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#4303 sortable: receive: ui.item references the source element bug open major Mar 9, 2009
#4990 sortable: Small placeholders compute overlap wrong bug open major Dec 3, 2009
#5781 Sortable: refresh() does not discard previous data bind bug open minor Jun 29, 2010
#8133 Sortable: placeholder option class gets replaced with an object bug open minor Feb 23, 2012
#6075 Sortable: nested sortables can cause dragged item to disappear bug open minor Sep 19, 2010
#7815 Sortable: jumping bug when items size are different. bug open minor Oct 26, 2011
#8532 Sortable: items cannot be changed after init bug open minor Aug 30, 2012
#5772 Sortable: containment parent restricting replacement of first and last elements bug open major Jun 26, 2010
#9525 Sortable: containment doesn't work on container that has scrollbar bug open minor Aug 28, 2013
#3897 Sortable: connectWith should not accept an array of selectors feature open major Jan 21, 2009
#7941 Sortable: clicking a sortable item does not cause form element to blur bug open minor Dec 8, 2011
#6054 Sortable: cancel method cannot be called in a beforeStop event handler bug open minor Sep 16, 2010
#7501 Sortable: Wrong placeholder placement with float:left bug open minor Jun 23, 2011
#9147 Sortable: Write Unit Tests Covering #8572, #8573, #8574 bug open minor Mar 8, 2013
#8302 Sortable: Positioning issues with hidden connected lists bug open minor May 7, 2012
#4943 Sortable: Nested Sortable Serialize feature open major Nov 4, 2009
#8342 Sortable: Incorrect behaviour (or incorrect documentation) of sortable option tolerance: 'intersect' bug reopened minor May 22, 2012
#3022 Sortable: Handles outside sorting element do not work bug open major Jun 23, 2008
#8410 Sortable: Extra placeholder created if sort occurs during connected draggable revert bug open minor Jun 25, 2012
#8180 Sortable: Error when there are items in the sortable container that are already a sortable bug open minor Mar 9, 2012
#7045 Sortable: Draggable's connectToSortable fails when sortable items are floated bug open minor Feb 28, 2011
#4428 Sortable: Containment works only with elements of the same height bug open major Apr 2, 2009
#7065 Sortable: Connected sortables interact poorly with overflow: scroll bug open minor Mar 4, 2011
#8000 Sortable: Allow the dimensions of sortable items to be changed in a start event feature open minor Jan 10, 2012
#7590 Sortable: Allow the connectWith option to be updated in a start callback feature open minor Aug 1, 2011
#6954 Sortable: Allow cancel method to be called in start event feature reopened minor Feb 8, 2011
#7619 Sortable: Add refreshPositions option to detect dynamically created droppables feature open minor Aug 9, 2011
#7615 Sortable: Add demo with mouseover handles feature open minor Aug 8, 2011
#3874 Restrict certain drops by pre-defined rule or callback feature open minor Jan 19, 2009
#8441 Programmatically trigger drag start on sortables feature open minor Jul 13, 2012
#8135 Horizontal sortable shifts causes elements to shift down bug open minor Feb 24, 2012
#5795 Allow sortable to reorder items when dragged outside of container feature open minor Jul 4, 2010

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Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#15119 this.currentContainer points to the wrong container in ui.sortable._mouseDrag(). bug new minor Dec 23, 2016
#15364 the sortable icon overflow its father container. bug new minor Jan 16, 2020
#14734 sortable's cancel method not working with connectToSortable option bug new minor Oct 21, 2015
#15116 sortable ui version 1.12.1 crash bug new minor Dec 9, 2016
#10585 reset delay timer on method cancel bug new minor Sep 5, 2014
#9992 limiting the axis of a draggable+sortable does not limit scrolling bug new minor Apr 23, 2014
#13024 draggable with connectToSortable not compatible with clone helper bug new minor Jun 5, 2015
#14952 cursorAt in events is not immediately effective bug new minor Apr 21, 2016
#14404 connectToSortable offset is wrong when scrolled down bug new minor Aug 26, 2015
#9852 Wrong update event order on sortable connected lists bug new minor Feb 22, 2014
#14979 When using custom placeholder, the positions of the items array needs to be refreshed after the placholder is set... bug new minor May 30, 2016
#15406 Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON bug new major Jun 25, 2021
#9588 Sortable: wrong position is calculated in WebKit/Blink with scrolling and overflow hidden/auto on <body> bug open minor Oct 4, 2013
#10580 Sortable: update event gets fired after calling cancel() bug open minor Sep 1, 2014
#10547 Sortable: position off when container scrolled horizontally bug new minor Aug 14, 2014
#9633 Sortable: not screen reader or keyboard accessible bug open minor Oct 27, 2013
#5006 Sortable: incorrectly considers hidden elements as the clone element bug assigned major Dec 15, 2009
#9744 Sortable: incorrect value for ui.sender in sortover events bug new minor Jan 17, 2014
