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#6172 Rewrite interaction plugins feature blocker 2.0.0 [meta]
#6228 Datepicker: Use widget factory bug blocker 1.13.0 ui.datepicker
#7756 Core: Remove .disableSelection() and .enableSelection() feature blocker 2.0.0 ui.core
#12063 Tabs: Remove deprecated ui-tab class feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.tabs
#12164 Dialog: Remove dialogClass option feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.dialog
#12166 Droppable: Remove hoverClass and activeClass options feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.droppable
#12168 Tooltip: Remove tooltipClass option feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.tooltip
#14633 Button: Remove back compat for checkboxradio and controlgroup feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.button
#14743 Button: Remove text option feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.button
#14745 Button: Remove icons option feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.button
#14748 Button: Remove buttonset widget feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.button
#14750 Effects: Remove transfer effect feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#14991 Replace $.ui.escapeSelector with $.escapeSelector feature blocker 1.13.0 [meta]
#14992 Replace $.isArray() with Array.isArray() feature blocker 1.13.0 [meta]
#15030 Incompatibility with Globalize v1.x bug blocker 1.13.0 ui.spinner
#15051 no callback for tooltip shown with a delay bug blocker 1.13.0 ui.tooltip
#15160 Remove uses of soon-to-be-deprecated jQuery methods feature blocker 1.12.2 [meta]
#15191 Remove use of `$.fx.interval` feature blocker 1.13.0 ui.tooltip
#15216 Checked checkbox has wrong icon when using tabs bug blocker 1.12.2 ui.checkbxoradio
#15219 npm package bundles jquery 1.10 through 3.1.1 bug blocker 1.13.0 [meta]
#2405 [Drag/Droppables] Support for TableRows/TableColumns/TableCells/TableBodies paul feature major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#3011 Interactions should support bottom and right positioning feature major 2.0.0 ui.mouse
#3022 Sortable: Handles outside sorting element do not work paul bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#3176 Resizable: Buggy behavior when trying to make an iframe resizable bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#3223 Seletable should support auto scroll when reach an edge feature major 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#3236 Selectable: poor performance on large selections bug major 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#3446 draggable does not work with images when resizable is applied bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#3762 Slider: handles not restricted properly when set programmatically bug major none ui.slider
#3897 Sortable: connectWith should not accept an array of selectors feature major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4143 Interactions: Support Pointer Events feature major 2.0.0 ui.mouse
#4228 margin: #px auto; not respected with effects bug major none ui.effects.core
#4286 Resizable: Containment issue with offset grid dimensions bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4303 sortable: receive: ui.item references the source element bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4310 Resizable: custom handles do not work bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4345 Sortable: CSS defined widths / heights are ignored on helper bug major none ui.sortable
#4377 Selectable: Wrong offset when using appendTo bug major 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4388 slider range option should work with more than two handles feature major none ui.slider
#4428 Sortable: Containment works only with elements of the same height bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4624 Resizable: The animate option breaks containment bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4739 Slider: Accessibility feature major none ui.slider
#4760 Resizable: custom handles not supported for multiple elements bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4911 Draggable: Add a refresh method feature major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#4943 Sortable: Nested Sortable Serialize feature major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4985 Resizable: float: right issues with position: static or position: relative elements bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4990 sortable: Small placeholders compute overlap wrong bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5021 Resizable: corner handles should be larger feature major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5210 Accessibility Improvements Radio buttons feature major none ui.button
#5233 Add support for high contrast mode feature major none ui.core
#5422 Resizable: animate option doesn't work right with alsoResize bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5651 Resizable: destroy method enlarges elements bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5772 Sortable: containment parent restricting replacement of first and last elements bug major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5789 Datepicker: Support non-Gregorian calendars feature major none ui.datepicker
#5943 Droppable: ui.intersect() should check the "visible" dimensions of droppable bug major 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#6004 Mouse: Automatically cover iframes on mouse start feature major 2.0.0 ui.mouse
#6641 Resizable: margin:auto bug in FF, Opera, IE bug major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#10082 Selectmenu items remains visible and fixed while scrolling dialog content bug major none ui.selectmenu
#14907 jQuery UI Datepicker showing incorrect week number bug major none ui.datepicker
#14916 Resizable: Westward resize with grid doesn't work bug major none ui.resizable
#14921 Transfer effect: Fixed position elements are handled incorrectly when scrolled in IE/Firefox enekogb bug major none ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#14965 Spinner should have a refresh method bug major none ui.spinner
#2421 Resizable breaks with %-based positioning but works with pixel-based positioning feature minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#2946 Selectable: CTRL/CMD should invert current state rdworth feature minor none ui.selectable
#3071 Add Labels to Slider feature minor none ui.slider
#3276 "AlsoResize" should be relative to this.element eduardo bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#3525 Selectable: Add ARIA semantics and keyboard handling Scott González bug minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#3685 Dialog: Ability to fade in the overlay. feature minor none ui.dialog
#3719 Resizable: Ghost option does not show right or bottom borders bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#3763 Slider: Change step option to snap on mouseup feature minor none ui.slider
#3874 Restrict certain drops by pre-defined rule or callback feature minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4026 Allow for Shift+Click for multiple Selections feature minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4417 requested option to disable multiselect feature minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4440 Resizable: Doesn't render nicely for textarea fields bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4441 Selectable: Mousedown on scrollbar start selectable bug minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4585 Resizable: Absolutely positioned resizable containment does not work when the absolute position is not relative to the containment element bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4723 Slider direction (left/bottom:min, top/right: max) should be added feature minor none ui.slider
#4737 Droppable: Expose hash for each tolerance mode feature minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#4779 Slider Has No Way To Dynamically Add Handles feature minor none ui.slider
#4782 Selectable: Filtered items does not refresh feature minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4861 Resizable: Ghosting doesn't adheer to the Grid bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#4933 Droppable: ability to have drop event fire once for overlapping droppable zones feature minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#5027 Resizable: The animate option breaks the grid option bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5190 Draggable: Performance problems due to css calculations feature minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5320 Can't realy clear queue after Blind effect bug minor none ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#5408 Resizable: autoHide option cannot be changed after initialization bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5426 Resizable: Expose an API for programatically triggering a resize feature minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5440 Themes: Not fully compatible with RTL bug minor none ui.css-framework
#5512 and effect on jQuery UI Effects bug minor none ui.effects.core
#5774 Datepicker: allow descending years in drop-down feature minor none ui.datepicker
#5781 Sortable: refresh() does not discard previous data bind bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5795 Allow sortable to reorder items when dragged outside of container feature minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5800 Allow sliders to be used on [type=range] feature minor none ui.slider
#6054 Sortable: cancel method cannot be called in a beforeStop event handler tos1121 bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6075 Sortable: nested sortables can cause dragged item to disappear bug minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#6225 Datepicker: Inline datepicker and showCurrentAtPos bug minor none ui.datepicker
#6230 Resizable: Issue initializing a wrapped resizable when initially hidden bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#6259 Droppable: drop event incorrectly triggered when dragging a draggable over a droppable onto a sortable bug minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#6652 Ability to customize visible components of jQuery UI datepicker feature minor none ui.datepicker
#6723 Resizable: helper cannot be changed after initialization bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#6783 Resizable: aspect ratio is only calculated in one direction bug minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#6814 datepicker('setDate') incorrectly overwrites current display with two datepickers bug minor none ui.datepicker
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