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Id Summary Type Priority Component
#9037 Build: Verify characters in output feature blocker [meta] ui.build
#9521 Dialog: Resizable dialogs move/resize out of viewpoint boundry bug minor ui.dialog
#9533 Position: positioning within document raises error bug minor ui.position
#9281 Datepicker i18n: Incorrect settings for Lithuanian locale bug minor ui.datepicker
#9289 Datepicker: Incorrect capitalisation for French and Spanish bug minor ui.datepicker
#9291 Position - $.position.scrollbarWidth detection causes layout issues bug minor ui.position
#9547 Resizable: off-by-one pixel dimensions with helper and grid bug minor ui.resizable
#9044 Menu: Autofocus issue with dialog opened from menu widget bug minor ui.menu
#9307 Resizable: Erratic behavior of contained elements within scrollable grandparents bug minor ui.resizable
#9312 Dialog: closes on enter in textbox in IE bug minor ui.dialog
#9057 Core: scrollParent not working properly in IE for static or relative elements bug minor ui.core
#9316 Widget: widgetEventPrefix is empty when widget is (occasionally) loaded twice bug minor ui.widget
#9317 Tabs: Incorrect remote tab detection in IE7 bug minor ui.tabs
#9573 Spinner: forces a field validation in Firefox before field loses focus or form is submitted bug minor ui.spinner
#9584 Tabs: Refresh issue when tabs are moved to bottom bug minor ui.tabs
#9334 Autocomplete: Multiple instances should be able to start asynchronous requests simultaneously bug minor ui.autocomplete
#9339 Droppable: offsetWidth and offsetHeight are queried unnecessarily causing synchronous reflow feature minor ui.droppable
#9601 Widget: calling _setOption with undefined as 3rd argument makes it a getter bug minor ui.widget
#9609 Datepicker: Correct the Finnish date format bug minor ui.datepicker
#9355 Slider: Changing range option to false does not remove range div. bug minor ui.slider
#9611 Resizable: can be moved when grid option is set bug minor ui.resizable
#9377 Menu: Refreshing should recheck for menu icons bug minor ui.menu
#9384 Menu: _focus function forgets null check with doing a pattern match on event.type bug minor ui.menu
#9133 Dialog: Resizing causes close icon to misalign in Firefox bug minor ui.dialog
#9656 Datepicker: Incorrect values in Latvian localization bug minor ui.datepicker
#9407 Accordion: aria-expanded attribute on wrong element bug minor ui.accordion
#9420 Dialog: Close causes blur of window in IE9 bug minor ui.dialog
#9169 Button: Disabled button maintains ui-state-focus in IE & Firefox on Windows bug minor ui.button
#9428 CSS Framework: Title color not reset in a focused accordion tab bug minor ui.css-framework
#9431 Datepicker: Wrong dateformat for icelandic datepicker locale bug minor ui.datepicker
#7665 Button: Radio button & checkboxes ignore mouseclicks for minor mouse movements bug minor ui.button
#8443 Dialog: "unspecified error" when using ie9 and iframe bug minor ui.dialog
#9469 on(“menuselect”) not firing every time bug minor ui.menu
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