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#3762 Slider: handles not restricted properly when set programmatically bug major 31
#8932 Resizable: Sizing issue with box-sizing: border-box and padding/border bug minor 26
#4143 Interactions: Support Pointer Events feature major 20
#4303 sortable: receive: ui.item references the source element bug major 18
#11145 Selectmenu: Selection inside contenteditable is lost in Safari bug minor 18
#7233 Resizable: resizable handles fail to work in IE if transparent and content overlaps bug minor 17
#6228 Datepicker: Use widget factory bug blocker 16
#9125 Datepicker reopens if focused after selecting a date in IE bug minor 16
#3011 Interactions should support bottom and right positioning feature major 15
#5789 Datepicker: Support non-Gregorian calendars feature major 15
#6054 Sortable: cancel method cannot be called in a beforeStop event handler bug minor 15
#7765 Datepicker: Focus not placed back into textbox after date selection bug minor 15
#10689 Tooltip memory leak - endless DOM appending bug minor 15
#8782 Tooltip: no way to keep content open on hover. feature minor 15
#8556 Datepicker: Showing a datepicker while another datepicker is closing causing the newly opened datepicker to close bug minor 14
#9960 Draggable: Position of helper is not correctly updated when user is scrolling during dragging bug minor 14
#6006 Dialog: Consider changing focus implementation to avoid scrolling content enhancement minor 14
#2421 Resizable breaks with %-based positioning but works with pixel-based positioning feature minor 13
#3223 Seletable should support auto scroll when reach an edge feature major 13
#6259 Droppable: drop event incorrectly triggered when dragging a draggable over a droppable onto a sortable bug minor 13
#7065 Sortable: Connected sortables interact poorly with overflow: scroll bug minor 13
#3446 draggable does not work with images when resizable is applied bug major 12
#4286 Resizable: Containment issue with offset grid dimensions bug major 12
#4377 Selectable: Wrong offset when using appendTo bug major 12
#4428 Sortable: Containment works only with elements of the same height bug major 12
#5772 Sortable: containment parent restricting replacement of first and last elements bug major 12
#6909 Mouse: dragging on right click feature minor 12
#7467 Datepicker icon should have more descriptive alt text bug minor 12
#8223 Datepicker: position remains fixed on scrolling bug minor 12
#3176 Resizable: Buggy behavior when trying to make an iframe resizable bug major 11
#4228 margin: #px auto; not respected with effects bug major 11
#4388 slider range option should work with more than two handles feature major 11
#8135 Horizontal sortable shifts causes elements to shift down bug minor 11
#9553 Slider: drag selected instead of closest handle bug minor 11
#10050 Autocomplete: Destroy potential memory/resource leak bug minor 11
#11199 Selectmenu throws error after datepicker selected in different UpdatePanel (IE 11) bug minor 11
#8342 Sortable: Incorrect behaviour (or incorrect documentation) of sortable option tolerance: 'intersect' bug minor 11
#3685 Dialog: Ability to fade in the overlay. feature minor 10
#4345 Sortable: CSS defined widths / heights are ignored on helper bug major 10
#4441 Selectable: Mousedown on scrollbar start selectable bug minor 10
#4723 Slider direction (left/bottom:min, top/right: max) should be added feature minor 10
#5210 Accessibility Improvements Radio buttons feature major 10
#5233 Add support for high contrast mode feature major 10
#6225 Datepicker: Inline datepicker and showCurrentAtPos bug minor 10
#8000 Sortable: Allow the dimensions of sortable items to be changed in a start event feature minor 10
#8121 Datepicker: Focusing multiple elements at the same time throws an error. bug minor 10
#8593 Datepicker cannot be re-opened by clicking on the text field after using the scrollbar bug minor 10
#8907 Datepicker: Calling a method on a datepicker while another datepicker is open causes issues bug minor 10
#9693 Droppable: Large number of droppable elements causes crash bug minor 10
