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1.12.1 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#15044 Selectable: Performance of initialization is slow when many elements are in selectable container bug new minor Sep 8, 2016

2.0.0 (15 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#3525 Selectable: Add ARIA semantics and keyboard handling bug open minor Oct 29, 2008
#4026 Allow for Shift+Click for multiple Selections feature open minor Jan 31, 2009
#4417 requested option to disable multiselect feature open minor Mar 30, 2009
#4441 Selectable: Mousedown on scrollbar start selectable bug open minor Apr 7, 2009
#4782 Selectable: Filtered items does not refresh feature open minor Aug 14, 2009
#6821 Selectable: has hard coded z-index of 100 which isn't visible from a UI dialog bug open minor Jan 6, 2011
#7013 Select/Unselect Methods on Selectable Would be Nice feature open minor Feb 18, 2011
#7769 An option needed to enable multiple selection by default. feature open minor Oct 6, 2011
#7987 Selectable: select sequence feature open minor Jan 5, 2012
#8106 Selectable click to select broken when combined with Draggable bug open minor Feb 7, 2012
#8150 Selectable Stop Event Fires Multiple Times While Holding Ctrl feature open minor Feb 29, 2012
#8272 Selectable mouse event bug in the IE9+,FF,CHROME... bug open minor Apr 24, 2012
#3223 Seletable should support auto scroll when reach an edge feature open major Aug 18, 2008
#3236 Selectable: poor performance on large selections bug open major Aug 20, 2008
#4377 Selectable: Wrong offset when using appendTo bug open major Mar 20, 2009

none (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#2946 Selectable: CTRL/CMD should invert current state feature open minor Jun 3, 2008
#15090 Bug: Selectable's ui-selectable-helper is wrongly placed when appendTo element is absolutely positioned bug open minor Nov 1, 2016
#15245 [Selectable] Number of bindings grow over time when programatically adding / removing selectable elements. bug new minor Oct 13, 2017
#15263 Selectable: items are not correctly calculated using css transformations on container element bug new minor Jan 6, 2018
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