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Oct 8, 2010, 9:40:46 AM (12 years ago)
Scott González

This is functioning as designed. The documentation for fillSpace says, "If set, the accordion completely fills the height of the parent element. Overrides autoheight." This assumes that the accordion is the only child of the parent.

However, allowing for other children seems reasonable, so I'm changing this to a feature request.


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    initial v1  
    1 Hi,
    2 if the parent element of my accordion widget contains other child elements, the method resize of the accordion not take the height of these other child elements into account for calculating height of the active accordion content. As by now, the accordion widget does not fit into the parent element.
    3 The same thing happenes if a header of the accordion is not visible. In this case the accordion-height is less then the parent height.
    4 Code to illustrate the issues can be provided.
     1fillSpace currently assumes that the accordion is the only child of its parent. It should allow for siblings to take up space within the parent as well. The calculation should also account for any hidden headers.