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Component: [meta] (1 match)

Ticket Summary Version
#15112 update build system to use latest version of grunt 1.12.1

Component: ui.accordion (1 match)

Ticket Summary Version
#15296 ui-icon doesn't show up when there is nothing in the span in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 1.12.1

Component: ui.autocomplete (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15303 Cannot press tab on readonly autocomplete in Firefox 1.12.1
#15297 Bing Maps V8 conflict 1.12.1
#15295 autoFocus option on android device with Chrome browser 1.12.1
#15280 AutoComplete Failing for new TRs 1.12.1
#15249 Autocomplete memory leak and CPU usage 100% 1.12.1
#15228 Autocomplete: When using scroll, if mouse pointer located on list area it interferes with keyboard scrolling in Chrome 1.12.1
#14639 IE: Scrollbar on mouseover in autocomplete results 1.11.4
#10713 Autocomplete does not work with VoiceOver 1.11.2
#9994 JAWS knocked out of forms mode when passing through entries of equal length 1.10.4

Component: ui.button (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15299 tooltip shows old label on label change git (not yet released)
#15104 Icon-only toggle button in JQuery UI 1.12 1.12.0

Component: ui.checkbxoradio (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15310 Checkboxradio not working in WordPress 1.12.1
#15308 Radio buttons do not change state when group members clicked. 1.12.1
#15283 checkboxradio tick icon barely visible 1.12.1
#15267 Improper checkbox state icon using .checkboxradio() and .tabs() 1.12.1
#15260 jQuery Checkbox Icon in Dialogs fail 1.12.1

Component: ui.core (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15324 IE draggable not working properly 1.12.1
#15320 "VoiceOver" does not read options when list of options is visible in Safari 1.12.1
#15235 unable to get property'_focusTabbable'of undefined or null 1.12.1
#15215 IE BUG: jQuery resizable doesn't work if the element has a iframe sibling. 1.12.1
#15193 ui-icon-blank should not load the icon sprite image 1.12.1

Component: ui.datepicker (25 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15325 Tabbing is not working on date picker. 1.12.1
#15317 Having multiple instances of datepicker breaks design 1.12.1
#15316 Datepicker - inconsistency on input (fractional) height - position fixed issue 1.12.1
#15311 Datepicker calendar positioning is based on scroll position and not window position when inside a fixed parent. 1.12.1
#15291 Invalid "inline if" in datepicker source 1.12.1
#15287 Date picker doesn't like spaces 1.12.1
#15284 XSS Vulnerability on text options of jQuery UI datepicker 1.12.1
#15276 Datepicker does not hide when show is cancelled on another field 1.12.1
#15270 Datepicker - Memory leak 1.12.1
#15269 Small bug with - datepicker for dates range 1.12.1
#15261 Date Picker jump out of the Tab order of a form 1.12.1
#15257 Increase accessibility of datepicker widget 1.12.1
#15255 setDate(null) causes calendar to jump to current month 1.11.4
#15250 DatePicker top position bug on Modal against scrolled Background (IE11/Edge) 1.12.1
#15244 Datepicker shows incorrect dates at the end of the month 1.12.1
#15243 Jquery ui datepicker bug in dates 1.12.1
#15239 Manually entered 4 digit Years get converted in unexpected ways 1.12.1
#15231 datepicker on input with even vertical padding inside a position:fixed div appears far from the input 1.12.1
#15229 Datepicker z-index for a sticky ancestor 1.12.1
#15129 datepicker - previous button with multiple months and maxDate 1.12.1
#14980 Datepicker: Misaligned when attached to a hidden input, inside of a fixed-positioned element, when scrolled down 1.11.4
#14944 Wrong "current" date once maxDate is provided 1.11.4
#14942 Datepicker tests failed on Leap Day 1.11.3
#13251 datepicker mousewheel scroll problem inside fixed div 1.11.4
#13167 Datepicker: After calling refresh while calendar is open, calendar will not close 1.11.3

