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#6820 open bug

appendText wrongly follows isRTL

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In a nutshell

dir="rtl" on HTML + isRTL: true, appendText: "dd/mm/yyyy on datepicker = appendText before input.
(Before is on the right, for RTL.)


The same seems to happen if direction is set using CSS.

A solution would be to simply output the appendText afterwards.
But that might frustrate existing assumptions of behaviour.


I work developing a multilingual website, user picks his language and everything is translated. When user selects arabic, I define in my HTML's opening tag the property dir="rtl". This makes content flow properly from right to left.


I define isRTL :true for my datepickers when language is arabic, most content flows from right to left properly. However the appendText content is writen to the page before the input. Because both the text and the input are inline, the dir="rtl" set on the page makes the appendText appear before the input and not after as intended. (For arabic, before is on the right.)


That's the culprit.

I think setting dir="rtl" on the parent of the datepicker would potentially have side-effects, since that parent isn't generated by the datepicker... so I guess the thing to do is to just output the appendText afterwards and let the HTML dir="xyz" rule the relative position of the inline elements.

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