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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#15342 jQuery UI checkboxradio icon incorrect on back navigation bug minor ui.checkbxoradio 1.12.1
#15343 References held to select and option elements after selectmenu('destroy') call bug minor ui.selectmenu 1.12.1
#15344 Scale effect ignores 'direction' bug minor ui.effects.* (individual effect) 1.12.1
#15345 Datepicker - Screenreader does not out next day and previous days when using keybord to select date form the datepicker bug minor ui.datepicker 1.11.0
#15346 Datepicker - Hotkeys for next and prev year does not work bug minor ui.datepicker 1.11.0
#15347 Hidden items in sortable aren't sortable directly after showing in one drag. bug minor ui.sortable 1.12.1
#15348 jQuery 3.4.1 breaks jQuery UI datepicker ? bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15350 Validation bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15351 Can't create selectmenu dynamically bug minor ui.selectmenu 1.12.1
#15352 Destroy autocomplete causing layout thrashing bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15353 Security bug reported with jquery ui 1.12 bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15354 jQuery UI dialog box changes the auto height to a fixed height while dragging the dialog box bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15355 I suggest removing icons option for html button feature minor ui.button 1.5
#15356 Accordion shouldn't use tablist/tab roles bug minor ui.accordion 1.12.1
#15357 Brozer freeze issue when using multiple select menu's bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15359 Tooltip does not work with screen readers bug minor ui.tooltip 1.12.1
#15360 Could not specify additional classes for ui-widget-overlay using dialog classes option bug minor ui.dialog 1.12.1
#15361 Month and Year Dropdown of Datepicker Not Working in Firefox bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#15362 Datepicker - Resets another controls date bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15363 jQuery-UI tabs cannot be disabled. bug minor ui.tabs 1.12.1
#15364 the sortable icon overflow its father container. bug minor ui.sortable 1.12.1
#15366 Typing a letter and then selecting an option with the mouse leads to the wrong option being selected bug minor ui.selectmenu 1.12.1
#15367 Checking problem for Checkbox in Tabs bug minor ui.checkbxoradio 1.12.1
#15368 Scrollable Autocomplete content keeps scrolling on mouse move out of the panel with results bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15369 Add ctrl+z/ctrl+y support for spinner and arrows changes. feature minor ui.spinner 1.12.1
#15370 Additive step flag for spinner and input value with bigger floating point than step. feature minor ui.spinner 1.12.1
#15371 Draggable to nested sortable incorrectly shows revert animation bug minor ui.sortable 1.12.1
#15372 autocomplete z-index wrong in dialog bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15373 Reporting security issues bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15374 how to improve the performance of the selectmenu bug minor ui.selectmenu 1.12.1
#15375 Loading names suggestion even for datepicker bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15379 Scroll not working smoothly in MsEdge bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15380 datepicker changes date not as expected in some cases bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15381 Datepicker unusable bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15382 Chrome Autocomplete hides datepicker, should datepicker disable autocomplete? feature minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15383 AutoComplete inside keyup event not working properly bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15385 UI slider isn't visible when page loads into container bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15386 No overflow overlay support bug minor ui.sortable 1.12.1
#15387 jQueryUI for React as Module feature minor ui.core git (not yet released)
#15389 Cursor move not removed after drop bug minor ui.sortable 1.12.1
#15393 Dependency (js-yaml) Security Vulnerability bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15394 jQuery.isFunction() is deprecated bug minor ui.effects.core 1.12.1
#15395 dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy' doesn't support negative years. bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15397 .datepicker("show") does not work on class selector bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15398 Pressing the 'Today' button in the datepicker doesn't work bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15399 drag/drop elements in jsonform produce weird results bug minor ui.droppable 1.12.1
#15401 Unable to navigate onto a datepicker with keyboard bug minor ui.datepicker 1.12.1
#15403 jQuery.expr[':'] is deprecated; bug minor ui.core 1.12.1
#15404 Autocomplete with scrolling doesn't allow for scroll bar bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15405 Autocomplete scrollable shows scrollbar on hover over last item bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.12.1
#15408 color contrast ratio for 'current date' is less than minimum required ratio 4.5:1 bug minor ui.core 1.12.1

