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[meta] ui.build (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8085 Building git repo of jQuery-UI on windows os bug minor
#7404 build.xml can run quicker enhancement minor

[meta] ui.demos (4 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#5511 Demos: Don't filter source, display it all bug major
#8539 jQueryUI - Accordion - Open on hoverintent - hover not work bug minor
#8541 Bug: Scale effect doesn't work properly in all major browsers bug minor
#7625 jqueryui.com animated dialog bug. bug minor

[meta] ui.dev (6 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#5124 Ensure all PHP scripts for demos/tests properly escape/filter input data bug blocker
#7810 Consistent naming convention for .data() keys bug blocker
#3772 Determine how to support effects across plugins feature blocker
#3773 Try to remove browser sniffing feature blocker
#5404 remove uses of 'var self = this;' bug minor
#6764 Use toggleClass instead of [ bool ? "addClass" : "removeClass" ] enhancement minor

[meta] ui.docs (10 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#5402 Document how to use easings bug blocker
#7345 Docs: Add note that widgets require functional CSS feature blocker
#7368 Effects and their options need documentation feature blocker
#5150 Docs: alphabetize all options, events, and methods bug major
#4719 Documentation for jquery.ui.core.js methods bug major
#6974 class animation: document what happens with properties that can't be animated bug minor
#8354 ThemeSwitcher Widget bug minor
#5807 Docs: list out ui properties for all events in a bulleted list bug minor
#7662 Tabs: documentation update suggested (fix for IE base href issue) jqueryui: 1.7.x; 1.8.x enhancement minor
#7421 Demo page for dialog should say String, Object for show option bug minor

[meta] ui.downloadbuilder (4 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#6119 If no Theme is selected, the custom unified .css file is not added to the downloadable archive bug blocker
#5441 Download Builder: Add list of selected components in jquery-ui.js feature minor
#8296 Button and Radio Set not initialized in generated index.html bug minor
#4811 Download Builder: doesn't include index.html if you only select UI Core bug minor

[meta] ui.site (6 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#4810 Use H1 tags for page headers to improve SEO feature blocker
#5653 Infrastructure: Get rid of redirects to improve performance bug major
#4912 Site Demos: Left nav doesn't properly handle large text bug major
#6057 jQuery UI Changelog Documentation is hard to find feature minor
#8387 Site: No charset in content-type headers bug minor
#8169 Supported Browsers out of sync with jQuery core bug minor

[meta] ui.test (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#7031 Tests use #main instead of #qunit-fixture bug minor

[meta] ui.themeroller (5 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#4600 Themeroller: phpThumb error with shorthand hex colors bug major
#8518 xss vulnerablity in ur web site http://jqueryui.com/ bug minor
#8550 ThemeRoller doesn't work properly in IE7. bug minor
#6785 Move ThemeRoller permalink to top of file bug minor
#8612 Using spaces in font name, Escape \\\\\\\'Foo Bar'\\\\\\\\ bug minor

ui.accordion (32 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8600 Accordion: Rename animated option to animate feature blocker
#6834 Accordion: Change icons.headerSelected to icons.activeHeader feature blocker
#6836 Accordion: Deprecate the activate method feature blocker
#6838 Accordion: Rename resize method to refresh feature blocker
#6840 Accordion: Rename changestart event to beforeActivate feature blocker
#6842 Accordion: Rename change event to activate feature blocker
#6852 Accordion: Deprecate non-number/falsey values for active option feature blocker
#5867 Accordion: Deprecate clearStyle option feature blocker
#5869 Accordion: Deprecate navigation options feature blocker
#5871 Accordion: Merge autoHeight and fillSpace options feature blocker
#6896 Accordion: Allow canceling the beforeActivate event feature blocker
#4178 Accordion animation a bit jumpy in some browsers bug major
#3532 Accordion: Activating a panel during animation fails bug major
#8140 nested accordion is oversized bug major
#8193 Accordion: Remove ui-accordion-disabled class feature minor
#7683 Calling .accordion("activate", false) fires changestart event with incorrect values bug minor
#8224 bug: Accordion corner style applying order enhancement minor
#7464 Accordion causes scrollbar to disappear bug minor
#6957 .ui-accordion-content's overflow value does not change back to auto in IE 6 bug minor
#6971 Accordion animation bug in Opera 11.01 with jQuery 1.4.3+ bug minor
#6740 Dynamically changing accordion's event handler doesn't actually change the behaviour bug minor
#8310 Accordion font reduce in safari of iphone bug minor
#6779 Folding with keyboard <space> mixes up headline style bug minor
#7300 collapsible accordion in IE8 not toggling aria-expanded and aria-selected tags bug minor
#7820 $(...).accordion('option', 'active') is incorrect when set by URL hash navigation bug minor
#5540 Accordion: Jumpy animation when opening a panel after closing all bug minor
#7335 Accordion: Incorrect size when a panel is empty bug minor
#7869 Accordion: Provide header and content details in create event feature minor
#7880 Nested accordion icons bug minor
#7371 Accordion: Incorrect size when zoomed bug minor
#8142 Invalid negative CSS values from Accordion bug minor
#6892 Accordion: broken animation in Chrome bug minor

ui.autocomplete (22 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#6777 Autocomplete callback when search is complete enhancement blocker
#7840 Autocomplete: popup results not read by screen-readers bug blocker
#6914 Autocomplete: Support contenteditable feature minor
#6670 Autocomplete very slow in IE for 500+ items bug minor
#7197 Combobox: not valid value is set bug minor
#7742 Autocomplete: Blur should not change the value of the input bug minor
#8263 Autocomplete does not display results on Android in Firefox unless you delete bug minor
#8276 Single quote breaks autocomplete bug minor
#8282 Double escape clear IE form, continue Ticket #7643 enhancement minor
#7523 Autocomplete cancel pending request when text changes below minLength bug minor
#7269 Holding down arrow keys in autocomplete box does not move through list bug minor
#7024 Autocomplete menu options are activated even if mouse is not moved bug minor
#7550 Autocomplete change event not triggered in time. bug minor
#7555 autoFocus randomly deletes typed characters bug minor
#7579 autocomplete overwrites input erroneously when user hits ESC before timeout expires bug minor
#7070 event.originalEvent undefined in overridden focus event bug minor
#8096 Autocomplete: menu didn't hide on blur bug minor
#8616 Remote autocomplete example can leave pending request tracking out of sync. bug minor
#7085 Menu click when no mouseover causes error bug minor
#7423 Tab out of autocomplete with remote source can leave menu showing. bug minor
#8216 Autocomplete: Incorrect scrolling of items when zoomed bug trivial
#6729 Combobox: Incorrect button size bug trivial

ui.button (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#5265 Button: When opening dialog button keeps focus bug major
#8337 Submit inputs don't automatically set label option. bug minor

ui.core (5 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#7755 Core: Deprecate .disableSelection() and .enableSelection() feature blocker
#5000 Deprecate $.ui.contains bug major
#7257 Core: optimize :tabbable enhancement minor
#8361 Add uniqueId() and removeUniqueId() enhancement minor
#7613 Incorrect UI keyCodes bug minor

ui.css-framework (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#7475 .ui-icon-radio-on and .ui-icon-radio-off reversed bug minor
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