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Id Summary Type Priority Component
#8713 Passing an object as ui.resizable handles parameter does not work bug blocker ui.resizable
#8662 Infinite loop - new to jQuery UI 1.9.0 bug blocker ui.resizable
#8670 null reference when using effects bug blocker ui.effects.core
#8675 Dialog: Position with pixels in array doesn't work with back compat disabled bug blocker ui.dialog
#8684 jQuery dialog with hide options does not trigger close event bug blocker ui.dialog
#8696 Multiple collapsible Accordions won't work together bug blocker ui.accordion
#8712 Tooltip: Disabled tooltips on initialization bug minor ui.tooltip
#8718 tooltip flickers when too long bug minor ui.tooltip
#8724 widgetEventPrefix is lost when extending existing widget bug minor ui.widget
#8726 Tooltip remains after close of datepicker bug minor ui.tooltip
#8237 Button: Anchor tags cannot be disabled within buttonset bug minor ui.button
#7477 Setting min/max options does not update view bug minor ui.slider
#7737 change event for form elements not firing inside dialog when closed by "X" bug minor ui.dialog
#5953 IE8 restrict date range prev month icon alpha opacity on wrong element bug minor ui.datepicker
#5473 Datepicker: Date range demo bug when clearing date bug minor ui.datepicker
#7777 Dragging into nested sortables causes duplicated placeholders. bug minor ui.draggable
#7538 Draggable: IE7 crashes when draggable is inside of tabs bug minor ui.draggable
#8568 jQuery ui tabs: wrong default active li if ul contains extraneous elements bug minor ui.tabs
#8571 Out of range problem in when dragging a nested sortable bug minor ui.sortable
#8572 Wrong placeholder positions bug minor ui.sortable
#8573 Can't drag an item out of an inner sortable bug minor ui.sortable
#8574 Hard to put an item between two inner sortables bug minor ui.sortable
#8063 Escape closes incorrect dialog bug minor ui.dialog
#6059 Button: Primary icon "enabled" when button is disabled bug minor ui.button
#8639 jQuery 1.9.0 dialog on a XHTML page is broken if buttons are defined bug minor ui.dialog
#8643 :focusable pseudo-selector does not find elements if parent has 0x0 dimension bug minor ui.core
#8644 Tooltip: Delayed tooltips set to track should reposition when being shown for the first time. bug minor ui.tooltip
#8646 Tooltip: Delegated tooltips don't close when the tooltipped element is removed bug minor ui.tooltip
#8652 Widget: Destroy only when element is the actual target bug minor ui.widget
#8653 Tabs are not working inside iframe in IE6/7 bug minor ui.tabs
#8654 Spinner input has no background bug minor ui.spinner
#8655 Spinner buttons displayed on top of Datepicker bug minor ui.spinner
#8656 Initial position of autocomplete is incorrect bug minor ui.autocomplete
#8658 Widget: this._on delegates using instance.widget() instead of passed element feature minor ui.widget
#8660 Tabs: Set initial active tab from location hash for ajax tabs bug minor ui.tabs
#8661 Tooltip doesn't hide on disabled anchor element [IE only] bug minor ui.tooltip
#7648 Accordion Collapsed Color Issue bug minor ui.css-framework
#8687 .jshintrc files not copied to dist bug minor [meta] ui.build
#7922 Slider with range doesn't work if values are not set bug minor ui.slider
#8694 Accordion: 1.9 - active: null allows panels to be collapsible. bug minor ui.accordion
#8699 Tooltip: Moving focus on click of a tooltipped element shows native tooltip in IE/Firefox on Windows bug minor ui.tooltip
#8700 Tooltip: Overlapping tooltipped elements shows native tooltip for one of the elements bug minor ui.tooltip
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