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jQuery-UI : buttonset() : When "checked" status of radio buttons change, their accompanying LABELs do not reflect this change in design.

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Priority: minor Milestone: 1.9.0
Component: ui.button Version: 1.8.9
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I am posting in step-by-step fashion:

a) In a form, I have radio buttons, two of them, upon which I applied UI's buttonset(): Copy code

  1. $("span.that_contains_my_radio_buttons").buttonset();

They look cool and when I click, they work just fine.

b) However, if I change "checked" status of those radio buttons in any of the following methods: Copy code

  1. $(".radio").removeAttr("checked");
  2. $(".radio").attr("checked","checked");
  3. $(".radio").get(0).checked = true;
  4. $(".radio").get(0).checked = false;

Firebug reports expected values, BUT LABELs do not react to the changes. This is unexpected result and should be fixed. Why? Read further...

c) To overcome the problem above, I trigger LABELs' "click" event instead, like this: Copy code

  1. $("LABEL.belonging_to_my_disabled_radio_buttons").trigger("click");

It works. BUT what if I "disable" those radio buttons? When I do that, LABELs also reflect that, HOWEVER, the "click" event of those LABELs still work. And I can't control which of those LABELs have disabled radio buttons or not. Well, technically I can, but this would be totally bad from performance standpoint, and from clean coding standpoint. As you can see, this situation creates more and more complications and confusions. Thats why I recommend the code lines in part-B above should also make LABELs look disabled, so that I didn't have to use those LABELs' "click" events.


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