Component: ui.dialog (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15298 jquery-ui-focus-issue with nested dialogs 1.12.1
#15293 isOpen() behavior is wrong when called on an unitialized dialog 1.12.1
#15188 Homepage stable package contains wrong opacity values 1.12.1
#15093 UI Dialog Resize Bug 1.12.1
#14976 Wrong dialog content width calculation with box-sizing: border-box 1.11.4

Component: ui.draggable (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15309 Memory leak on draggable.disable and enabled 1.12.1
#15305 Bad performance with many hidden elements 1.11.4
#15273 Using a draggable with a connected sortable causes error if sort returns false 1.12.1
#15265 Draggable/Droppable issue when using transform scale 1.12.1
#15226 style.height being forced on canvas after dragging element on recent Chrome versions 1.12.1
#15217 jQuery UI Draggable pushed upwards on mousedown in IE11 1.11.4
#15197 Draggable item drifts/jumps away from mouse when using draggable and sortable 1.12.1
#15103 Make an element draggable can lead to unfocusable elements being focused on click (mouseup) in IE11 1.12.1
#15100 Draggable: Cause focus and blur triggered every time when clicking the element 1.12.1
#15012 Parent element with overflow:hidden results in incorrect positioning on drag end 1.11.3
#14993 Draggable prevents pinch zoom on Windows 10 touch in Chrome/Edge 1.11.3
#14988 Draggable iframeFix prevents click event 1.11.3
#14913 Two sortables stacked using z-index 1.11.4
#13874 Draggable: scrolled draggable has incorrect position 1.11.3
#13578 Clicking sub-element in draggable handle does not blur active element 1.11.4
#12868 Fixed Position Draggable Element Scrolls Offscreen 1.11.4
#10663 Draggable: Scroll problem with absolute positioning 1.11.1

Component: ui.droppable (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15304 Drag and Drop jumpiness 1.11.4
#15302 invalid drop event triggered without drop combined with sortable 1.12.1
#15277 JQueryUI droppable hover class bug on scaled target 1.12.1
#15264 Droppable/draggable do not work with subpixel width/height 1.12.1
#15232 Order of dragging from child to parent can cause future hovers on parents to fail. 1.12.1
#15204 nesting droppable over event not triggered for ancestor of Internal droppable accepted drop 1.12.1
#14946 jqueryui droppable: over event triggered before out droppable 1.11.3
#14943 Over event isn't propagated if nested droppable doesn't accept draggable under a certain scenario 1.11.4
#14891 Draggable and droppable dom is assigned a "null" id in Firefox 1.11.4

Component: ui.effects.* (individual effect) (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15319 Slide Effect does not work with position:static 1.12.1
#15272 Easing demo broken with jQuery 1.12, 2.2, 3.0 1.12.1

Component: (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15322 Menu : submenus position problem with long text 1.12.1
#15271 Autocomplete menu selecting wrong item on click in tests 1.12.1
#15214 Unwanted additional space above menu item containing icon 1.12.1
#15038 Accented characters doesn't work on menu keydown
#10655 Menu: submenu is still opened with "right" arrow key in RTL mode. 1.11.1

Component: ui.mouse (1 match)

Ticket Summary Version
#15318 preventDefault in mousedown suppresses other interactions 1.12.1

Component: ui.position (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15290 Position feedback - my element inside at element 1.12.1
#15285 jQuery UI Position issue with hidden elements 1.12.1
#15253 Position feature fails with scrolled elements 1.12.1

Component: ui.resizable (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15256 jqueryUI resizable and jqueryUI draggable can't use cooperatively 1.12.1
#15252 Resizable is too greedy during create 1.12.1
#15213 alsoResize on element which has padding 1.12.1
#15146 Resizable: ui.size is wrong as function stop(event, ui) is triggered when resizable's animate feature is configured as true 1.12.1
#15124 Clicking resizable handle (or sub-element) does not blur active input 1.10.4
#15061 Resizable not working for Table in IE11 1.9.2
#14998 resize should use .outerWidth instead of .width 1.11.4
#14954 Resize on left move on left when mouse is out its container 1.11.3
#14932 Bug while resizing a div and scrolling his container at the same time 1.11.4
#12980 Resizable child can go outside containment when margin is in play. 1.11.4
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