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Component: ui.selectable (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15044 Selectable: Performance of initialization is slow when many elements are in selectable container 1.11.3
#15245 [Selectable] Number of bindings grow over time when programatically adding / removing selectable elements. 1.12.1
#15263 Selectable: items are not correctly calculated using css transformations on container element 1.12.1

Component: ui.selectmenu (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#10715 Selectmenu keyboard without popup and VoiceOver 1.11.2
#14890 ui.selectmenu icons fail in high contrast mode 1.11.3
#15210 show/hide selectmenu option doesn't work 1.12.1
#15247 Disabled Selectmenus: calling refresh repeatedly makes it slower and slower 1.12.1

Component: ui.slider (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15240 Slider: Step with precision > 20 causes RangerError toFixed 1.12.1
#15262 Slider max rounded down 1.12.1
#15289 Slider max value incorrect 1.12.1
#15315 Slider handle "sticks" to mouse and does not release 1.12.1

Component: ui.sortable (44 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#9526 Multi sortable connectWith placeholder wrong position 1.10.3
#9744 Sortable: incorrect value for ui.sender in sortover events 1.10.4
#9760 Change event is triggered on source list rather than current list when using connected sortables 1.10.4
#9852 Wrong update event order on sortable connected lists 1.10.4
#9992 limiting the axis of a draggable+sortable does not limit scrolling git (not yet released)
#10547 Sortable: position off when container scrolled horizontally 1.11.1
#10578 Incorrect Placeholder Positioning in Nested Floated Sortables 1.11.1
#10585 reset delay timer on method cancel 1.11.1
#11032 Sortable "over" event not firing on nested lists 1.11.2
#11085 Helper created by draggable is moved to another parent when over sortable 1.11.2
#11517 Sortable causes erratic behaviour with floated percent items 1.11.3
#11580 Draggable connected to nested sortabled - helper misplaced on exit 1.11.4
#13024 draggable with connectToSortable not compatible with clone helper 1.11.4
#13562 Extra border spacing when sorting table rows in Safari 1.11.4
#14404 connectToSortable offset is wrong when scrolled down 1.11.4
#14721 SVGs gets invicible in IE11 Windows 10 after sorting is completed 1.11.4
#14734 sortable's cancel method not working with connectToSortable option 1.11.4
#14806 Draggable helper position largely offsets on entering/leaving sortables when being placed in floating and/or relative positioned parent elements 1.11.4
#14869 Sortable: Placeholder size not updated at some zoom levels 1.11.3
#14878 Buggy Collision Detection UI-Sortable 1.11.3
#14889 Sortable: Wrong placeholder height with tbody items and multiple <tr>s 1.11.4
#14894 Sortable: Large items of nested sortable can not be inserted on top 1.11.4
#14902 JQuery UI Sortable strange placeholder behaviour 1.11.4
#14908 Sortable truncates width property to an integer which makes flexbox items to wrap 1.11.3
#14952 cursorAt in events is not immediately effective 1.11.4
#14968 JQuery UI - Sortable Widget (Grid): Horizontally scrolling with the first element not working properly 1.11.3
#14969 Scrolling doesn't work 1.11.4
#14979 When using custom placeholder, the positions of the items array needs to be refreshed after the placholder is set... 1.11.4
#15033 Draggable / Sortable items have wrong offset when scrolled inside fixed > relative 1.11.3
#15039 Sortable: Draggig list items over items that are display: none causes a lag 1.12.0
#15080 Nested Drag and Drop using jquery ui not working properly - Working in version 1.10.4 1.12.1
#15097 Sortable in 1.12.x much (min 3x) slower than 1.11.x 1.12.1
#15116 sortable ui version 1.12.1 crash 1.12.1
#15117 Jquery Sortable Bug on first sorting action 1.12.1
#15119 this.currentContainer points to the wrong container in ui.sortable._mouseDrag(). 1.12.1
#15175 Scrollbar Position Changes On Drag Start 1.12.1
#15208 Sortable "helper:'clone'" element not removed after sort after aborted drag 1.12.1
#15234 Sortable: Modifying the list while sorting in progress 1.12.1
#15254 Sortable flicker when dragging portlets 1.12.1
#15266 Can't trigger page scroll when dragging to the top/bottom edge if body element set to 'overflow-y: scroll' 1.12.1
#15268 Sortable containment height doesn't update on over and out event on connected sortables 1.12.1
#15274 Position of sortable element is incorrect 1.12.1
#15286 Cloned elements not sortable 1.12.1
#15288 Placeholder on Sortable elements wont always be set in correct place if scrolling. 1.12.1

Component: ui.spinner (1 match)

Ticket Summary Version
#15275 Right click on spinner increments automatically 1.12.1

Component: ui.tabs (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15241 anchors in vertical tabs don't fill up the space 1.12.1
#15314 JAWS reports (ARIA) Expanded/collapsed when Tabs.collapsible = false 1.12.1

Component: ui.tooltip (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Version
#15110 Tooltips on dialogs 1.12.1
#15113 Tooltip requires double click on Android Touch Devices 1.12.1
#15132 Tooltip flickers up and down when rapidly moving the mouse in and out of the target 1.12.1
#15251 tooltip with dialog 1.12.1
#15281 Tooltips stay open on links with a target of "_blank" 1.12.1
#15300 screen readers read tooltip twice 1.12.1
#15321 JQueryUI Tooltips and Google Maps InfoWIndow not playing nicely together 1.12.1

Component: ui.widget (1 match)

Ticket Summary Version
#15258 _classes is triggering a uniqueSort deprecation warning in Migrate 1.12.1
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