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#7123 open bug

Not all effects are .stop() able or :animated detectable

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Component: ui.effects.core Version: 1.8.10
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Since some animations are handled by animating other elements, I think that we could potentially do something like this:'ec.currentAnimations', $animatedStuff);

That way we can punch .stop() to also look for this data key and call stop on children animations, as well as hooking :animated selector to do the same...

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I just noticed this issue when I wanted to do some accordion-style effects with "fold". Indeed a .stop(), or even a .stop(true, true) is insufficient in case an effect is animating other elements. In case of fold() the wrapper is involved.

So I am using the following workaround which "works for me" in the case of hiding/showing with "fold" and also works well if some non-animatid hides/showes are involved as well::

$.fn.stopcompletely = function() {

stop an animation comletely. Why we need this? - stop should be enough, but because we are using the composite animations predefined by jquery-ui, stop() does not completely stop them and some deferred part continues. This workaround attempts to put an "end to all". return this.each(function() {

var el = $(this); if (el.parent().is( ".ui-effects-wrapper" )) {


.stop(true, true) .replaceWith(el);

} el.stop(true, true);



Obviously the real solution not this, but as as the ticket suggests, I am just giving this comment because my workaround may be useful for others until this issue is solved properly.

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Still reproducible using latest:

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This problem goes away if we get rid of wrapper animations, and use css clip animations instead.

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