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Resizable fails to enlarge an element, but will shrink it

Reported by: glenatron Owned by: glenatron
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Component: ui.resizable Version: 1.10.4
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I have a very complex page which uses Resizable to facilitate dragging a panel over the page. The panel is dragged up and down only, to a maximum height.

On upgrading to JQuery-UI 1.10.4 this is failing. If I enlarg the panel manually, Resizable would be able to resize it down and back up to the original size, but as soon as the mouse was released it would "lock" to the new size and could not be resized any larger.

I have not been able to find a reduced scenario to demonstrate the problem however, tracking through the source I have managed to get to an actual line of code, in the "resize" function, which I have commented below:

resize: function( event ) {

var woset, hoset, isParent, isOffsetRelative,

that = $(this).data("ui-resizable"), o = that.options, co = that.containerOffset, cp = that.position,

pRatio = that._aspectRatio

cop = { top:0, left:0 }, ce = that.containerElement;

if (ce[0] !== document && (/static/).test(ce.css("position"))) {

cop = co;


if (cp.left < (that._helper ? co.left : 0)) {

that.size.width = that.size.width + (that._helper ? (that.position.left - co.left) : (that.position.left - cop.left)); if (pRatio) {

that.size.height = that.size.width / that.aspectRatio;

} that.position.left = o.helper ? co.left : 0;


if ( < (that._helper ? : 0)) { The problem is here. The value of is at this point negative, as is, which is basically set to the difference between the movement target height and the current object height so this resets the height to its previous value.

that.size.height = that.size.height + (that._helper ? ( - :;

if (pRatio) {

that.size.width = that.size.height * that.aspectRatio;

} = that._helper ? : 0;


that.offset.left = that.parentData.left+that.position.left; =;

woset = Math.abs( (that._helper ? that.offset.left - cop.left : (that.offset.left - cop.left)) + that.sizeDiff.width ); hoset = Math.abs( (that._helper ? - : ( - + that.sizeDiff.height );

isParent = that.containerElement.get(0) === that.element.parent().get(0); isOffsetRelative = /relative|absolute/.test(that.containerElement.css("position"));

if ( isParent && isOffsetRelative ) {

woset -= Math.abs( that.parentData.left );


if (woset + that.size.width >= that.parentData.width) {

that.size.width = that.parentData.width - woset; if (pRatio) {

that.size.height = that.size.width / that.aspectRatio;



if (hoset + that.size.height >= that.parentData.height) {

that.size.height = that.parentData.height - hoset; if (pRatio) {

that.size.width = that.size.height * that.aspectRatio;




I realise this will not be an easy fix from the evidence I have given but it may contribute if others run into the same scenario.

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Hi glenatron,

Thanks for taking the time to contribute to jQuery UI, but we require a reduced test case before we can look into problems like this. You can use this as a starting point:

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