollbar does not function in ipad bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7898 HTML Parsing Error : Unable to modify the parent container ...... (KB927917) bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7905 Datepicker cannot be disabled after initialization. bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#7906 iframe loading as html in IE9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7907 jquery autocomplete does not work anymore with Chrome 15.0.874.121 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#7908 3 cursors slider delfo enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#7913 Draggable: Containment can be broken when scrolling while dragging bug minor 1.10.3 ui.draggable
#7915 removeClass with delay gives error in IE8 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.effects.core
#7930 Incorrect AJAX call when preselecting a tab bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#7950 Radio buttons problem at modal bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#7954 Datepicker: Make date formatter stand-alone feature minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#7976 Sortable Items Selector (Parent > Child) not working bug minor 1.9.0 ui.sortable
#7992 slidestop event not firing when mouse outside slider bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#8002 IE8 Dialog Resize issue bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8013 Make accoridion work with more javascript frameworks enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.accordion
#8016 bug in Jquery ui resizable component in IE when ghost attribute are set as true bug minor 1.9.0 ui.resizable
#8055 Jquery Slider's Animate functionality incorrectly changes width attribute to 'px' from '%' bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#8074 jquery ui autocomplete, "item is undefined" when clicking on menu item ONLY Firefox bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8086 Cancel sorting disables select element bug minor 1.9.0 ui.sortable
#8088 Datepicker Month/Year Dropdowns Not Working In Safari In A Dialog (#4363 has returned) bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8098 Bug in Resizable: 'drag' icon position is wrong bug minor 1.9.0 ui.resizable
#8124 Handler doesn't respond to arrow keys anymore when removing "href" attribute bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#8131 IE yielding different dialog heights than other browsers seanmacavaney bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8134 new $.Widget and _creatWidget should not require an element enhancement minor 1.9.0 ui.widget
#8145 Unable to download theme jquery-infrastructure bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.themeroller
#8166 Modal dialog issue | IE8|jqueryUI 1.9 rbmehta9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8179 Download Failure cefn bug minor 1.9.0 [meta] ui.downloadbuilder
#8187 jQuery UI datepicker not working in IE9 on Windows 7 64bit bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8196 Nested droppable's drop event never get's fired. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.droppable
#8210 Slider create callback only triggered on mousefocus leave of parent element in IE9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#8218 Drag event firing even when draggable has not moved. ui.position is updating even if item did not move along axis. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#8235 jquery.ui.popup.js is missing from the current master. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.core
#8248 Width of Second Autocomplete on Page Defaults to Zero in Chrome and IE to scott.gonzalez bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8270 12-month datepicker and themeroller: broken when click on day bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8281 JQueryUi Dialog within tabs IE9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8287 Position: Problem positioning a element around a quicktime object in IE bug minor 1.9.0 ui.position
#8307 Can we differentiate mouse and keyboard source in the focus event? feature minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8308 Autocomplete showing once only in Chrome bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8312 Datepicker does not take date second time inside the modal box bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8317 UI Tabs disappearing in IE when resizing/minimizing window grimmdude bug minor 1.9.0 ui.tabs
#8360 jquery UI page and theme roller has javascript error bug minor 1.9.0 ui.css-framework
#8391 Autocomplete doesn't work well inside fixed position divs redEvo bug minor 1.9.0 ui.autocomplete
#8397 ui.dialog confirm on close feature minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8413 Add HTML class to BODY tag when dragging an element feature minor 1.9.0 ui.draggable
#8415 Other widgets show through Datepicker (due to z-index:1) bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8417 dialog overlay blocks root html page element's scrollbar in Gecko browsers bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#8428 datepicker not woring with IE9 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.datepicker
