{21} Fixed -- ?V=version (83 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority Component
#10006 Build: Replace @VERSION on tagged versions feature blocker [meta] ui.build
#9507 Manage client-side dependencies using Bower feature blocker [meta] ui.dev
#8999 Accordion: Remove content property from create event feature blocker ui.accordion
#9277 Effects: Split puff and size effects into their own files feature blocker ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#9061 Core: Deprecate .zIndex() feature blocker ui.core
#8825 Dialog: Remove array and string notations for position option feature blocker ui.dialog
#9646 Core: Deprecate .focus( delay) feature blocker ui.core
#9701 Menu: Ability to prevent generation of dividers from items feature blocker ui.menu
#9464 Add AMD Support feature blocker [meta] ui.build
#9465 Add Bower Support feature blocker [meta] ui.dev
#6682 Datepicker: No explicit en or en-US regional settings for datepicker feature minor ui.datepicker
#9269 Remove number pad key codes feature minor ui.core
#9030 `instance` method in widget prototype feature minor ui.widget
#9542 Spinner: Add isValid() method feature minor ui.spinner
#9543 Widget bridge: Make _init() optional. feature minor ui.widget
#9841 Drop support for old IE7 and Opera 12 feature minor ui.core
#9101 Dialog: Track last focused element instead of always focusing the first tabbable element feature minor ui.dialog
#10129 Menu: Add items option feature minor ui.menu
#10130 Menu: Remove requirement for anchors in menu items feature minor ui.menu
#9175 Datepicker: Add Italian in Switzerland locale feature minor ui.datepicker
#9190 Core: Remove $.ui.hasScroll() feature minor ui.core
#9467 Widget factory: Return the constructor from $.widget() feature minor ui.widget
#9743 Release: Generate quick downloads bug blocker [meta] ui.build
#9764 Autocomplete: Remote JSNOP demo doesn't work bug blocker ui.autocomplete
#9315 Draggable: jumps down with offset of scrollbar bug blocker ui.draggable
#10110 Build: bower.json cannot artificially limit jquery versions bug blocker [meta] ui.build
#9166 Dialog: moveToTop implementation resets flash/video/iframe/scroll bug blocker ui.dialog
#9709 Interactions: Do not work on Windows 8 touch devices bug blocker ui.draggable
#9710 Slider: Does not work on Windows 8 touch devices bug blocker ui.slider
#9991 Menu: Scroll on cursor down doesn't fully show the newly focused item bug major ui.menu
#9995 Menu: Rendering issues in IE8 bug major ui.menu
#6039 Droppable : disabled should not have ui-state-disabled bug major ui.droppable
#9379 Draggable: position bug in scrollable div bug major ui.draggable
#5816 mouseover event gets fired when the day of today = the set day of the calendar bug major ui.datepicker
#9413 Tabs: Disabled tabs are still clickable bug major ui.tabs
#9703 Spinner: Don't change value when min/max changes bug major ui.spinner
#9733 Draggable: Changing containment option doesn't work bug minor ui.draggable
#9735 Datepicker: Incorrect values in Spanish locale bug minor ui.datepicker
#7434 Autocomplete: Selected Text Trigger Usability Issue bug minor ui.autocomplete
#8975 Buttonset: refresh method causes JS error after adding new radio buttons bug minor ui.button
#9241 Dialog: UI dialog inheritance causes undefined property '_focusTabbable' in IE9 bug minor ui.dialog
#6939 Resizable: element both draggable and resizable gets unexpected position:absolute on resize bug minor ui.resizable
#9755 Autocomplete: If the `appendTo` option is an empty jQuery object, it skips the check for `.ui-front` bug minor ui.autocomplete
#9500 Dialog: Capitalize 'close' for closeText option bug minor ui.dialog
#9762 Autocomplete: Normalization should handle null values bug minor ui.autocomplete
#9771 Autocomplete: The input value should not be set when moving past the beginning or end or a menu for contenteditable bug minor ui.autocomplete
#9518 Tabs: URLs encoded in anything other than UTF-8 will throw an error bug minor ui.tabs
#8761 Button: Non-button elements with the same name as a radio cause an exception bug minor ui.button
#9531 Tooltip: memory leak - not unbinding remove event bug minor ui.tooltip
#7485 Resizable: Containment calculation is wrong when containment element is not the immediate parent bug minor ui.resizable
#9287 Droppable: Scope option cannot be changed after initialization bug minor ui.droppable
#10057 Error message after close and reopen the modal-form doesn't dissappear. bug minor ui.dialog
#7251 Draggable: constrained axis option returns incorrect position bug minor ui.draggable
#5973 Resizable: disabled should not have the ui-state-disabled class or aria attribute aria-disabled bug minor ui.resizable
#5974 Draggable: disabled should not have the ui-state-disabled class or aria attribute aria-disabled bug minor ui.draggable
#9558 Widget: .enable() while already enabled kills ui-state-focus and ui-state-hover bug minor ui.widget
#10072 Dialog test fails with jQuery 1.6 on "TypeError: undefined off() is not a function" bug minor ui.dialog
#5727 Draggable: cannot drag element inside iframe bug minor ui.draggable
#9314 Sortable: Items cannot be dragged directly into bottom position bug minor ui.sortable
#7018 Resizing can move objects bug minor ui.resizable
#10103 Dialog: Focus management should honor isDefaultPrevented bug minor ui.dialog
#7546 Sortable: scrolling sortables don't scroll in IE bug minor ui.sortable
#9602 Button: ui-state-active remains on disabled button bug minor ui.button
#9351 Dialog: Incorrect value for position option after resize bug minor ui.dialog
#9352 Accordion: Active header has no focus indicator bug minor ui.accordion
#9610 Tooltip: Dynamic content does not work with all AT bug minor ui.tooltip
#10128 Dropable: isOverAxis() has an off-by-one error bug minor ui.droppable
#9107 Resizable: aspectRatio and containment not handled correctly bug minor ui.resizable
#9364 Dialog: Click of element with tooltip scrolls the dialog to the top bug minor ui.dialog
#9622 Tabs: Collapsible tabs do not announce the expanded/collapsed state to screen readers bug minor ui.tabs
#9631 Autocomplete: default functionality does not announce the suggestions correctly bug minor ui.autocomplete
#5025 Resizable: Elements that have inner resizable elements do not work bug minor ui.resizable
#9890 Slider: Default anchor action not prevented when disabled bug minor ui.slider
#4261 Draggable: Inputs do not blur when clicking on a draggable bug minor ui.draggable
#9381 Sortable: Connected list placeholders have an inaccurate initial position bug minor ui.sortable
#9650 Menu: Disabled item visible through submenu on top bug minor ui.menu
#8399 Draggable: focusable elements do not get focus bug minor ui.draggable
#9939 Datepicker: Incorrect date format for Ukrainian locale bug minor ui.datepicker
#9178 Menu item click causes page scroll bug minor ui.menu
#8925 Tooltip: Changes to title attribute while tooltip is open get reverted on close bug minor ui.tooltip
#9439 Dialog: Context is not respected for modals bug minor ui.dialog
#6889 Draggable: Cursor doesn't revert to pre-dragging state after revert action when original element is removed bug minor ui.draggable
#9708 Widget: ._on() doesn't support events with dashes bug minor ui.widget
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