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Id Summary Type Priority Component
#9090 Themes: Issues with theme images in 1.10.1 bug blocker ui.css-framework
#4765 Sortable: Placeholder not displayed when sorting table rows bug major ui.sortable
#5129 Sortable: Unable to use an image as a placeholder in Firefox bug minor ui.sortable
#8763 Position: getScrollInfo() swapped width and height bug minor ui.position
#9041 Sortable: Unstable dragging / sorting with jQuery UI 1.9.1 and above bug minor ui.sortable
#8792 Sortable: Issue with floated items in connected lists bug minor ui.sortable
#9086 Autocomplete: Incorrect escaping in combobox demo bug minor ui.autocomplete
#9087 Dialog: Allow registering elements outside a dialog for use when a modal dialog is open feature minor ui.dialog
#4485 Sortable: Portlet demo is buggy bug minor ui.sortable
#9097 UI dialog inheritance bug minor ui.dialog
#9098 Datepicker German localization - make casing of previous/next/today consistent bug minor ui.datepicker
#9103 Draggable: revert option reset after being added to a connectedSortable bug minor ui.draggable
#9111 Tabs: Can't inherit border-bottom-color for vertical tabs bug minor ui.tabs
#9112 Spinner keeps changing after losing focus bug minor ui.spinner
#9116 Droppable: drop event can cause droppables to remain active if any droppable is created/destroyed in the event handler bug minor ui.droppable
#9118 Autocomplete: Mouse auto-highlights option in Firefox bug minor ui.autocomplete
#9120 Effects: .hide() inconsistent with core with a hidden parent bug minor ui.effects.core
#9126 .show()/.hide() do not support all of core's options bug minor ui.effects.core
#9150 CSS Framework: Add ui-icon-blank feature minor ui.css-framework
#5569 Draggable: Containment incorrectly calculates padding and border bug minor ui.draggable
#7389 Sortable 'cursor' option does not override cursor settings for affected DOM object bug minor ui.sortable
#7415 Sortable: Incorrect revert animation with axis: "y" bug minor ui.sortable
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