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#5190 Draggable: Performance problems due to css calculations feature minor ui.draggable 1.7.2
#8384 Draggable+Sortable: make what is inserted configurable feature minor ui.draggable 1.8.21
#7756 Core: Remove .disableSelection() and .enableSelection() feature blocker ui.core 1.8.16
#7769 An option needed to enable multiple selection by default. feature minor ui.selectable 1.8.16
#5795 Allow sortable to reorder items when dragged outside of container feature minor ui.sortable 1.8.2
#4026 Allow for Shift+Click for multiple Selections feature minor ui.selectable 1.6rc6
#3276 "AlsoResize" should be relative to this.element eduardo bug minor ui.resizable 1.6b

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#8342 Sortable: Incorrect behaviour (or incorrect documentation) of sortable option tolerance: 'intersect' bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.20
#6954 Sortable: Allow cancel method to be called in start event feature minor ui.sortable 1.8.9
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