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1.13.0 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#12166 Droppable: Remove hoverClass and activeClass options feature open blocker Apr 20, 2015

2.0.0 (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#2786 UI Droppable: Better handling for drag start detection feature assigned minor May 4, 2008
#4737 Droppable: Expose hash for each tolerance mode feature open minor Jul 31, 2009
#4933 Droppable: ability to have drop event fire once for overlapping droppable zones feature open minor Oct 29, 2009
#5943 Droppable: ui.intersect() should check the "visible" dimensions of droppable bug open major Aug 13, 2010
#6259 Droppable: drop event incorrectly triggered when dragging a draggable over a droppable onto a sortable bug open minor Nov 3, 2010
#7091 Droppable: Allow droppables to become visible and active during drag start feature open minor Mar 9, 2011
#8046 Droppable: does not get deactivated if the drop event modifies the element so it no longer passes the "accept" option bug open minor Jan 22, 2012
#8437 Droppable: Destroying draggable inside drop callback throws TypeError bug open minor Jul 10, 2012
#8946 Droppable: Tolerance checking incorrectly includes margins bug open minor Jan 4, 2013

none (22 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#9258 Nested Droppables Call event callbacks in reverse order bug reopened minor Apr 26, 2013
#9301 Droppable: iframeFix option does not account for scrollable <iframe>s bug open minor May 15, 2013
#9389 Droppable: Issue with nested, adjacent, greedy droppables bug open minor Jun 20, 2013
#9665 Droppable: Tolerance "touch" triggers too early bug open minor Nov 18, 2013
#9693 Droppable: Large number of droppable elements causes crash bug open minor Dec 5, 2013
#9766 Droppable: leaving a greedy child fails to check if parent intersects bug open minor Jan 22, 2014
#9820 Droppable: drop triggered for hidden droppables bug open minor Feb 13, 2014
#9955 Droppable: Nested droppables hover behavior is incorrect bug open minor Mar 30, 2014
#10111 Over callback of parent with greedy child does not trigger after drop on child. bug open minor Jun 13, 2014
#10534 Droppable: Remove $.ui.intersect() feature reopened blocker Aug 11, 2014
#10628 Provide option to connect sortable with droppable feature new minor Sep 28, 2014
#14891 Draggable and droppable dom is assigned a "null" id in Firefox bug new major Dec 17, 2015
#14943 Over event isn't propagated if nested droppable doesn't accept draggable under a certain scenario bug new minor Apr 1, 2016
#14946 jqueryui droppable: over event triggered before out droppable bug new minor Apr 11, 2016
#14989 Droppable and container with `overflow:hidden` accept drop where it shouldn't be. bug open minor Jun 27, 2016
#15204 nesting droppable over event not triggered for ancestor of Internal droppable accepted drop bug new minor Jun 12, 2017
#15232 Order of dragging from child to parent can cause future hovers on parents to fail. bug new minor Aug 31, 2017
#15264 Droppable/draggable do not work with subpixel width/height bug new minor Jan 8, 2018
#15277 JQueryUI droppable hover class bug on scaled target bug new minor Mar 6, 2018
#15302 invalid drop event triggered without drop combined with sortable bug new minor Jul 9, 2018
#15304 Drag and Drop jumpiness bug new minor Jul 19, 2018
#15399 drag/drop elements in jsonform produce weird results bug new minor Apr 12, 2021
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