#9979 Sortable: hidden tables cells break layout when sorting rows bug open minor Apr 15, 2014
#9460 Sortable: containment doesn't work properly when scrolling bug open minor Jul 26, 2013
#9696 Sortable: _intersectsWithPointer does not work for horizontal moves bug open minor Dec 6, 2013
#14889 Sortable: Wrong placeholder height with tbody items and multiple <tr>s bug new minor Dec 12, 2015
#9344 Sortable: Works very erratically with flexbox content bug open minor May 29, 2013
#14909 Sortable: Review decision for out event firing when item is dropped feature open minor Jan 24, 2016
#10579 Sortable: Provide way to animate placeholder appearance and disappearence feature open minor Sep 1, 2014
#14869 Sortable: Placeholder size not updated at some zoom levels bug new minor Nov 26, 2015
#15234 Sortable: Modifying the list while sorting in progress bug new minor Sep 4, 2017
#14894 Sortable: Large items of nested sortable can not be inserted on top bug new minor Jan 2, 2016
#9099 Sortable: Items in connected list revert to last list interacted with rather than their starting point bug open minor Feb 19, 2013
#9635 Sortable: Item flying off screen with revert=true bug open minor Oct 28, 2013
#8961 Sortable: Intermittently unable to sort while dragging and scrolling bug open minor Jan 14, 2013
#11086 Sortable: Helper keeps moveing away because of margin bug open minor Feb 11, 2015
#14645 Sortable: Elements are not considered :active while sorting in Firefox bug open minor Oct 3, 2015
#15039 Sortable: Draggig list items over items that are display: none causes a lag bug new minor Sep 1, 2016
#11518 Sortable: Draggable helper gets explicit width when using connectToSortable bug open minor Mar 17, 2015
#10113 Sortable: Discrepancy between receive event and appending with nested sortables bug open minor Jun 16, 2014
#9679 Sortable: Collision detection off when items use float: right bug open minor Nov 27, 2013
#9582 Sortable: Cannot move nested sortable items to top or bottom of sibling container bug open minor Oct 2, 2013
#4345 Sortable: CSS defined widths / heights are ignored on helper bug open major Mar 16, 2009
#10084 Sortable: Breaks table layout when sorting (table-layout: fixed, and fixed width cell) bug open minor Jun 3, 2014
#14908 Sortable truncates width property to an integer which makes flexbox items to wrap bug new minor Jan 23, 2016
#15097 Sortable in 1.12.x much (min 3x) slower than 1.11.x bug new minor Nov 10, 2016
#15254 Sortable flicker when dragging portlets bug new minor Nov 30, 2017
#15268 Sortable containment height doesn't update on over and out event on connected sortables bug new minor Jan 24, 2018
#11517 Sortable causes erratic behaviour with floated percent items bug new minor Mar 17, 2015
#11032 Sortable "over" event not firing on nested lists bug new minor Feb 6, 2015
#15208 Sortable "helper:'clone'" element not removed after sort after aborted drag bug new minor Jun 22, 2017
#14969 Scrolling doesn't work bug new minor May 17, 2016
#15175 Scrollbar Position Changes On Drag Start bug new minor Apr 18, 2017
#14721 SVGs gets invicible in IE11 Windows 10 after sorting is completed bug new minor Oct 13, 2015
#15101 Provide more control over scrollSensitivity option of interactions feature new minor Nov 18, 2016
#15274 Position of sortable element is incorrect bug new minor Feb 21, 2018
#15288 Placeholder on Sortable elements wont always be set in correct place if scrolling. bug new minor Apr 25, 2018
#15335 Perfomance Issue when working with hidden rows bug new minor Apr 15, 2019
#15386 No overflow overlay support bug new minor Aug 9, 2020
#15080 Nested Drag and Drop using jquery ui not working properly - Working in version 1.10.4 bug new minor Oct 13, 2016
#9526 Multi sortable connectWith placeholder wrong position bug new minor Aug 29, 2013
#15117 Jquery Sortable Bug on first sorting action bug new minor Dec 17, 2016
#14902 JQuery UI Sortable strange placeholder behaviour bug new blocker Jan 17, 2016
#14968 JQuery UI - Sortable Widget (Grid): Horizontally scrolling with the first element not working properly bug new minor May 17, 2016
#10578 Incorrect Placeholder Positioning in Nested Floated Sortables bug new minor Sep 1, 2014
#15347 Hidden items in sortable aren't sortable directly after showing in one drag. bug new minor Jun 13, 2019
#11085 Helper created by draggable is moved to another parent when over sortable bug new minor Feb 11, 2015
#13562 Extra border spacing when sorting table rows in Safari bug new minor Jul 10, 2015
#15371 Draggable to nested sortable incorrectly shows revert animation bug new minor Feb 17, 2020
#14806 Draggable helper position largely offsets on entering/leaving sortables when being placed in floating and/or relative positioned parent elements bug new minor Nov 15, 2015
#11580 Draggable connected to nested sortabled - helper misplaced on exit bug new minor Mar 20, 2015
#15033 Draggable / Sortable items have wrong offset when scrolled inside fixed > relative bug new minor Aug 17, 2016
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