{21} Fixed -- ?V=version (44 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority Component
#15179 Widget can't be initialized with an option object that has no hasOwnProperty function bug minor ui.widget
#15099 Tooltip: Interval is never cleared if a delayed tooltip is removed before it's shown bug minor ui.tooltip
#15136 lots of duplicated events / memory leaks with tabs widget bug minor ui.tabs
#14627 Tabs: In sortable tabs demo, the tabs do not receive focus on click bug minor ui.tabs
#10122 adding role=presentation to anchors is invalid bug minor ui.tabs
#15139 Spinner: Mousewheel events should be ignored when the input is not focused bug minor ui.spinner
#15165 Create _scroll extension point in sortable feature minor ui.sortable
#15166 Helper/Item Overlap Detection Out of Alignment After Scroll bug minor ui.sortable
#15167 Sortable appendTo behavior doesn't match documentation bug minor ui.sortable
#15168 Incorrect ScrollParent is chosen when helper is not a child of the active container bug minor ui.sortable
#15169 Scrolling of a sortable container should stop on helper exit bug minor ui.sortable
#15170 Helper/Item Intersection checking should not occur if the helper is not inside of a container bug minor ui.sortable
#14683 Sortable: Setting opacity changes z-index: auto to z-index: 0 bug minor ui.sortable
#13662 Sortable: placeholder can be wrong height when sorting variable-height table rows bug minor ui.sortable
#3173 Sortable: connected sortables do not scroll on transfer bug minor ui.sortable
#15021 JQuery UI Sortable : get wrong top and left in function _getParentOffset bug minor ui.sortable
#9371 Slider should change the mouse cursor, by a mouse hovering action. feature minor ui.slider
#15152 Selectmenu: incorrect 'remove' event handler management for selectmenu button bug minor ui.selectmenu
#15078 Selectmenu: calling refresh repeatedly makes it slower and slower bug minor ui.selectmenu
#15098 Selectmenu ignores hidden attribute bug minor ui.selectmenu
#4186 Resizable: aspectRatio cannot be changed after initialization bug major ui.resizable
#15084 Resizable - setting handles option removes previous handles bug minor ui.resizable
#15106 $.position.scrollbarWidth() always gets zero when system theme has very wide scrollbars on Firefox bug minor ui.position
#15157 Can focus menu dividers with the keyboard bug minor ui.menu
#9356 Menu: Issues with keyboard navigation and scrolling when mouse over the menu bug minor ui.menu
#9357 Menu: Focus not moved with both keyboard & mouse interactions bug minor ui.menu
#15034 Menu items are indefinitely-clickable bug minor ui.menu
#14963 Restore $.ui.intersect() feature blocker ui.droppable
#15182 Error when underlaying dialog is closed after the new one is open bug minor ui.dialog
#15074 Form attribute ignored for dialog buttons bug minor ui.dialog
#15142 Datepicker: Incorrect capitalization for Swedish locale bug minor ui.datepicker
#15195 Datepicker: pt-PT should have Monday as the first day of the week bug minor ui.datepicker
#15060 Datepicker: Incorrect translations for Traditional Chinese locale bug minor ui.datepicker
#15102 ui.DatePicker Prev Button not working with showing multiple month and showCurrentAtPos not equal to zero bug minor ui.datepicker
#15059 jQuery UI 1.12.1 Custom Theme Error bug blocker ui.css-framework
#15184 undefined labels bug minor ui.core
#15185 JQMIGRATE warning about jQuery.expr[":"] bug minor ui.core
#15055 checkbox radio inside dialog does not work bug minor ui.checkbxoradio
#15109 button: compatibility layer with checkboxradio breaking the prototype bug blocker ui.button
#9638 Autocomplete: Scrolling menu auto selects options in IE bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15082 jQuery Autocomplete Duplicate Remove event listener bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15095 Autocomplete Combobox memory leak bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15048 XSS issue in autocomplete demo bug minor [meta] ui.dev
#15052 grunt uglify is missing files bug minor [meta] ui.build
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