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#5124 Ensure all PHP scripts for demos/tests properly escape/filter input data bug blocker [meta] ui.dev
#3079 Tabs: keyboard accessibility bug blocker ui.tabs
#5645 Position: Allow for arbitrary element to be containing element feature blocker ui.position
#7191 Widget: Deprecate use of metadata feature blocker ui.widget
#5402 Document how to use easings bug blocker [meta] ui.docs
#4386 Tabs: Incorrect handling for enable and disable method bug blocker ui.tabs
#5939 Tabs: Remove rotation feature blocker ui.tabs
#7492 Position: Add "flipfit" collision feature blocker ui.position
#6981 Position: Merge offset option into my and at options enhancement blocker ui.position
#7755 Core: Deprecate .disableSelection() and .enableSelection() feature blocker ui.core
#7028 Position: Allow percent-based offsets feature blocker ui.position
#6777 Autocomplete callback when search is complete enhancement blocker ui.autocomplete
#8319 Tabs: Deprecate fx option feature blocker ui.tabs
#7810 Consistent naming convention for .data() keys bug blocker [meta] ui.dev
#7060 Improving internal Effects API enhancement blocker ui.effects.core
#8600 Accordion: Rename animated option to animate feature blocker ui.accordion
#7840 Autocomplete: popup results not read by screen-readers bug blocker ui.autocomplete
#7845 Tabs: default accessibility bug blocker ui.tabs
#7345 Docs: Add note that widgets require functional CSS feature blocker [meta] ui.docs
#6834 Accordion: Change icons.headerSelected to icons.activeHeader feature blocker ui.accordion
#6836 Accordion: Deprecate the activate method feature blocker ui.accordion
#6838 Accordion: Rename resize method to refresh feature blocker ui.accordion
#6840 Accordion: Rename changestart event to beforeActivate feature blocker ui.accordion
#7353 Effects unit tests feature blocker ui.effects.core
#6842 Accordion: Rename change event to activate feature blocker ui.accordion
#3772 Determine how to support effects across plugins feature blocker [meta] ui.dev
#3773 Try to remove browser sniffing feature blocker [meta] ui.dev
#7357 Tabs: Remove queueing logic feature blocker ui.tabs
#6852 Accordion: Deprecate non-number/falsey values for active option feature blocker ui.accordion
#7368 Effects and their options need documentation feature blocker [meta] ui.docs
#4810 Use H1 tags for page headers to improve SEO feature blocker [meta] ui.site
#4051 Incomplete unit tests bug blocker ui.tabs
#8154 Widget: Deprecate widgetBaseClass property feature blocker ui.widget
#7131 Tabs: Add beforeload event; deprecate ajaxOptions and cache options feature blocker ui.tabs
#7132 Tabs: Deprecate url method; use aria-controls instead of title to specify panels feature blocker ui.tabs
#7133 Tabs: Deprecate abort method feature blocker ui.tabs
#7134 Tabs: Deprecate spinner option feature blocker ui.tabs
#7135 Tabs: Rename selected option to active feature blocker ui.tabs
#7136 Tabs: Rename select event to beforeActivate feature blocker ui.tabs
#7137 Tabs: Rename show event to activate feature blocker ui.tabs
#7138 Tabs: Deprecate select method feature blocker ui.tabs
#7139 Tabs: Deprecate templating (idPrefix, tabTemplate, panelTemplate options) feature blocker ui.tabs
#7140 Tabs: Add refresh method feature blocker ui.tabs
#7141 Tabs: Deprecate add and remove methods feature blocker ui.tabs
#7142 Tabs: Deprecate enable and disable events feature blocker ui.tabs
#6119 If no Theme is selected, the custom unified .css file is not added to the downloadable archive bug blocker [meta] ui.downloadbuilder
#7143 Tabs: Deprecate the length method feature blocker ui.tabs
#7144 Tabs: Deprecate cookie option feature blocker ui.tabs
#7145 Tabs: Finish API Redesign feature blocker ui.tabs
#7146 Tabs: CSS Consistency Updates feature blocker ui.tabs
#5867 Accordion: Deprecate clearStyle option feature blocker ui.accordion
#5100 Dialog: remove deprecated dialog option beforeclose feature blocker ui.dialog
