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#14902 JQuery UI Sortable strange placeholder behaviour bug blocker none ui.sortable
#15407 JQuery UI Autocomplete : I can't select element with mouse click but only with keyboard arrows bug blocker none ui.autocomplete
#14891 Draggable and droppable dom is assigned a "null" id in Firefox bug major none ui.droppable
#15338 Clicking on Sortable prevents input change event bug major none ui.sortable
#15365 resizable not working on empty contentedible bug major none ui.resizable
#15384 CSP Violation ('style-src') in Postion.js bug major none ui.position
#15390 Denial of Service (DoS) - jQuery UI 1.12.1 - Dialog bug major none ui.dialog
#15396 Datepicker position issue when it is added inside a fixed element and we have scrolled down the page bug major none ui.datepicker
#15400 Placeholder position issue nested sortable bug major none ui.core
#15402 The jquery-ui.structure.css is erroneously generated with the custom css scope, if any bug major none ui.css-framework
#15406 Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON bug major none ui.sortable
#15409 Jquery UI DatePicker duplicates year and month using touchscreen bug major none ui.datepicker
#8783 Tooltip: does not always stay open when a form field is focused. [email protected] feature minor none ui.tooltip
#9526 Multi sortable connectWith placeholder wrong position bug minor none ui.sortable
#9574 Added programatically preventing resize (start callback returns false) FrozenArts feature minor none ui.resizable
#9744 Sortable: incorrect value for ui.sender in sortover events bug minor none ui.sortable
#9760 Change event is triggered on source list rather than current list when using connected sortables bug minor none ui.sortable
#9852 Wrong update event order on sortable connected lists bug minor none ui.sortable
#9992 limiting the axis of a draggable+sortable does not limit scrolling bug minor none ui.sortable
#9994 JAWS knocked out of forms mode when passing through entries of equal length bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10547 Sortable: position off when container scrolled horizontally bug minor none ui.sortable
#10578 Incorrect Placeholder Positioning in Nested Floated Sortables bug minor none ui.sortable
#10585 reset delay timer on method cancel bug minor none ui.sortable
#10628 Provide option to connect sortable with droppable feature minor none ui.droppable
#10655 Menu: submenu is still opened with "right" arrow key in RTL mode. Rock bug minor none
#10663 Draggable: Scroll problem with absolute positioning kuz bug minor none ui.draggable
#10713 Autocomplete does not work with VoiceOver grom358 bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#10715 Selectmenu keyboard without popup and VoiceOver bug minor none ui.selectmenu
#11032 Sortable "over" event not firing on nested lists bug minor none ui.sortable
#11085 Helper created by draggable is moved to another parent when over sortable bug minor none ui.sortable
#11517 Sortable causes erratic behaviour with floated percent items bug minor none ui.sortable
#11580 Draggable connected to nested sortabled - helper misplaced on exit bug minor none ui.sortable
#12588 Draggable: add an ability to use function in the `pointAt` option extempl feature minor none ui.draggable
#12868 Fixed Position Draggable Element Scrolls Offscreen bug minor none ui.draggable
#12980 Resizable child can go outside containment when margin is in play. bug minor none ui.resizable
#13024 draggable with connectToSortable not compatible with clone helper bug minor none ui.sortable
#13167 Datepicker: After calling refresh while calendar is open, calendar will not close timbofield bug minor none ui.datepicker
#13251 datepicker mousewheel scroll problem inside fixed div bug minor none ui.datepicker
#13562 Extra border spacing when sorting table rows in Safari bug minor none ui.sortable
#13573 Upgrade tests to use no globals feature minor none [meta]
#13578 Clicking sub-element in draggable handle does not blur active element bug minor none ui.draggable
#13874 Draggable: scrolled draggable has incorrect position bug minor none ui.draggable
#14404 connectToSortable offset is wrong when scrolled down bug minor none ui.sortable
#14639 IE: Scrollbar on mouseover in autocomplete results bug minor none ui.autocomplete
#14721 SVGs gets invicible in IE11 Windows 10 after sorting is completed bug minor none ui.sortable
#14734 sortable's cancel method not working with connectToSortable option bug minor none ui.sortable
#14806 Draggable helper position largely offsets on entering/leaving sortables when being placed in floating and/or relative positioned parent elements bug minor none ui.sortable
#14869 Sortable: Placeholder size not updated at some zoom levels bug minor none ui.sortable
#14878 Buggy Collision Detection UI-Sortable bug minor none ui.sortable
#14889 Sortable: Wrong placeholder height with tbody items and multiple <tr>s bug minor none ui.sortable
#14890 ui.selectmenu icons fail in high contrast mode bug minor none ui.selectmenu
