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[meta] ui.build (4 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#9647 Build: Split functions out of core into their own files feature major
#14375 jquery-ui "requirable" as CJS module bug minor
#11101 jQuery UI on npm feature minor
#10674 AMD loading broken on minified scripts bug minor

[meta] ui.dev (4 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#12638 Add form reset mixin feature blocker
#9838 Dev: Remove IE7 Workarounds feature blocker
#10119 All: Use AMD loader in demos and tests feature major
#13885 Move widgets and effects into their own folders feature minor

ui.accordion (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#11938 Accordion: height is sometimes wrong if calculated while accordion is closed bug minor

ui.autocomplete (3 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#14917 Autocomplete does not recognize contenteditable on chromium browsers bug minor
#9201 Autocomplete: Menu doesn't hide in IE 8 bug minor
#14587 autocomplete is generating invalid accessibility HTML markup bug minor

ui.button (13 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8203 Button: Deprecate text option; rename to showLabel feature blocker
#14744 Button: Deprecate icons option; replace with icon and iconPosition feature blocker
#14746 Button: Deprecate support for toggle buttons; use new checkboxradio widget feature blocker
#14747 Button: Deprecate buttonset; replace with controlgroup feature blocker
#7841 Button: checkboxes accessibility bug blocker
#9990 Button: Minor mouse movements cause state inconsistencies in Firefox bug minor
#9505 Radio buttons do not have appropriate focus styling bug minor
#9541 Button: Use control.labels if available feature minor
#8827 Button: Pixel positioning for button widget with radio buttons is incorrect bug minor
#7583 Buttonset: incorrect button width/alignment in IE8 bug minor
#7902 Button: Inconsistent focus handling across browsers bug minor
#10726 Button: selecting text causes an inconsistent state bug minor
#9973 Button: Support the HTML5 form attribute bug minor

ui.checkbxoradio (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#14939 Checkboxradio breaks with some default settings bug blocker
#14955 Checkboxradio icons are broken inside dialogs bug blocker

ui.controlgroup (4 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#14960 Controlgroup: Child widget classes unrelated to controlgroup position are removed because they share a class key bug blocker
#14966 Controlgroup refresh breaks spinner which move to beginning / end poistion bug blocker
#14967 Controlgroup: controlgroup labels re-wrap contents on refresh bug blocker
#14972 Missing rounded corners on sole element of control group bug blocker

ui.core (8 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#9649 Core: Remove .focus( delay ) feature blocker
#9156 Core: Remove .zIndex() feature blocker
#12770 Remove dependency on core event alias module feature blocker
#10723 Drop support for jQuery 1.6.x feature blocker
#14596 :focusable and :tabbable selectors need to handle nested visibility rules bug minor
#14970 Element still :focusable for control inside fieldset:disabled bug minor
#12475 Core: Add `.labels()` method as a shim for `control.labels` feature minor
#11197 Feature detecting outerWidth setter API expensive bug minor

ui.css-framework (5 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#10617 Theme: Improve default theme styling feature blocker
#10131 Theme: Remove usage of font: 62.5% from demos and 1.1em from widgets feature blocker
#10573 Disabled elements show focus style on click bug minor
#7855 reduce file size of images in themes feature minor
#10683 Caret icons are incorrectly named carat bug minor

ui.datepicker (6 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#14595 Datepicker: Incorrect date format for ko locale bug minor
#7956 Datepicker: maxDate - last month - ctrl+arrow shortcut doesn't work properly bug minor
#14920 datepicker widget uses deprecated getYear() Method bug minor
#14416 Datepicker: Useless line: dow; bug minor
#14948 Datpeicker: Incorrect day names for ar-DZ locale bug minor
#11143 Datepicker: Date range demo doesn't handle manually entered dates bug minor

ui.dialog (7 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#12161 Dialog: Deprecate dialogClass option feature blocker
#14978 Dialog with buttons gets smaller every time it is dragged in Chrome 51 bug blocker
#5901 Apply additional class(es) to modal dialog's overlay div feature minor
#10543 Dialog: Selectmenu/autocomplete in dialog window is cut off bug minor
#13649 Modal dialog removes all document focusin handlers in _destroyOverlay bug minor
#9823 Dialog: producing unspecified error in ie9 when INSIDE iframe bug minor
#14056 Dialog close button (X) CSS issue in Chrome bug minor

ui.draggable (4 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#14905 Draggable does not correctly blur when handle is clicked bug minor
#14461 draggable cancels operation when shiftKey is pressed bug minor
#12472 Draggable handle does not allow unrelated elements to blur bug minor
#10725 Draggable: Draggable elements receive an explicit height in Firefox only bug minor

ui.droppable (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#12162 Droppable: Deprecate hoverClass and activeClass options feature blocker

ui.effects.* (individual effect) (9 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#9257 Blind Effect: Fixed position elements jump bug minor
#8505 Absolute position child elements work incorrectly with "slide" effects bug minor
#9066 Scale effect: Element jumps to wrong position bug minor
#7041 Toggle size effect demo not working bug minor
#11160 Pulsate effect leaves inline opacity style bug minor
#14749 Effects: Deprecate transfer effect; replace with transfer plugin feature minor
#8867 Effects-Shake: Select element with padding breaks in 1.9.2 bug minor
#7885 clip effect works not correct on centered images bug minor
#8671 Effects: Clip effect behavior is incorrect bug minor

ui.effects.core (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#10599 deprecate effects methods backcompatted by Effects Rewrite feature blocker
#9477 Effect: .ui-effects-wrapper not following element's display, vertical-align, etc. makes trouble bug minor

ui.menu (6 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#14919 Menu: Parent menu item retains active state on click outside of menu bug blocker
#14945 ui.menu blur event ui item returns null bug blocker
#10162 Menu: ui-state-focus styling applies to submenus bug blocker
#10692 Menu: Use consistent styling for focused and "active" items bug major
#10104 Menu: Issue displaying submenus on hover bug minor
#11641 Menu: Top level focus lost on out/over of sub popups bug minor

ui.mouse (3 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#10615 Mouse: Deprecate distance and delay feature blocker
#10818 Mouse stops propagation of events to window bug minor
#14458 Mouse: Delayed interaction occurs even after mouseup bug minor

ui.position (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#9898 $.support.offsetFractions is always `false` if jquery.ui.position is included outside the head bug minor
#13493 Position broken with core git bug minor

ui.resizable (4 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#3423 Resizable: Can't change handles after init bug major
#7766 Resizable: Using invalid jQuery css parameter bug minor
#11113 Resizable: with helper, dragging horizontally or vertically only reduces opposite direction by 1px bug minor
#14788 Typo in Plugin "alsoResize" bug minor

ui.selectable (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#13359 jQuery Selectable Scrolling Bug with "autoRefresh: false" bug minor

ui.selectmenu (9 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#14914 Selectmenu: Icon is in wrong position bug blocker
#14938 Firefox: The alignment of text and icon of the selectmenu is not correct. bug blocker
#11054 selectmenu content differs when created or refreshed when overriding _renderItem bug minor
#10574 Selectmenu vertical alignment is incorrect bug minor
#10142 Selectmenu: Can't style selected item feature minor
#10662 Selectmenu: Calling refresh() after removing all options throws an error bug minor
#11198 Selectmenu default width is too small, causes overflow bug minor
#10435 Selectmenu ignores title attribute bug minor
#12236 Selectmenu: Handle form reset bug minor

ui.slider (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#12852 Slider: Cannot reach max value with step of 0.01 bug minor
#9046 Slider: Setting both values of range slider to maximum value, locks the slider bug minor
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