#8436 sortable doesn't play well with IE7 and radio or checkboxes inputs rosenfeld bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#8468 Firefox 14.0.1 ignores ui-corner-xxx css codes bug minor 1.9.0 ui.css-framework
#8490 Dialog re-opens at incorrect position. philk bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8499 Accordion not sortable when distance greater than 5 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.sortable
#8507 Not right day of week in datepicker bug minor 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#8514 does not return reference to self when dialog is already opened bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8537 Issue with datepicker when tiggered by link with hidden input box inside li bug undetermined 1.11.0 ui.datepicker
#8564 jQuery 1.8+ breaks sortable list scrolling inside absolute positioned element with bottom: 0 ryfry07 bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#8577 Button: IE infinite loop bug minor 1.11.0 ui.button
#8595 Error with the drag and drop function (TypeError) marc.teyssier bug minor 1.9.0 ui.sortable
#8598 Bridge function always returns false or this in jquery.ui.widget.js. bug minor 1.9.0 ui.widget
#8615 Old Bug 4194 has been re-opened in jqueryui bug minor 1.9.0 ui.slider
#8623 Dialog popup don't show in Safari bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8625 Jquery UI dialog property "height: 'auto' " is not working in IE10 bug minor 1.9.0 ui.dialog
#8651 Under IE6 the tabs display all contents bug minor 1.9.1 ui.tabs
#8664 Datepicker position is off when clicked on after scrolling down the page bug minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8682 broken examples of autocomplete on firefox 16.0.1 bug minor 1.10.0 ui.autocomplete
#8720 Fix failing position test in IE8 mikesherov bug minor git [meta]
#8738 Spinner does not fire change event. bug minor 1.10.0 ui.spinner
#8759 Sortable: Issue with stacked connected scrollable lists bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#8845 Page redirection on click of autocomplete item now doesn't work in latest version bug minor 1.10.0 ui.autocomplete
#8856 Draggable with iframeFix Option - freezes during drag on IE9 with IE8 Standards/ IE8 Document mode tmcconechy bug minor 1.10.0 ui.draggable
#8862 Widget automatic element generation does not see overrided widgets bug minor 1.10.0 ui.widget
#8864 DatePicker attached to dynamically created input does not show bug minor 1.10.0 ui.datepicker
#8875 Autocomplete vertical scroll-to-top bug jjtroberts bug minor 1.10.0 ui.autocomplete
#8898 Dialog: Error with hide effect bug minor 1.10.0 ui.dialog
#8954 Build: Test grunt-contrib-qunit task with local server feature minor git [meta]
#9003 the spinner buttons move to the left. bug minor none ui.spinner
#9023 Dialog: with jquery 1.9 button callbacks are called at dialog initialization bug minor none ui.dialog
#9031 Tooltip Delay Option feature minor none ui.tooltip
#9052 switchClass should animate descendants feature minor none ui.effects.core
#9094 Padding in tabs pushes content outside panel bug minor none ui.tabs
#9129 automomplete class ui-front bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9153 Radio buttonset selection takes old element on change Oihana bug minor none ui.button
#9162 Removal of $.ui.isOverAxis() in 1.10 broke tabs.sortable bug minor none ui.sortable
#9192 Slider does not work in IE10 jayfray bug minor none ui.slider
#9199 in case of multiple tabs, click again on a tab loads all the files of that page bug minor none ui.tabs
#9221 The "to" input box's calendar for "Select a date range" feature does not show up currentText when showButtonPanel is true zozhen bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9223 Child elements do not animate correctly when using animateClass (addClass, removeClass, toggleClass, switchClass) bug minor none ui.effects.core
#9224 using toggleClass('myClass', 1000) does not animate the bug minor none ui.effects.core
#9252 Setting the widget's defaults feature minor none ui.tabs
#9259 Dialog: Use aria-hidden for modal dialog gcgabfest bug minor none ui.dialog
#9272 Autocomplete cannot work in The Dialog bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9327 bug: Dialog not centering correctly in Firefox 21.0 bug minor none ui.dialog
#9367 Datepicker localization, minified version defective dmack bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9368 datepicker wrong initialization-language bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9394 Page jump to the top after changed programmatically via the value method. josephys bug minor none ui.slider
#9400 Dialogue boxes not allowing focus in IE10 with compatibility mode turned on somewhere_81 bug minor none ui.dialog
#9430 autocomplete results z-order lower than dialog. bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#9480 IE 8 Crash when using IE 8 rendering mode, switch to compatibility mode justcharaka bug minor none ui.draggable
#9483 Accordion loses easing when only 1 item available bug minor none ui.accordion
#9508 Datepicker: beforeShowDay completely broken bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9528 Two (or more) weeks ahead view feature minor none ui.datepicker
#9596 DatePicker With range changing the from date on select of to date and viceversa sadashiv bug minor none ui.datepicker