Status: open (49 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3762 Slider: handles not restricted properly when set programmatically bug major ui.slider 1.6rc4
#4228 margin: #px auto; not respected with effects bug major ui.effects.core 1.6rc6
#4345 Sortable: CSS defined widths / heights are ignored on helper bug major ui.sortable 1.7
#4388 slider range option should work with more than two handles feature major ui.slider 1.7.1
#4739 Slider: Accessibility feature major ui.slider 1.7.2
#5210 Accessibility Improvements Radio buttons feature major ui.button 1.8rc2
#5233 Add support for high contrast mode feature major ui.core 1.8rc2
#5789 Datepicker: Support non-Gregorian calendars feature major ui.datepicker 1.8.2
#10082 Selectmenu items remains visible and fixed while scrolling dialog content bug major ui.selectmenu 1.11.0-beta.2
#14907 jQuery UI Datepicker showing incorrect week number bug major ui.datepicker 1.11.3
#14916 Resizable: Westward resize with grid doesn't work bug major ui.resizable 1.11.4
#14921 Transfer effect: Fixed position elements are handled incorrectly when scrolled in IE/Firefox enekogb bug major ui.effects.* (individual effect) 1.11.4
#14965 Spinner should have a refresh method bug major ui.spinner 1.12.0-rc.2
#2946 Selectable: CTRL/CMD should invert current state rdworth feature minor ui.selectable 1.5
#3071 Add Labels to Slider feature minor ui.slider 1.5.1
#3685 Dialog: Ability to fade in the overlay. feature minor ui.dialog 1.6rc2
#3763 Slider: Change step option to snap on mouseup feature minor ui.slider 1.6rc4
#4723 Slider direction (left/bottom:min, top/right: max) should be added feature minor ui.slider 1.7.2
#4779 Slider Has No Way To Dynamically Add Handles feature minor ui.slider 1.7.2
#5320 Can't realy clear queue after Blind effect bug minor ui.effects.* (individual effect) 1.8rc3
#5440 Themes: Not fully compatible with RTL bug minor ui.css-framework 1.8
#5512 and effect on jQuery UI Effects bug minor ui.effects.core 1.8
#5774 Datepicker: allow descending years in drop-down feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.2
#5800 Allow sliders to be used on [type=range] feature minor ui.slider 1.8.2
#6225 Datepicker: Inline datepicker and showCurrentAtPos bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.5
#6652 Ability to customize visible components of jQuery UI datepicker feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.6
#6814 datepicker('setDate') incorrectly overwrites current display with two datepickers bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.7
#6820 appendText wrongly follows isRTL bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.7
#6885 Add "afterShow" event to datepicker core feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.8
#7098 Datepicker: Broken handling of four digit years before year 100 bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.10
#7123 Not all effects are .stop() able or :animated detectable bug minor ui.effects.core 1.8.10
#7128 Datepicker: image DOM position should not change in RTL mode bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.10
#7210 Add option to enforce 6-rows-calendar in datepicker feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.11
#7467 Datepicker icon should have more descriptive alt text bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.13
#7537 Datepicker Should Allow Removal of ui-datepicker-current Button feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.14
#7580 Datepicker: Ability to position current month out of view with showCurrentAtPos option feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.14
#7649 Datepicker: Picker not in viewable position when the control is in far right side with horizontal scroll bar in IE7/8 bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.15
#7702 css class ui-state-disabled not applied after refresh when inline bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.16
#7765 Datepicker: Focus not placed back into textbox after date selection bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.16
#7786 Insertion of invalid number is converted to currentDate but only in first time bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.16
#7843 Button: toolbar accessibility bug minor ui.button 1.8.16
#7844 Button: split button accessibility bug minor ui.button 1.8.16
#8054 CSS .ui.corner.all - aesthetically incorrect radius sizing when used on all widget corners. feature minor ui.css-framework 1.8.17
#8062 Autocomplete is not triggered when pasting on Linux (with middle-mouse-button) bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.8.17
#8066 datepicker setDate should trigger onSelect feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.17
#8090 Option to use full month names in selection list feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.17
#8121 Datepicker: Focusing multiple elements at the same time throws an error. tojocky bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.17
#8159 datepicker('setDate' null) should not set today active feature minor ui.datepicker 1.8.18
#8170 Datepicker: Active day always appears as hovered at first bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.18
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