#14894 Sortable: Large items of nested sortable can not be inserted on top bug minor none ui.sortable
#14908 Sortable truncates width property to an integer which makes flexbox items to wrap bug minor none ui.sortable
#14913 Two sortables stacked using z-index Andrei Glingeanu bug minor none ui.draggable
#14923 mirroring widgets to support RTL languages feature minor none [meta]
#14932 Bug while resizing a div and scrolling his container at the same time bug minor none ui.resizable
#14942 Datepicker tests failed on Leap Day bug minor none ui.datepicker
#14943 Over event isn't propagated if nested droppable doesn't accept draggable under a certain scenario bug minor none ui.droppable
#14944 Wrong "current" date once maxDate is provided bug minor none ui.datepicker
#14946 jqueryui droppable: over event triggered before out droppable bug minor none ui.droppable
#14952 cursorAt in events is not immediately effective bug minor none ui.sortable
#14954 Resize on left move on left when mouse is out its container Philippe GODEFROY bug minor none ui.resizable
#14968 JQuery UI - Sortable Widget (Grid): Horizontally scrolling with the first element not working properly bug minor none ui.sortable
#14969 Scrolling doesn't work bug minor none ui.sortable
#14976 Wrong dialog content width calculation with box-sizing: border-box bug minor none ui.dialog
#14979 When using custom placeholder, the positions of the items array needs to be refreshed after the placholder is set... bug minor none ui.sortable
#14980 Datepicker: Misaligned when attached to a hidden input, inside of a fixed-positioned element, when scrolled down bug minor none ui.datepicker
#14988 Draggable iframeFix prevents click event bug minor none ui.draggable
#14993 Draggable prevents pinch zoom on Windows 10 touch in Chrome/Edge bug minor none ui.draggable
#14998 resize should use .outerWidth instead of .width Eugen Konkov bug minor none ui.resizable
#15012 Parent element with overflow:hidden results in incorrect positioning on drag end bug minor none ui.draggable
#15018 Remove hash from datepicker anchor element and/or always call suppressDefault() in event handler feature minor none ui.datepicker
#15033 Draggable / Sortable items have wrong offset when scrolled inside fixed > relative bug minor none ui.sortable
#15038 Accented characters doesn't work on menu keydown bug minor none
#15039 Sortable: Draggig list items over items that are display: none causes a lag bug minor none ui.sortable
#15044 Selectable: Performance of initialization is slow when many elements are in selectable container bug minor 1.12.1 ui.selectable
#15061 Resizable not working for Table in IE11 bug minor none ui.resizable
#15080 Nested Drag and Drop using jquery ui not working properly - Working in version 1.10.4 Bhumi Shah bug minor none ui.sortable
#15093 UI Dialog Resize Bug bug minor none ui.dialog
#15097 Sortable in 1.12.x much (min 3x) slower than 1.11.x bug minor none ui.sortable
#15100 Draggable: Cause focus and blur triggered every time when clicking the element bug minor none ui.draggable
#15101 Provide more control over scrollSensitivity option of interactions feature minor none ui.sortable
#15103 Make an element draggable can lead to unfocusable elements being focused on click (mouseup) in IE11 bug minor none ui.draggable
#15104 Icon-only toggle button in JQuery UI 1.12 bug minor none ui.button
#15110 Tooltips on dialogs bug minor none ui.tooltip
#15113 Tooltip requires double click on Android Touch Devices bug minor none ui.tooltip
#15116 sortable ui version 1.12.1 crash bug minor none ui.sortable
#15117 Jquery Sortable Bug on first sorting action bug minor none ui.sortable
#15119 this.currentContainer points to the wrong container in ui.sortable._mouseDrag(). bug minor none ui.sortable
#15121 Add ability to add a jQuery built-in ui-icon to the left side of the Titlebar (with the titlebar text after it). feature minor 1.13.0 ui.dialog
#15124 Clicking resizable handle (or sub-element) does not blur active input bug minor none ui.resizable
#15129 datepicker - previous button with multiple months and maxDate bug minor none ui.datepicker
#15132 Tooltip flickers up and down when rapidly moving the mouse in and out of the target bug minor none ui.tooltip
#15146 Resizable: ui.size is wrong as function stop(event, ui) is triggered when resizable's animate feature is configured as true bug minor none ui.resizable
#15175 Scrollbar Position Changes On Drag Start bug minor none ui.sortable
#15188 Homepage stable package contains wrong opacity values bug minor none ui.dialog
#15193 ui-icon-blank should not load the icon sprite image bug minor none ui.core
#15197 Draggable item drifts/jumps away from mouse when using draggable and sortable bug minor none ui.draggable
#15204 nesting droppable over event not triggered for ancestor of Internal droppable accepted drop bug minor none ui.droppable
#15208 Sortable "helper:'clone'" element not removed after sort after aborted drag bug minor none ui.sortable
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