#9608 Draggable: nested draggables can't be dragged bug minor none ui.draggable
#9672 resizable handle glyph only supports SE corner feature minor none ui.resizable
#9673 resizable handle alignment feature minor none ui.resizable
#9686 Resizeable UI causes page reload emmett bug minor none ui.resizable
#9691 Dialog: Not showing in chrome/firefox fullscreen mode dave bug minor none ui.dialog
#9705 Jquery UI slider cannot be dragged using JQuery 1.8.2 with JQuery UI 1.10.3 in IE leotanty bug minor none ui.slider
#9706 appendTo not working with close event bug minor none ui.dialog
#9797 CSS overflow causes jQuery UI Position to be off by a noticeable amount of pixels. cesar.rojas bug minor none ui.position
#9839 Draggable throws an error when dropping on a Sortable list. bug minor none ui.draggable
#9845 Make use of box-sizing: border-box feature minor 1.12.0 [meta]
#9862 Keyboard navigation doesn't work for jQuery UI menu bug minor none
#9906 Tooltip: Delegating from document removes text in title element A_Johansen bug minor none ui.tooltip
#10049 "right" class missing for feedback.horizontal in ui.tooltip simon.ferndriger bug minor none ui.tooltip
#10053 Tabs: Tab select on anchor tag. bug minor none ui.tabs
#10070 AutoComplete not working in Android(Chrome and Mozilla) bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10106 smoothness datepicker sh_ar bug minor none ui.datepicker
#10203 Callback-Function "response" broken since 1.10.4 bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10434 autoFocus should select first 'real' item when using Groups Montago bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10548 spinner eliebenberg bug minor none ui.spinner
#10557 Toggle use ShowOrHide option from jQuery n3ssi3 bug minor none ui.effects.core
#10561 ui assigns colliding ids maui444 bug minor none ui.core
#10582 Text cursor blink on click on slider handle sumanegi bug minor none ui.slider
#10610 Autocomplete in Dialog decrements z-index bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10641 After upgrading to JQuery UI 1.11.1 from 1.10.4 lost styling in the autocomplete dropdown bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10646 .selectmenu hiding behind dialog bug minor none ui.selectmenu
#10676 Autocomplete has stopped working bug minor none ui.core
#10707 Dialog : checkbox is unchecked when showing Dialog on change event mproulx bug minor none ui.dialog
#10730 Radio Button in jQUI 1.11.2 & Firefox 34.0.5 bug minor none ui.button
#10745 JQuery UI autocomplete drop menu z-index problem feature minor none ui.autocomplete
#11050 Chrome on android 4.4.2 - autocompletes when any key is pressed and is impossible to turn off joel mitchell bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#11547 JQuery UI auto complete is not working with Chrome ver 41.0.2272.89 m bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#11616 right-clicks on the tab and selects to open in new window/tab results in only tab content loaded bug minor none ui.tabs
#13170 DatePicker - Calendar, the wrong field is updated olegarius bug minor none ui.datepicker
#13478 For Autocomplete type text box Default Tab Navigaion not working for Firefox browser bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#13651 navigationAsDateFormat not working as expected bug minor none ui.datepicker
#14244 ui.a11y dialog focus not on 1st item bug minor none ui.dialog
#14305 Jquery UI Sortable tabs' internal order are out of sync after sorting bug minor none ui.tabs
#14731 XSS Vulnerability on _attachDatepicker function bug minor none ui.datepicker
#14764 menu item without text becomes a divider bug minor none
#14883 DataPicker month dropdown has missing months bug minor none ui.datepicker
#14887 add formatted date on hover option to the datepicker widget feature minor none ui.datepicker
#14892 Tabs list selection is not specific enough and interferes when tab within content slide is found before the actual tab bug minor none ui.tabs
#14896 Sortable cancel method not working with :not selector bug major none ui.sortable
#14904 Autocomplete bug major none ui.autocomplete
#14936 NPM missing translation files feature minor none ui.datepicker
#14977 Parse error, unexpected literal. parseDate fails to consider the format DD, for long name of day of week bug minor none ui.datepicker
#14981 dateFormat has no effect on datepicker bug minor none ui.datepicker
#14997 Resizable: Support flexbox feature minor none ui.resizable
#15040 Cannot customize css of a single autocomplete combobox pull-down list feature minor none ui.autocomplete
#15062 Found Bug in Drap Drop using jquery v1.11.3 bug minor none ui.droppable
#15075 Custom Selectmenu with _renderItem crashes when calling "refresh" bug minor none ui.selectmenu
#15122 tooltip not coming in firefox 50.0.2 bug minor none ui.tooltip
#15177 jQuery autocomplete example bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#15180 Position plugin writes to $.ui whether it exists or not bug minor none ui.position
#15181 autocomplete error "Uncaught ReferenceError" with JSONP if subsequent request returns first bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#15211 jQuery UI Selectable unbinds click events from anchors bug minor none ui.selectable
#15307 Option to show tabs when created feature minor none ui.core
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