#10111 Over callback of parent with greedy child does not trigger after drop on child. bug minor 10
#9258 Nested Droppables Call event callbacks in reverse order bug minor 10
#9574 Added programatically preventing resize (start callback returns false) feature minor 9
#2405 [Drag/Droppables] Support for TableRows/TableColumns/TableCells/TableBodies feature major 9
#2946 Selectable: CTRL/CMD should invert current state feature minor 9
#3022 Sortable: Handles outside sorting element do not work bug major 9
#3525 Selectable: Add ARIA semantics and keyboard handling bug minor 9
#6814 datepicker('setDate') incorrectly overwrites current display with two datepickers bug minor 9
#7091 Droppable: Allow droppables to become visible and active during drag start feature minor 9
#7123 Not all effects are .stop() able or :animated detectable bug minor 9
#8054 CSS .ui.corner.all - aesthetically incorrect radius sizing when used on all widget corners. feature minor 9
#8066 datepicker setDate should trigger onSelect feature minor 9
#8384 Draggable+Sortable: make what is inserted configurable feature minor 9
#8393 Datepicker: Issues using showAnim on multiple datepickers bug minor 9
#9588 Sortable: wrong position is calculated in WebKit/Blink with scrolling and overflow hidden/auto on <body> bug minor 9
#9737 Dialog: Scrolling in dialog in iframe disables iOS keyboard bug minor 9
#15160 Remove uses of soon-to-be-deprecated jQuery methods feature blocker 9
#9391 Autocomplete: selection doesn't work well on Android 4.2 bug minor 9
#4310 Resizable: custom handles do not work bug major 8
#4739 Slider: Accessibility feature major 8
#4911 Draggable: Add a refresh method feature major 8
#5440 Themes: Not fully compatible with RTL bug minor 8
#5651 Resizable: destroy method enlarges elements bug major 8
#6860 Resizable: Problem using both the helper and alsoResize options bug minor 8
#6885 Add "afterShow" event to datepicker core feature minor 8
#7098 Datepicker: Broken handling of four digit years before year 100 bug minor 8
#8159 datepicker('setDate' null) should not set today active feature minor 8
#9099 Sortable: Items in connected list revert to last list interacted with rather than their starting point bug minor 8
#9122 Dialog: Removing modal dialog with iframe blocks focus in IE9 / IE10 bug minor 8
#9298 Datepicker: Accessibility feature minor 8
#9775 Datepicker: Determine weekend days based on locale bug minor 8
#9919 Dialog resizing doesn't work properly if the dialog contains an iframe bug minor 8
#10658 Slider: handle is not mirrored in RTL mode bug minor 8
#2786 UI Droppable: Better handling for drag start detection feature minor 7
#13167 Datepicker: After calling refresh while calendar is open, calendar will not close bug minor 7
#3236 Selectable: poor performance on large selections bug major 7
#4440 Resizable: Doesn't render nicely for textarea fields bug minor 7
#4737 Droppable: Expose hash for each tolerance mode feature minor 7
#4985 Resizable: float: right issues with position: static or position: relative elements bug major 7
#5320 Can't realy clear queue after Blind effect bug minor 7
#5774 Datepicker: allow descending years in drop-down feature minor 7
#6172 Rewrite interaction plugins feature blocker 7
#6783 Resizable: aspect ratio is only calculated in one direction bug minor 7
#7590 Sortable: Allow the connectWith option to be updated in a start callback feature minor 7
#7853 Draggable: cloned helper of different dimensions than original not dragged by click point bug minor 7
#8090 Option to use full month names in selection list feature minor 7
#8850 Tooltip: Does not hide on iOS bug minor 7
#8873 Datepicker: Date not updated correctly when yearRange used and initial value not in yearRange bug minor 7
#9491 DatePicker does not use the correct ownerDocument (does not support multiple windows) bug minor 7
#10407 Selectmenu: inaccessible in IE when screen reader is active bug minor 7
#10544 Autocomplete: Must click two times to select an item in iOS bug minor 7
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