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Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#15374 how to improve the performance of the selectmenu bug new minor Mar 3, 2020
#15366 Typing a letter and then selecting an option with the mouse leads to the wrong option being selected bug new minor Jan 22, 2020
#15351 Can't create selectmenu dynamically bug new minor Jul 18, 2019
#15343 References held to select and option elements after selectmenu('destroy') call bug new minor May 28, 2019
#15328 Re-opening selectmenu programatically is triggering the select event undesirably bug new minor Mar 6, 2019
#15313 select-menu widget should be able to customize aria-label or aria-labeledby attribute feature new minor Sep 14, 2018
#15247 Disabled Selectmenus: calling refresh repeatedly makes it slower and slower bug new minor Oct 27, 2017
#15210 show/hide selectmenu option doesn't work bug new minor Jun 25, 2017
#15140 Selectmenu: Incorrect navigation when typing while menu is open bug open minor Feb 28, 2017
#15115 selectmenuselect fires twice in certain scenario bug open minor Dec 9, 2016
#15091 selectmenu should probably not be a combobox bug open minor Nov 2, 2016
#14935 Selectmenu: Issue with scrollbar when select menu is created with pre selected value bug open minor Mar 15, 2016
#14890 ui.selectmenu icons fail in high contrast mode bug new minor Dec 16, 2015
#11606 Selectmenu should have a default max height feature open minor Mar 23, 2015
#11199 Selectmenu throws error after datepicker selected in different UpdatePanel (IE 11) bug open minor Feb 23, 2015
#11145 Selectmenu: Selection inside contenteditable is lost in Safari bug open minor Feb 19, 2015
#10715 Selectmenu keyboard without popup and VoiceOver bug new minor Dec 4, 2014
#10407 Selectmenu: inaccessible in IE when screen reader is active bug open minor Jul 25, 2014
#10082 Selectmenu items remains visible and fixed while scrolling dialog content bug open major Jun 2, 2014
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