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[meta] ui.dev (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#4203 Core: Determine how to support z-index and stacking across plugins feature major
#4908 Support cross-window use of plugins feature major

ui.accordion (11 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8601 Accordion: Remove animated option feature blocker
#5872 Accordion: Remove autoHeight and fillSpace options feature blocker
#6843 Accordion: Remove change event feature blocker
#6841 Accordion: Remove changestart event feature blocker
#5868 Accordion: Remove clearStyle option feature blocker
#6835 Accordion: Remove icons.headerSelected feature blocker
#5870 Accordion: Remove navigation options feature blocker
#6839 Accordion: Remove resize method feature blocker
#6853 Accordion: Remove support for non-number/falsey values for active option feature blocker
#6837 Accordion: Remove the activate method feature blocker
#4672 Accordion: ability to add/remove panels feature major

ui.autocomplete (3 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8858 Autocomplete: Fails when appendTo is detached from the DOM bug minor
#8156 Autocomplete: Remove data fallbacks feature blocker
#8859 Autocomplete: XSS in combobox demo bug minor

ui.button (5 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8559 Button: Button doesn't remove active state when using keyboard. bug minor
#7505 Button: Buttonset not applied to radio group with quotation/apostrophe in name bug minor
#7996 Button: Inconsistent styling based on markup bug minor
#5518 Button: Incorrect state after double click in Firefox bug minor
#5253 Toolbar demo ugly in IE bug major

ui.core (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8902 Remove $.ui.contains feature minor
#8891 Remove $.ui.isOver() and $.ui.isOverAxis() feature minor

ui.css-framework (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#7975 Remove invalid CSS for legacy browsers feature minor
#8834 Theme: Remove unneeded vendor prefixing feature minor

ui.datepicker (7 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#7362 Datepicker allows changing year to something outside yearRange bug minor
#5679 Datepicker should reinitialize if dpDiv is removed feature minor
#8885 Datepicker: Add Belarusian locale feature minor
#8917 Datepicker: Add Canadian French locale feature minor
#8787 Datepicker: Add Kyrgyz localization feature minor
#8886 Datepicker: Add Norwegian Bokmål (nb) and Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) locales feature minor
#8883 Datepicker: Changing disabled option doesn't work bug minor

ui.dialog (40 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#6830 Allow Icons to be specified for Dialog buttons feature minor
#8789 Dialog doesnot close for first click on chrome. bug minor
#6058 Dialog overlays are not properly reused when multiple instances of a Dialog exist bug minor
#8351 Dialog problem on Firefox when creating dynamic element bug minor
#5466 Dialog: "modal" Dialog Incorrectly Cancels Input Events bug minor
#4731 Dialog: Add option to set which element gains focus on open feature minor
#7948 Dialog: Allow dialog to be attached to a element other than body. feature minor
#4820 Dialog: Auto height does not respect the maxHeight option. bug minor
#7063 Dialog: Buttons in background still working even when an active modal dialog is in open state bug minor
#4727 Dialog: CKEditor in Modal Dialog is not editable bug minor
#8172 Dialog: Change event cancelled when opening modal dialog from another modal dialog bug minor
#8838 Dialog: Close icon does not work in dialog larger than the window in IE bug minor
#5559 Dialog: Content grows bigger than widget on resize at document edge bug minor
#8824 Dialog: Deprecate array and string notation for position option feature blocker
#5860 Dialog: Destroying a dialog during animated close leaves .ui-effects-wrapper in DOM bug minor
#8119 Dialog: Destroying a dialog leaves some styles changed bug minor
#5388 Dialog: Don't change z-index when already at the top bug major
#5762 Dialog: Get rid of z-index workaround, document it instead bug major
#7773 Dialog: If titlebar changes height during resize, button pane positioning changes bug minor
#4671 Dialog: Modal Dialog disables vertical scroll bar in Chrome & Safari bug major
#4995 Dialog: Modal Dialog's overlay dissapears in IE when content is tall. bug major
#3534 Dialog: Modal dialog disables all input elements on page. bug minor
#7107 Dialog: Modal dialog event loss with high zindex child elements (FF 3.6) bug minor
#7960 Dialog: Modal dialogs do not disable resizables on the page bug minor
#7120 Dialog: Modal operation interrupts drag drop marker functionality on gmaps bug minor
#8583 Dialog: Mouse event wrongly stopped bug minor
#8508 Dialog: Position changes on first resize bug minor
#8722 Dialog: Remove stack option feature blocker
#8729 Dialog: Remove zIndex option feature blocker
#8730 Dialog: Restore focus to opener feature blocker
#4575 Dialog: Scrollbar is difficult to use with overflow content and resize handle bug minor
#6016 Dialog: Title XSS Vulnerability bug major
#6267 Dialog: checkboxes that inherit a z-index < jqueryui.dialog z-index don't work bug minor
#3768 Dialog: contain focus within dialog bug major
#7861 Dialog: default accessibility bug minor
#8963 Dialog: focus close button and closing dialog with Jaws 13.0.1006 64bit bug minor
#7862 Dialog: modal accessibility bug minor
#7051 Dialog: modal prevents tab key from moving focus off slider handle bug minor
#6899 Dialog: show: true and buttons break the layout bug minor
#4892 Dialog: zIndex error with animated modal dialog bug minor

ui.draggable (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8757 Draggable: Resizable handle with inner element does not work, when its also draggable bug minor

ui.effects.core (3 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8860 Effects: Class animation has broken noConflict support bug minor
#7115 Effects: Remove support for effects in $.effects[] feature blocker
#8914 Effects: odd behaviour of css hook when setting backgroundColor to transparent in IE7/8 bug minor

ui.menu (2 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8927 Menu: Can't change icons option after init bug minor
#8866 Menu: select event not firing due to mouseHandled flag reset bug bug minor

ui.position (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#6982 Position: Remove offset option feature blocker

ui.progressbar (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#7624 Progressbar: Support value: false for indeterminate progressbar feature blocker

ui.resizable (6 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#5545 Resizable: Callbacks ignore the grid bug minor
#8756 Resizable: Complex markup for handles feature minor
#7605 Resizable: Plugin sets width and height when only one is changing bug minor
#3815 Resizable: absolutely positioned element inside scrollable element is repositioned when resized bug major
#4603 Resizable: alsoResize option doesn't work with containment bug minor
#5817 Resizable: resize event reports unconstrained ui.size when using aspectRatio bug minor

ui.selectable (1 match)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8915 Selectable: lasso offset issue with scrolling bug minor

ui.slider (4 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8772 Slider: Incorrect UI state when disabled at init bug minor
#8892 Slider: Multiple Sliders have Conflict with options.values bug minor
#6727 Slider: Visual issues with disabled slider in IE8 bug minor
#3467 Sliders Handles can overlap, only small sliver of slider is selectable bug major

ui.spinner (4 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8901 Spinner does not fire start/spin/stop events when calling stepUp()/Down(), pageUp()/Down() methods bug minor
#8926 Spinner: Can't change icons option after init bug minor
#9338 Spinner: problem with stepUp and stepDown bug minor
#8950 Spinner: value can't be seen in dark themes bug minor

ui.tabs (5 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority
#8836 Tabs: Height overflows parent with heightStyle: 'fill' bug minor
#7150 Tabs: Remove abort method feature blocker
#7158 Tabs: Remove add and remove methods feature blocker
#7147 Tabs: Remove ajaxOptions and cache options feature blocker
#8731 Tabs: Remove back-compat for load event feature blocker
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