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#15407 JQuery UI Autocomplete : I can't select element with mouse click but only with keyboard arrows bug new blocker Jul 23, 2021
#8062 Autocomplete is not triggered when pasting on Linux (with middle-mouse-button) bug open minor Jan 26, 2012
#8200 Autocomplete: Customizable animation for show and hide feature open minor Mar 19, 2012
#9391 Autocomplete: selection doesn't work well on Android 4.2 bug reopened minor Jun 21, 2013
#9496 Autocomplete: Mouse auto highlights option in IE bug open minor Aug 13, 2013
#9994 JAWS knocked out of forms mode when passing through entries of equal length bug new minor Apr 24, 2014
#10050 Autocomplete: Destroy potential memory/resource leak bug open minor May 20, 2014
#10544 Autocomplete: Must click two times to select an item in iOS bug open minor Aug 13, 2014
#10713 Autocomplete does not work with VoiceOver bug new minor Dec 3, 2014
#10728 Autocomplete: option list isn't completely cleared after selection of an option on certain Android devices/browsers bug open minor Dec 15, 2014
#11052 Autocomplete: Trigger change event when return is pressed feature reopened minor Feb 9, 2015
#14639 IE: Scrollbar on mouseover in autocomplete results bug new minor Oct 2, 2015
#15072 Autocomplete scrolling does not work in IE/Edge bug open minor Oct 6, 2016
#15228 Autocomplete: When using scroll, if mouse pointer located on list area it interferes with keyboard scrolling in Chrome bug new minor Aug 11, 2017
#15238 Autocomplete option not selected when input is not focused bug open minor Sep 13, 2017
#15249 Autocomplete memory leak and CPU usage 100% bug new minor Nov 8, 2017
#15280 AutoComplete Failing for new TRs bug new minor Mar 10, 2018
#15295 autoFocus option on android device with Chrome browser bug new minor May 20, 2018
#15297 Bing Maps V8 conflict bug new minor Jun 12, 2018
#15303 Cannot press tab on readonly autocomplete in Firefox bug new minor Jul 11, 2018
#15331 Additional variable check related to: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined bug new minor Mar 30, 2019
#15352 Destroy autocomplete causing layout thrashing bug new minor Aug 6, 2019
#15368 Scrollable Autocomplete content keeps scrolling on mouse move out of the panel with results bug new minor Feb 13, 2020
#15372 autocomplete z-index wrong in dialog bug new minor Feb 20, 2020
#15379 Scroll not working smoothly in MsEdge bug new minor May 18, 2020
#15383 AutoComplete inside keyup event not working properly bug new minor Jun 18, 2020
#15404 Autocomplete with scrolling doesn't allow for scroll bar bug new minor Jun 23, 2021
#15405 Autocomplete scrollable shows scrollbar on hover over last item bug new minor Jun 24, 2021
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