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[meta] (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#3476 Build out initial sub pages for design wiki feature minor

[meta] ui.test (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#3639 Button on the test site for Effects point to the douwnload site (package builder) bug major

[meta] ui.themeroller (3 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#3040 The Image Cropper demo doesn't work bug major
#3092 Image cropper demo errors (patch included) bug minor
#3285 Download builder page needs UI version number enhancement minor

ui.core (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#1547 drop callback function runs twice in jQueryUI bug major

ui.datepicker (17 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#3105 Date picker first week in november day repeat bug critical
#3080 Datepicker calls _setDateFromField on a div when inline bug major
#3084 arrange order of month and year selectboxes for each locale feature major
#3108 ui.datepicker breaks with form elements whos ids contain square brackets bug major
#3111 Provide option to display double-arrows for navigation by (year) in ui.datepicker feature major
#3113 datepicker error for escaped special character in element id bug major
#3116 datepicker incorrectly handling change of rangeSelect bug major
#3133 Theme Generator for DatePicker calls class instead of id : .ui-datepicker-div -> #ui-datepicker-div bug major
#3138 Nothing happened using Traditional Chinese pack on IE7 bug major
#3146 Inconsistent year/month change notify (user callback) bug major
#3082 arrow keys unnecessarily bound in datepicker enhancement minor
#3107 ui.datepicker dialog example does not return false when returning from onlclick bug minor
#3129 jQuery UI Datepicker. with Spring bug minor
#7244 Datepicker: parseDate() does not throw an exception for long years bug minor
#3165 Invaild Comparsion in _changeDatePicker bug minor
#3170 Esperanto translation ui.datepicker enhancement minor
#4969 Datepicker cannot change values of fields named with special characters bug minor

ui.dialog (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#4020 UI Dialog - IE7 - Dialog won't open if any rounded corners are present bug major

ui.draggable (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#3130 draggable options - revert can't be a number bug minor

ui.sortable (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#3039 Sortable List in i.e. 7 within overflow bug major
#3052 UI Sortables IE issue with CSS overflow property bug major
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