{21} Fixed -- ?V=version (26 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority Component
#9000 Dialog leaves broken event handler after close/destroy in certain cases bug blocker ui.dialog
#9004 failed in _destroyOverlay when I destroy a modal dialog thau was never opened. bug blocker ui.dialog
#8614 Minify CSS on Google CDN feature blocker [meta] ui.build
#8984 Dialog: Modal dialogs display behind overlay when using appendTo option bug major ui.dialog
#8989 Dialog: Cannot change month/year in datepicker within modal bug minor ui.dialog
#8994 Datepicker: next and prev buttons are disabled when using yearRange bug minor ui.datepicker
#8995 Accordion: Corner display issues bug minor ui.accordion
#8998 Accordion: Create event uses content instead of panel. bug minor ui.accordion
#9015 Inclusion of jQuery UI breaks removeClass bug minor ui.effects.core
#9016 Menu: Non-ASCII characters bug minor ui.menu
#9024 Slider: Range area needs rounded corners, too bug minor ui.slider
#4421 Dialog: Focus lost from dialog which uses show-effect bug minor ui.dialog
#9029 Autocomplete: Multiple demo has errors bug minor ui.autocomplete
#9043 Dialog: Buttonpane shown with no buttons when modifying native prototypes bug minor ui.dialog
#9048 Dialog: broken focusin event handler when beforeclose event of a modal opens another modal bug minor ui.dialog
#9049 Datepicker beforeShowDay tooltip not displayed properly if single quote is used. bug minor ui.datepicker
#9051 Draggable: Reference to undefined $.ui.contains() bug minor ui.draggable
#6756 Dialog: show: "blind" with link in content doesn't animate properly bug minor ui.dialog
#8051 Dialog: 'Explode' dialog animation causes crash in IE 6, 7 and 8. bug minor ui.dialog
#9076 position: percentage offset does not support decimal bug minor ui.position
#9077 Draggable: stack option resets the z-index bug minor ui.draggable
#9078 Datepicker Slovak localisation - name of day/month is always lowercase bug minor ui.datepicker
#5602 Slider Does Not Exhibit Proper Behavior When Switching Range bug minor ui.slider
#7650 Dialog cannot be dragged properly with IFRAME bug minor ui.dialog
#8442 CSS: ui-helper-clearfix bug within table with border spacing bug minor ui.css-framework
#8958 Dialog: Double ui-widget-overlay when opening modal dialog triggers an event opening same dialog bug minor ui.dialog
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