#5869 Accordion: Deprecate navigation options feature blocker ui.accordion
#5871 Accordion: Merge autoHeight and fillSpace options feature blocker ui.accordion
#6896 Accordion: Allow canceling the beforeActivate event feature blocker ui.accordion
#4111 ui.datepicker css collision causing display:block on initial hidden state bug major ui.datepicker
#5393 getColor reports inaccurate color for transparent elements in Webkit bug major ui.effects.core
#5653 Infrastructure: Get rid of redirects to improve performance bug major [meta] ui.site
#5916 Dialog: shrinks on drag in IE in standards mode, worse in quirksmode bug major ui.dialog
#5150 Docs: alphabetize all options, events, and methods bug major [meta] ui.docs
#6947 Attempt to access private member of widget returns jQuery object feature major ui.widget
#3623 Opening a Modal Dialog shows a horizontal scroll bar bug major ui.dialog
#7211 Position: Collision: fit doesn't work at top of window when scrolled bug major ui.position
#4912 Site Demos: Left nav doesn't properly handle large text bug major [meta] ui.site
#5937 Position: Add ability to determine if the element is flipped feature major ui.position
#3123 Tabbing stops in modal dialog bug major ui.dialog
#4403 Removing a tab can result in a selected index of -1 if fx option is used bug major ui.tabs
#5954 Load event for Ajax tab can fire for the wrong tab bug major ui.tabs
#4681 Tabs: _sanitizeSelector needs to escape '.' bug major ui.tabs
#4178 Accordion animation a bit jumpy in some browsers bug major ui.accordion
#4694 Document that table is only sortable by selecting "tbody" bug major ui.sortable
#5207 Abstract event binding feature major ui.widget
#3673 Widget: Add methods to abstract focus and hover classes feature major ui.widget
#4719 Documentation for jquery.ui.core.js methods bug major [meta] ui.docs
#5245 Relative width elements break when wrapped for effects. bug major ui.effects.core
#3968 effects explode: explodes from the right instead of from the center bug major ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#5511 Demos: Don't filter source, display it all bug major [meta] ui.demos
#5000 Deprecate $.ui.contains bug major ui.core
#5768 Removing selected tab passes bad index to select callback bug major ui.tabs
#5265 Button: When opening dialog button keeps focus bug major ui.button
#7318 Add the queue functions to $.fn.effect() feature major ui.effects.core
#5284 Position: Smarter collision detection bug major ui.position
#4524 Tabs: Sortable demo causes bad index references bug major ui.tabs
#4786 Sortable accordion: On sort, accordion is activated feature major ui.sortable
#5043 Tabs: pass original event bug major ui.tabs
#7103 Effects: Move effects to $.effects.effect[] enhancement major ui.effects.core
#5056 Widget factory: Remove need to call base destroy method feature major ui.widget
#3532 Accordion: Activating a panel during animation fails bug major ui.accordion
#8140 nested accordion is oversized bug major ui.accordion
#5069 ui.tabs.add creates two tab panels when using a full URL bug major ui.tabs
#6894 Effects docs: Cleanup demo page or create seperate pages bug major ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#5615 Dialog DROP animation breaks dialog in ALL versions of Internet Explorer bug major ui.dialog
#6642 Interactions prevent focus movement bug major ui.mouse
#4600 Themeroller: phpThumb error with shorthand hex colors bug major [meta] ui.themeroller
#8193 Accordion: Remove ui-accordion-disabled class feature minor ui.accordion
#6914 Autocomplete: Support contenteditable feature minor ui.autocomplete
#7683 Calling .accordion("activate", false) fires changestart event with incorrect values bug minor ui.accordion
#6148 Tabs: Hover state sticks in Firefox if a field is focused on show bug minor ui.tabs
#5637 Dialog: Dimensions of reused overlay may cause scrollbars bug minor ui.dialog
#7947 Provide a way to set an absolute dialog position, regardless of window size enhancement minor ui.dialog
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